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Release: Jul 25, 2016 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are "Blood Bath" and "Track of the Vampire". Both versions are available on Arrow's Blood Bath UK Blu-ray set.

In the art scene of Los Angeles, the paintings of Antonio Sordi who has specialised in illustrating dead women are very popular. But Antonio has a big secret: He is actually a vampire who chases good-loking women. Then he kills them and turns them into a sculpture. He is driven by visions of witch Melizza who was respnsable for one of his ancestors burning at the stake. Donna, an acquaintance of Antonio's, finds clues about him being a vampire and tries to stop him but Antonio is busy making a new painting out of his mistress Dorean.

Besides the interesting story behind the different versions which will be explained more detailed later, "Blood Bath" is a quite entertaining drive-in flick with the focus n shocks, suspsense and nudity. It is still obvious though that it is a mixture of the original Yugoslavian "Operation Titian" producced by Roger Corman, footage about a ripper and artist shot by Jack Hill and further footage by Stephanie Rothman who added any single vampire scene. Lead actor William Campbell, who is in both "Operation Titian" and the Jack Hill cut, was not available for Rothman's reshoot. This is being explained as follows: As a vampire, he turned into one of his ancestors and using another actor was not a problem anymore. There are several new subplots as well, such as the Beatniks hanging out in a bar, Sandra Knight who figures out Antonio's secret, Lori Sanders as Beach Bunny with an amazing cleavage who would love to get intimate with Antonio while he is battling his inner demons. Due to its short run of approx. 1 hour, this wild mixture is quite entertaining nonetheless.

When the film was sold to television, its length was an issue so new scenes were shot: A girl is being chased to the ocean by a vampire until he finally manages to subdue her. A very long scene with Lori Sanders dancing on the beach has been added as well. Interestingly enough, a rather large scene from "Operation Titian" has been added as well. Anna Pavane as Linda, the stripper, is back in the movie. Because of a redub, she now has a husband who does not like that she wants Antonio to make a painting based on her. For that reason, the husband intends to kill Antonio. However, Antonio manages to defeat him. In the original version, the husband is an Italian gangster being extortioned by Linda. He also wants a valuable painting Antonio possesses. Some of the footage is missing in the TV version. For instance, a close-up of a cleavage is missing at the beginning of the movie. Shots of Max's vampire painting on the wall are also missing and so is a shot of Daisy's body.

The Versions

It all started in 1963 when Roger Corman co-produced the Yugoslavian movie "Operation Titian" and considered it not marketable in the US. This decision is quite understable because the lame crime plot about a missing painting lacks suspense even though some scenes of the town Dubrovnik look really nice. For a television deal, Roger Corman ordered a new cut called "Portrait in Terror". For that, several plot elements were removed and two new scenes were added.

In 1964, Jack hill was hired by Roger Corman to shoot new footage. And that is the origin of the story of a crazy artist who murders women and turns them into sculptures. But Corman did not really like this version either which is why it did nit get released. In 1966, Stephanie Rothman as hired to make another version based on the footage by Hill and "Blood Bath" (originally also the title for Hill's cut) was born. The basic story remains unchanged but vampires have been added here. This version was almost 70 minutes long and was shows part of a double feature with "Queen of Blood". However, "Blood Bath" was too short for its time slot. The Result: Another version. For "Track of te Vampire", new scenes were shot. A girl is being chased by a vampire until he finally gets his hands on her in the ocean. A very long scene with Lori Sanders dancing on the beach has also been added.

The Arrow Blu-ray set contains 4 versions of the film:

- "Operation Titian", the original version
- "Portrait in Terror", the TV version of "Operation Titian"
- "Blood Bath", the version edited by Stephanie Rothman from Jack Hills Films which contains scenes from "Operation Titian"
- "Track of the Vampire", the TV Version of "Blood Bath"

Running times:

Blood Bath: 62:03 min
Track of the Vampire: 79:22 min

Blood Bath begins with the American International Logo. Toni then opens the curtain and the painting of Melizza appears.

Blood Bath: 18 sec


Alternate titles.

no difference


Longer shot of the bell. One can see the pendulum and the subsequent shot of the group also starts sooner.

Blood Bath: 5 sec


The woman longer.

Blood Bath: 1 sec


Blood Bath:

Max longer and the dancers sooner.

Track of the Vampire:

This versions fades out. A new scene with a girl on a stroll being followed by some guy dressed in black follows. She runs off, he keeps following her.

He catches her at the beach but she manages to get away several times.

The struggle now takes place at the sea. A man hears the screams when he approaches the water, he does not see anything and leaves. The guy in black manages to subdue the girl takes her back to shore.

Blood Bath: 3 sec
Track of the Vampire: 6:51 min


The sea longer.

Blood Bath: 2 sec


Blood Bath:

The girl longer plus the sea earlier.

Track of the Vampire:

Here, we see a girl dancing on the beach instead.

Blood Bath: 2 sec
Track of the Vampire: 3:45 min


Daisy a little earlier.

Blood Bath: 1 sec


Melizza longer, followed to a cut to Daisy's body.

Blood Bath: 6 sec


Donna and the road sweeper earlier.

Blood Bath: 1 sec


Donna keeps telling that the vampire got immpaled and his remains turned into ashes while Max is writing the word "Sordie" on the wall.

Blood Bath: 10 sec


Max draws eyes to the vampire's face.

Blood Bath: 5 sec


The shot of the door starts earlier.

Blood Bath: 2 sec


Toni is at a beach bar, watching the Linda strip.

The next day, Linda gets chased by a guy dressed in white while she is on her way to Toni. Linda wants to make a portrait of her but he acts distant.

Linda stays home while her armed husband is on his way to Toni. The husband confronts Toni and tells him to leave his wife alone but Toni acts clueless. The husband pulls his weapon but Toni insists on showing him the portrait. But instead, he throws the lever which opens a trap door through which the husband falls into some kind of acid.

Track of the Vampire: 7:40 min