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Uncut R-Rated Version

War and Peace



New York Ripper, The



  • R-Rated
  • German Version
Release: Mar 14, 2011 - Author: gecko666 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
The new Kickbox Champion Eric Sloane goes to Thailand to fight in Bangkok but Tong Po is out of his league. He finally ends up in a wheelchair after he got beaten by Po. His brother Kurt (Jean-Claude van Damme) is determined to take revenge. To prepare for the fight with Tong Po, he gets trained by the exentric old fighter Xian Chow. He lets Kurt in on the secrets of exotic martial arts and how to stand the worst pain. Kurt completes killer training with strict discipline but the fight with Tong Po comes closer and closer...

The German Version (rated FSK 16) is longer than the R-Rated Version because it contains more plot scene. But then again some fight scene have been censored. The reason for that is pretty simple: the Producers offered the movie to some right holders before the official assignment of permssions because they needed the money to bring it to Cannes etc. That's why Germany has a version based on a version because the final cut was made. The censorship was made by the German right holder to guarantee an FSK 16-rating. The UK Version is based on that early version as well and also censored, just like the German Version.

Cannon Film Distributors in the US got a version with a tightened plot. The violence remained unchanged but some nudity scenes were removed. Probably for the R-rating but it's also possible that the nudity scenes were just removed with the other plot scenes, which means it's actually no censorship. Who knows?

Compared are the German Version (FSK 16) and the R-Rated Version, both on the German 2 Disc Edition by Splendid.
In the R-Rated Version, the Lionsgate logo is being displayed. Furthermore title itself is being displayed differently.
R-Rated Version: 16 sec
German VersionUS

The handball match starts earlier in the German Version.
3.88 sec
German Version

Extended shot of the fighters when Kurt approaches the ring.
0.48 sec
German Version

The German Version is longer again. First an earlier beginning of the shot of Eric. Furthermore a shot of the fighters he after sent for Kurt.
4.92 sec
German VersionR-Rated Version

Different angles of Tong Po punching the concrete pillar. Presumably the R-Rated Version lacks the first and the German Version the second punch.
0.2 sec
German VersionR-Rated Version

Extended shot of Kurt.
0.68 sec

Extended shot of Tong Po hitting Eric.
0.28 sec
German Version

German Version: Shot of the audience - Eric gets hurt - Kurt gets in the ring (a bit longer)
R-Rated Version: Eric gets hurt - shot of the audience
0.76 sec
German VersionR-Rated Version

Kurt gets kicked out of the ring. Kurts screaming "That's my brother" is missing.
2.04 sec
German Version

Extended shot of Eric on the stretcher.
0.28 sec

Extended shot of Eric in the hospital bed. Then an extended shot of the docs taking him away.
3.04 sec
German Version

Extended shot of the thai boxer.
1.24 sec

Extended shot of the strippers.
10.52 sec
German VersionR-Rated Version/b>

Different angles of Kurt asking Taylor what he does for a living:
Kurt asks Taylor who replies he's dealing with guns, granades, mines, anything he could get. He adds he still had connections and finally ended up well.
German Version:
Kurt asks Taylor who replies he had started with drugs. He explains it was heroin for the guys from the CIA but it hadn't worked out for a long time because you couldn't trust those guys. Furthermore he'd seen to many of his friends biting the dust, so he'd stopped. Kurt wants to know what he's doing now. Taylor says he was dealing with guns. Kurt is kind of confused and Taylor explains he was dealing guns, granades, mines, anything he wanted. He adds he still got his connections. He finally explains that wasn't a big deal at all because he ended up well.
27.12 sec
German VersionR-Rated Version

Another missing piece of the conversation. Taylor says to Kurt he hadn't helped an old biddy of his when he needed him.

German Version: He says he could have saved him but he chickened out.
R-Rated Version: He only says he could have saved him.
3.20 sec

Mylee watches Kurt playing with the kids. The German Version is longer.
20.32 sec
German Version

Extended shot of the two thugs.
2.64 sec
German Version

Mylee explains to Kurt Tong Po was very ddangerous and he leads the boondocks for Freddie Lee. Kurt asks:
German Version: Kurt wants to know what he means by leads and how exactly he meaned that.
R-Rated Version:
Kurt only asks how exactly he meant that.
0.88 sec

Chow accompanies Kurt to the shack. The R-Rated Version ends earlier.
4.16 sec
German Version

Extended shot of Kurt's training with Chow.
13.72 sec
German Version

Same here.
6.88 sec
German Version

Kurt kicks the palm tree one more time.
5.04 sec
German Version

Taylor asks from the background if anybody was home. Kurt is glad to see him, Chow high fives him. Chow tells him not to show emotions under any circumstances because a true warrior never did that. Kurt says he understood and he was gonna try. Chow explains he had to more than just trying or the training was pointless. Taylor arrives and tells Kurt to go ahead. Change of scenary to the hospital. Eric and his roommate have a chat. Eric says he should try the tree bark one more time. Kurt enters the room. Eric asks Kurt where he'd been so long. He tells him to come in and wants a kiss. He introduces Kurt to Lo and explains Lo he hit a crane or sth. Then he says the night nurse was hot stuff and he was convinced she got the hots for him. He adds he was convinced she had a sister and all four of them could go dancing. Kurt hesistates first but finally agrees. Eric asks Kurt if he thought his brother would feel sorry for himself and explains that's not gonna happen. Never. He keeps talking old Lo had real problems, sth. pretty serious, and he was going to die in a couple of months. But Eric felt quite good. He wants his brother to check out his muscles which were as strong as before even though he was aware he couldn't fight, walk or kick in the door of a Caddie from 59 anymore. He points at his feet and says they were dead and they'd look like damn toothpicks in six months. He doesn't understand what he needs them for and is angry about that Tong Po son of a bitch who destroyed his life. He wants Kurt to promise he was going to find him and finish him off. Eric wants him to be unable to ever fight again and wants Kurt to let Tong Po feel the pain, the agony. Kurt promises he'd find him.
140.52 sec
German Version

Extended shot of Kurt visiting Eric.
1.92 sec

Extended shot of Kurt dancing with the chicks.
9,72 sec
German Version

Before he gets knocked out by Kurt, the shot of the thug with the table is longer plus Kurt's kick starts earlier.
German Version

Missing partsof the conversation between Chow and Freddie. Freddie speaks about Eric how he got screwed up ugly by Tong Po. The conversation has a different angle here and there.
German VersionR-Rated Version

After the talk, Chow says to Kurt it was about time for the trishaw. The R-Rated Version lacks Kurt reply. He asks for what it was time because he can't believe it at first.
1.48 sec

When Kurt comes to Eric and both of them watch Chow doing Tai Chi, the R-Rated Version lacks the following dialog.
Eric asks if he scared off flies. Kurt explains that was his own form of Tai Chi, good for body and mind. Eric replies he'd seen guys with broken legs who did that every morning. He tells Kurt not to worry because he was better and adds he'd love to talk to Chow about Tai Chi. Kurt agrees and calls Chow in. But Kurt interrupts him because he wants Chow to continue because it was important for him. Kurt agrees it really was. Then he tells Kurt he had to train as well.
27.72 sec
German Version

In the German Version, Kurt bows down at the Buddha statue.
7.36 sec
German Version

Eric gets kidnapped by Freddie's men. Some of the scenes are longer in the German Version but then again the dog-knife-scene is missing.
German Version: 6.72 sec
R-Rated Version: 9.60 sec
German VersionR-Rated Version

Missing shots of the injured dog in the German Version.
R-Rated Version: 18.20 sec
German VersionR-Rated Version

Extended shot of Tyler's bus.
4.84 sec

In the German Version, Tong Po doesn't lick his hands with the broken glass fragments.
R-Rated Version: 18.08 sec
German VersionR-Rated Version

Earlier beginning of the shot before Chow breaks in to save Eric.
1.24 sec

Chow lets the car come in to get Eric. The shot of the car starts earlier and so does the shot of Chow during the fight.
1.00 sec
German Version

Shot of the crowd during the fight between Tong Po and Kurt.
1.52 sec

The thug who gets hit by the hook also gets out is knife in the German Version plus a shot of the hook coming closer.
2.20 sec
German Version

Tong Po hits Kurt one more time.
R-Rated Version: 3.24 sec
German VersionR-Rated Version

Again some missing footage of the fight in the German Version.
R-Rated Version: 32.48 sec
German VersionR-Rated Version

Earlier beginning of the shot when Tong Po says Mylee good fuck to Kurt. That's why Tong Po's voice is audible during Kurt is lying on the ground in the German Version.
R-Rated Version: 2.64 sec
R-Rated Version

Further shot of Mylee, she screams "Noksukau". That shot is missing in the R-Rated Version.
1.96 sec

During Kurt's vision, the R-Rated Version also contains warriors in the R-Rated Version. The images are shown in an infinite loop and they're popping up faster. The German Version is longer because of the shot of the eagle.
1.56 sec
German VersionR-Rated Version

Extended shot of Mylee cutting Kurt's "gloves".
1.04 sec

Tong Po's tossing around in the ring is missing in the R-Rated Version.
5.48 sec
German Version

The German Version lacks Tong Po's screaming and Kurt's kick in his face. Therefor Kurt's leap starts earlier. But the editing is really awful because he begins to jump, the kick itself is missing and one frame later he's still on the ground and jumps once again.
German Version: 1.68 sec
R-Rated Version: 2.76
German VersionR-Rated Version

Tong Pohas to take more hits outside the ring.
R-Rated Version: 10.88
R-Rated Version