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Season 11 UK-Box / Region 2 / PAL (equals the upcoming Vol. 10 in the US)

Enter the Fat Dragon

Nazi Undead

Girl Blood Sport


Family Guy

9.10 Friends of Peter G.


  • TV-Version
  • DVD-Version
Release: Dec 25, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the uncensored DVD Version.

- 15 alterations, among that two with sound censorings, two with alternative footage and once, the TV-version is longer
- Difference: 337.2 sec (= 5:37 min)

Looks like FOX wants to fly high with the Family Guy releases in the UK. While the recently released US box "Vol. 9" at least contains the last episodes of S8 plus the first ones of S9 (available as S10 in the UK since May 2011! / the comparisons are already online), S11 (aka Vol. 10 in the US) is available since November 2011 in the UK. This DVD box contains the remaining episodes of S9. Unfortunately, this DVD release doesn't contain any audio commentaries like the previous releases did. It might be, but that's just an assumption of mine, that the commentaries haven't been recorded so far because the release of the US counterpart "Vol. 10" isn't yet in sight. The episodes themselves are completely uncensored, as usual.

The seventh episode in the box, 9x10 ("Friends of Peter G"), is nearly three minutes longer on DVD, but this is made almost entirely of pretty unspectacular plot extentions. The topic alcoholism is not being treated with even more drastic scenes even though it is striking that only short, praising lines about alcohol or critical statements considering "Alcoholics Anonymous" were added in several parts. Most of this was probably cut from the TV-version for time's sake, though. The only noteworthy thing is, at most, the sound censoring, where Peter says "queer" in the DVD-version whereas in the TV-version, he uses the word "jerk".

The DVD-version has a short additional scene with Bruce and his acquaintance right in the beginning in the film theater.
Bruce: "You think I got time to go make before the movie starts?"
Man: "Just make sure you get back in. You got your stub in your pocket?"
Bruce: "That's hurtful."

The TV-version on the other hand shows the following animation of Peter and Brian 0.5 sec earlier (not pictured).

DVD-version 8.7 sec longer


Peter tells Brian: "Shut up, they're starting."

1 sec


More movie trivia is asked, Peter is overchallenged. He takes the telephone lifeline and taps his neighbor.

The answer is Julia Roberts, Peter says: "Fuck! You guys got any questions for people who are not Hollywood insiders? Jesus!"
Now, the color blue is to be guessed, this time Brian comments: "Fuck!"
Peter: "All right, this is ridiculous. I need some help here."
He dials Quagmire's number on his cellphone "Hey, Quagmire."
Quagmire: "Hey, Peter."
Peter: "Hey, listen, we're at the movies and they're showing the trivia cards and there's a question up there that's just stumping us. It's 'What color is this?'"
Quagmire: "Well, what color is it?"
Peter: "That's what I'm asking you."
Quagmire: "I don't understand, Peter. You're there."
Peter: "Look, maybe you don't understand. This is like the trivia thing before the movie where they got, like, the brain teasers and the pictures of Tim Honks and all that."
Quagmire: "Tim Honks from The Money Pot?"
Peter: "Yeah, that's right, yeah. So can you help me?"
Quagmire: "All right, Peter, find a hot girl and touch her. I'll be able to see what she sees."
He looks to his side and touches the women, whereas Quagmire immediately knows: "It's blue."

48.3 sec


Brian comments the unitary welcome: "Oh, hi, uniform mentality. I'm an individual!"
Peter beruhigt: "Come on, Brian. They're forcing us to do this, so, let's try and make the best of it. Can't be that bad."

6.6 sec


One first member of the anonymous alcoholics introduces himself.

Man (Walt): "I will. Hi, my name is Walt and I'm an alcoholic."
The other people greet him: "Hi, Walt."
Walt: "I used to be out of control. I used to drink from the moment I woke up 'till the moment I went to bed. I'd get in fights and have crazy sex with hookers all night. But, thanks to the program, I've been clean for a year. Now I live in a halfway house with my lady friend. And next month, we're going on a bus trip to Worcester."
Peter: "What the fuck?"
Bruce: "Thank you, Walt. Who wants to go next?"

27.8 sec


Peter's conclusion for his story with the water slide is as follows: "It was the greatest day of my life, and I owe it all to alcohol."

4.8 sec


Bruce's response was shortened a little, and therefore the two versions are animated a little differently.


Bruce says: "Peter, it sounds to me like alcohol is a very destructive influence in your life."


Here, Bruce also says (but differently animated, his arms are stretched): "Peter, it sounds to me like alcohol is a very destructive influence in your life."
Peter: "Yeah, maybe you didn't hear me. We drove a car down a water slide."
Bruce: "Listen to me..."

DVD-version 4.7 sec longer


More discussion between Bruce and Brian.
Bruce: "Look, Brian, I know where you's at. I fought it at first, too. But you need to realize you don't have all them answers. But if you work the program every day, you'll find results."
Brian: "God, you sound like a robot."

The first frames of the following animation differ for continuity's sake, as in the TV-version, Brian lowers his arm (not pictured)

DVD-version 12.3 sec longer


Lois criticizes: "You sound like two people who don't like being told they have a problem with alcohol."
Brian answers: "Okay, let's just say for a minute that I do have a drinking problem. How is being forced to join a cult for 30 days supposed to fix that?"

10 sec


After the first bottles of beer have been opened, there is a short additional scene of Peter being proud of his work: "Look at this, Brian. Somewhere in Quahog, there's a kid not being picked up from baseball practice. And it's all thanks to us."

15.2 sec


Joe says over radio; "This is officer Swanson, I'm on it."

2.6 sec

Only TV-Fassung longer

The TV-version shows the sign from the AA-meeting. Since the DVD-version has shown this earlier at the beginning of the additional scene from just before (08:24), it doesn't feature it again.

+ 2.3 sec

Sound censoring

Two censorings at once, Peter curses: "Who the fuck is this queer?"
The first one was beeped out for TV, as usual, the latter one was replaced with "jerk".

Image for orientation


A first conversation at the table between Phillip, Ernest, Jonathan and the variant of Peter who hasn't had any alcohol yet.
#1: "How can Leno get away with saying such outrageous things? Doesn't he know there are children watching?"
#2: "I know. I said to my wife just the other night, 'Enough with the boob tube!', pardon my French. 'But we are turning it off.'"
#3: "You know, guys, and I really mean this, after 27 years of marriage, my wife is still the sexiest woman I know."

The frames during the transitions before and after that are a little longer in the TV-version (not pictured).

DVD-version 18.8 sec longer


Directly after "It's called moderation" Death only adds in the DVD-version: "That's the key to life!"

1.6 sec