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1.02 Alalala! No Balls!

original title: Doragon bru


  • French Version
  • Japanese Version
Release: Aug 01, 2015 - Author: Beltha - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
This is a comparison betweenthe cut French Version's dialogs and the uncut Japanese dialogs.

The anime series "Dragonball" was extremely popular and is known to almost everybody. The series consists of three parts and has gathered a huge crowd of fans.

The French TV Version was cut, offered censored dialog as well as a rather bad image quality. The German Version was also based on the French version which is why the former was used for this report. The dialog was altered to be more kids-friendly and there are a few cuts.

Note: In general, this episode is uncut, yet you can clearly see how the dialog was toned down to a more child-friendly version. Apparently, the French censors had problems with the bodily distictions between men and women and thus rewrote the episode in a way that it was harmless enough for the kids.
03.06 - Censored dialog
Bulma wants to bathe Son Goku. In the French Version, Son Goku does not want to do that because apparently there is something in the water. Bulma screams that it is just soap. What else would she bathe him with? Son Goku then says that she should not wash his head.

In the Japanese Version Bulma yells at Son Goku and tells him to put a towel in front of "it". Goku then puts the towel in front of his head.

No difference in time

03.16 - Censored dialog
Bulma washes Goku's hair. Of course, Goku complains about something.

In the French Version he complains that she should hurry up because he is hungry. Bulma says that it is his own fault, after all, it takes some time because he is so dirty.

In the Japanese Version Goku asks Bulma what she does there and says that he finds it disgusting. Bulma replies that he could be happy that he is being bathed by a pretty girl. She says that there exists nothing better than that.

No difference in time

03.48 - Censored dialog
Bulma wants to take off Goku's tail and is surprised to find that it is an actual part of his body. Goku says that he could also wash himself and that she does not need to do anything.

In the original version Goku says that he could wash his own butt.

No difference in time

04.04 - Censored dialog
After the nice bath the entire conversation about Goku's tail was altered.

In the French Version Bulma asks him how he is actually able to move it. Goku replies that she has legs, arms, hands and fingers that she is able to move and asks, if she could explain that. Bulma thinks that she is able to move, yet never really questioned how this works. Son Goku says that his grandfather was right and girls really are strange beings. Bulma says that he is not dumber than him. Goku laughs and says that she also is not as smart as he is.

In the Japanese Version Bulma realizes that the tail is a part of his body. Goku asks, why this is so strange and then realizes, that she does not have a tail. Men, however, do have tails. In an inner monolog, Bulma asks herself whether or not this is true, since she had not yet seen any naked men. She thought that men only had a "tail" on the front side. Son Goku then remembers that his grandfather also did not have a tail. Bulma yells at him and says that men would not have a "tail" at the backside. Son Goku laughs and says that his grandfather was a strange guy. Bulma replies that this is something that Goku and his grandfather have in common.

No difference in time

04.44 - Censored dialog
Bulma takes a bath herself. Again, all dialog was altered.

In the French Version, Bulma thinks that Goku is rude, yet a nice guy. He is standing next to her and startles. She yells at him that he should not be here. Son Goku says that he only wanted to thank Bulma by bathing her. Bulma screams and tells him to leave immediately. Later he says, that he is already 14 years old. Bulma throws a few things at him and tells him that she thinks he is stupid.

In the Japanese Version BUlma thinks about Goku calling her a witch, even though he is the one with a tail. After she spots Goku, he asks her if women have a butt on the front side as wel. Bulma yells at him and says that this is not a butt but her breasts. Plus, he is too young for such things. Goku then says that he is already 14 years old. Bulma flips and calls him a voyeur and a lecher. After all, he is only 2 years younger than her.

No difference in time

07.27 - Censored dialog
Pilaw yells at his servant and tells him that he wants to be the leader of the world.

In the French version he then starts to talk about stinky socks after obviously having farted. He is ashamed of it and says that his servant obviously grinned. Pilaw wants to take revenge and "tickle" him with a chainsaw, since he claims that he did not change his socks. The servant whines and says that he would have a stomach ache if he was tickled now.

In the Japanese Version, Pilaw admits that he farted and wants to know if the servant is making fun of him. He picks up the chainsaw and threatens to kill him if he does not say that it was him.

Overall, this alteration does not make any sense, especially since the fart can be heard.

14.14 - Censored dialog
Goku whines because Bulma does not want to sleep in one bed with him. He says that he was always allowed to sleep in his grandfather's bed. Bulma tells him that she is not his grandfather.

In the Japanese Version Goku says that his grandfather's lap was always more comfortable than a pillow. Bulma yells at him and asks him if he really wants to use her lap as his pillow.

No difference in time

14.26 - Censored dialog
In the French Version Bulma asks why Goku had lived with his grandfather and wants to know whether or not he has any parents. He says that his parents are gone for a long time and that the grandfather raised him well. Bulma says that one could argue about that. Goku makes fun of her and says that he thinks it is a sad thing that Bulma neither has parents nor a grandfather. She yells at him and says that she never said that this was so.

In the Japanese Version Bulma not only asks why he lived with his grandfather but also, if his parents had passed away. Goku answers that he was abandoned in the mountains when he was a baby. Bulma makes fun of him and says that they probably abandoned him because of the tail. Goku asks if Bulma was abandoned for having a butt at the front side. She yells at him and tells him that it is not a butt and that she was not abandoned.

No difference in time

15.08 - Censored dialog

This is probably one of the most interesting alterations of the episode. Son Goku wakes up and sees that Bulma is still asleep. Again, the entire meaning of the scene was altered.

In the French Version, Goku complains that the floor is pretty hard and that he rather wants to sleep in bed. He lies down on Bulma and thinks that there is something strange. He pats Bulma between the legs and them takes her panties off. Once he sees what lies underneath it, he hopes, that she is not dead. Bulma wakes up, screams and Goku begs her talking ghost, not to do anything to him.

In the Japanese Version, Goku looks at Bulma sleeping, remembers his grandfather's pillow and can't resist. He lies down on her and realizes that something is wrong. Once he takes her panties off and sees what lies beneath, he starts to scream. He's more or less shocked for life, since he had no idea what a girl actually is. Now he knows the difference. Bulma wakes up and asks him what is going on. Goku says that Bulma's balls are missing. She thinks that he talks about the dragonballs.

It's interesting to see that this scene stayed in the episode at all. Other countries simply got rid of it. Fun fact: In the US Version Son Guku says "It's your balls, Bulma. They're gone!"

No difference in time