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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Jan 28, 2010 - Author: Herr Koemmlich - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Here's another Extended Version on DVD. This time it's the war drama directed by Brian De Palma. But the new footage contains only 2 new scenes and the first was also available as Deleted Scene on the German DVD. But then again the second scene is really new. In that court scene a negative side of Eriksson is presented because he could have prevented the rape and the murder, instead he was just a bystander.
Running time Theatrical Cut 1:48:58 min Credits incl.
Running time Extended DVD 1:54:17 min Credits incl.

Added scenes: 2
Running time added scenes: 362 sec
1:34:22 min
Private First Class Eriksson (Michael J. Fox) is interrogated by two investigators.
Agent 1 (Steve Larson):"Where was the girl supposed to have been abducted from?"
PFC Eriksson:"Nghia Hanh ville, sir."
Agent 1:"How old was she?"
PFC Eriksson:"She was..... 18. 18 to 20, sir."
Agent 2 (John Linton) asks him: "How do you know that?"
PFC Eriksson turns around and says: "Because her mother was there. She was just... she was young. She just appeared young."
Agent 2 keeps on asking and wants to know:"How do you know she wasn't 14 or 12? How do you know she wasn't 28?"
PFC Eriksson:"Because she... I don't know. I gues that's how old she seemed to be."
Agent 1:"Was she VC?"
PFC Eriksson:"No, no. I really didn't..."
Agent 1 interrupts him:"How do you know she wasn't?"
Agent 2:"Did she struggle?"
PFC Eriksson:"Yeah, her mom was..."
Agent 1 interrupts him again:"How do you know she wasn't struggling because she was a VC being taken prisoner?" Eriksson takes a deep breath and says:"Look, sir. The sarge said we were gonna get us a girl. And we did. That's what he said, sir."
Agent 1 asks again:"How far did the patrol go?"
Eriksson:"We went to Hill 209, sir. That's about a five hour hike."
Agent 1:"And you did it all on foot? No helicopters?" Eriksson:"No. No helicopters. We hiked in."
Now Agent 2 again:"So after you got there what happened to the girl?"
Eriksson:"They killed her. They... she was stabbed." Agent 1:"The chaplain says you said they shot her."
Eriksson:"Yeah, well, first this guy Clark, he said he stabbed her two or three times. And he saw her crawling away so he started screaming and then everybody came running over."
Agent 1:"Who shot her?"
Eriksson: "Everybody, everybody shot her..."
Agent 1:"You saw these people shot?"
Eriksson yells:"Yes sir. I saw them shoot her."
Agent 1:"If she was dead when did they rape her?"
Eriksson:"Oh Jesus. That was before. At the hooch."
Now Agent 1 bends over to Eriksson and says:
"Guess what? This is a grade A bullshit story. Do yo know why?"
Eriksson denies:"It isn't."
Agent 1:"But it is. Because if what you're telling us is true and you hiked in and hiked out, and these things happened the way you're telling it, you'd never made it walking back. You would've benn K.I.A."
Eriksson:"I was choppered out. I said we walked in. I was medivaced out."
Agent 2 asks him:"You were choppered out?"
Eriksson:"Yes, sir."
Agent 1:"So then what happened?"
Agent 2:"After they shot her what happened? What'd they do with the body?"
Eriksson:"She's there. The body is there, sir."
Agent 1:"So if someone went out there, they could find the body."
Eriksson:"Yes, sir."
162 sec

1:41:17 min
At the court room the defendent's attorney tries to discredit Eriksson: "Isn't it true that, shortly before the incident on Hill 209, you were involved in an action during which you were put out on flank security? Where you failed utterly to either protect your fellow soldiers or regroup according to your instruction?"
Eriksson defends hisself:"It was a mortar situation,sir. The concussion opened up the earth underneath me. I mean I was in a tunnel. I fell in the dirt, there was dirt collapsed all around me. I couldn't move,sir. "
The lawyer goes on:"And who helped you?"
Eriksson:"Sergeant Meserve."
Lawyer:"Do you respect Sergeant Meserve?"
Erikson:"No, sir."
Lawywer:"Are you afraid of him?"
Eriksson:"Not if he doesn't have a weapon, sir, no."
The attorney asks again:"And during this alleged rape you went off to sit in the jungle. Is that correct?" Eriksson tries to reply but he's interrupted by the attorney just to answer with a YES or a NO. Eriksson agrees with the attorney who becomes more and more impertinent:"Does sexual activity always repulse you in this way? Isn't it true you went to figure out how to use this incident to get the hell out of the infantry?"
Somebody in the background yells "Objection" but the lawyer ignores it and keeps on riding Eriksson: "Didn't you fabricate your charges against them to avoid combat duty?"
A further "Objection" from the background.
Erikson says: "I applied for tunnel rat, sir. That's hazardous duty."
But the attorney doesn't seem to be impressed, he just says:"I know what you applied for and I know what you're doing. You're working as an orderly and a witness. And neither one is hazardous."
Now the attorney blames Eriksson with the upcoming issue:"Why the hell didn't you just let that girl go when you had the chance? In fact if you wanted to save her so badly, why didn't you just shoot the other members of your patrol and be done with it?"
Eriksson:"I thought about it."
Anwalt:"But you didn't do it, did you? Because you were watching out for your own sweet ass is why you didn't do it."
Eriksson replies:"I probably should have shot him. Yeah, I probably should have shot Clark. And Meserve. Yeah, I probably should have shot them. Yes, sir. Instead of what I did which was nothing. They killed her, sir. I mean they fucking killed her!" Eriksson loses his temper when he says that.
200 sec