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Showdown in Little Tokyo is a 1991 martial arts action-comedy that, in pitting Dolph Lundgren and Brandon Lee as L.A. cops against Japanese drug dealers, plays like a B-movie Tango and Cash or Lethal

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Showdown in Little Tokyo


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Nov 04, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: causa45 - external link: IMDB
Both the US DVD (R-Rated) and the Unrated version, included on the German DVD (SPIO/JK) were compared (both from Warner Home Video).

German VHS
Next to the uncut VHS and DVD, there is also a cut VHS version available, which is rated 18+ with several violent scenes cut out. Total duration of the cuts: 81 seconds.

US R-Rated version
There is only a R-Rated version in the US, which is cut by 19 seconds compared to the uncut version (named "Unrated" in the OFDB). The R-Rated version offers 3 seconds alternate video material.

The British version is based on the completely uncut version and leaves out only 3 scenes, where one can see a butterfly knife.

Duration US DVD without credits: 1:15:20 NTSC = 1:12:15 PAL
Duration German DVD without credits: 1:12:34

5 cuts in the R-Rated version
1 longer scene in the R-Rated version
1 scene in which alternate film material was used and which is longer on the German DVD
1 scene in which alternate film material was used and which is longer on the US DVD
1 scene in which alternate film material was used without time difference
= 19,48 Sec
Duration Index: US DVD / German DVD

The black screen at the beginning is 3 frames longer on the German DVD.
0,12 Sec

An additional camera view on the party guests is shown. A woman sits on a lounger and flirts with a man. Later you can see an Asian person, who walks past the pool with a topless woman.
5 Sek.


US DVD: 1,32 Sec
German DVD: 12 Sec

After Sato gave Yoshida the sword, one can see Sato once again putting back the scabbard. You can then see Yoshida from multiple angles enjoying himself with Angel. Scenes are put in-between where you can see men standing around her. The R-Rated version shows a almost identical view on Yoshida and Angel.
(No Picture)
10,68 Sec


US DVD: 8 Frames
German DVD: 2 Frames

When Yoshida takes a swing to decapitate Angel, an additional short view on Yoshida was added in the R-Rated version. Two frames in the next view are missing instead on Yoshida on the US DVD.
+0,24 Sec


Only on the German DVD you can see Angel being decapitated (not bloody)
0,44 Sec

You can see Angels head 6 frames longer on the German DVD.
0,24 Sec


US DVD: 24 Frames
German DVD: 24 Frames

While you can see Johnny Murate 7 frames longer and the beginning of the next view on Kenner is also longer in the US DVD, another focus is set on Angels head in the German version. The woman from the morgue pushes the head a little with a pen.
No time difference


You can see the men from the club longer in the US version.
+0,4 Sec

After Kenner stabbed the fat Yakuza underwater, you can only see in the German version how he turns the knife. Bloods exits the body.
1,16 Sec

The last setting, when the camera moves upon the location happens earlier on the German DVD.
2,48 Sec