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Revenge - Sympathy for the Devil

original title: Fuk sau che chi sei


  • HK Cat. III Version
  • BBFC 18
Release: Apr 08, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the censored Austrian Blu-ray by Dragon Film Entertainment (not rated) and the uncensored UK DVD by Terracotta Distribution (BBFC 18)

Please note: The Austrian Blu-ray equals the HK Blu-ray because the same master has been used.

- 7 censored scenes
- no difference / duration of the censored scenes: 20.4 sec

Time index refers to
HK Cat. III Version Blu-ray / UK DVD in NTSC
Longer black screen at the beginning of the HK Cat. III Version.

+ 2 sec

48:52-48:54 / 48:50-48:52

Cut to Wing who is getting raped.
The HK Cat. III Version fades to black. It fades in again with the following shot of Kit lying on the ground.

49:03-49:05 / 49:01-49:03

Same here when Kit is being dragged back to the room. The Uncensored Version contains a close-up of Wing, her breasts are wiggling because of the sex moves (only implied from the off).

49:13-49:17 / 49:11-49:15

Before Kit is being pressed against the glass, there's a medium long shot of two guys being busy. The HK Cat. III Version contains a longer black screen instead.

49:19-49:20 / 49:17-49:18

Between the two shots of Kit, who's being forced to watch, there's a short close-up of the action instead of a black screen.

49:23-49:27 / 49:21-49:25

And another black screen instead of a close-up of the lower abdomen, followed by another shot of Wing suffering.

49:33-49:38 / 49:31-49:36

Now, the rapist reaches his climax. When that takes place, the Uncensored Version contains a close-up of the lower abdomen and one last harder hit. Black screen in the HK Cat. III Version again.

82:41-82:43 / 82:39-82:41

Close-up of the boy biting a huge piece of flesh out of Kit's neck. The black screen in the HK Cat. III Version doesn't end until the flesh is completely ripped off. The rest of the scene is also in the HK Cat. III Version.