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Family Guy Season 10, British DVD Box

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Family Guy

8.15 Brian Griffin's House of Payne


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Oct 08, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the uncensored DVD Version (DVD Version represented by the UK release "Season 10").

- 13 differences, among them five with auditory differences and three with alternate footage
- Difference: 94.2 sec

As usual, almost any newer episode of Family Guy has been released as uncensored and extended version on DVD. The latest season 10 has just started to air in the US (September 2011) but the last episode released on DVD is episode "8.08". It's available on "Volume 8" and was released in June 2010. Since then, no further box has been released or even announced so far for some reason. But the English people know what they're doing. While the UK counterpart was always released a couple of months after the box set in the US (the UK Season 9 equal to the US Vol. 8 was released 5 months later), the next UK box is already available. "Season 10" contains the episodes "8.09" until "8.19", the episode Partial Terms of Endearment, which got banned from TV in the US, plus the first 3 episodes of season 9 and it was released in May 2011.

The eighth episode of the box, 8x15 ("Brian Griffin's House of Payne"), contains several small story extensions and a lot of audio censorings. Mostly strong language was deleted, for example from the once again guest star James Woods.
Before the special beginning of Stewie in a space battle, the Family Guy logo is displayed on the DVD version. This was missing at least in the present TV recording.

9,6 sec


Peter says in the DVD version: "Lois, Stewie's making noise."
Stewie answers "As we speak, I'm boarding your vessel" and he's poking around with a space ship in Peter's ear.

The first frames of the following animation are different in the TV version, because Stewie has already put down the space ship (no pictures).

DVD version 3,5 sec longer


After he spread his idea of Big Jaws, Peter asks: "Wait, that's not what your script's about, is it?"
Brian: "No."
Peter, relieved: "Okay, good."

3 sec

Audio censorship

Uncensored, Lois comments when Brian hands her the script: "Oh, fuck, there it is."

Image for orientation


There are quasi two new scenes in the DVD version. At first, Meg and Chris look after Stewie again and notice his not very good condition. Then Peter philosophies a little bit racialist at the table.

When Lois leaves, Meg adds: "We'll bring him down, Mom."
They focus on Stewie again: "All right, we gotta take him down to dinner. I think he's okay to travel."
When they pull off the pillow of him, a crab comes out of his huge head wound and wanders back in again. Stewie doesn't show any reaction.
Chris: "We're not gonna, but at this point...I think we should cut him up and flush him down the toilet."
The scene immediately continues at the kitchen table.
Brian: "Oh, not too much chicken for me, Lois. I've gotta save my appetite for all that studio commissary food tomorrow."
Peter: "You know what would be great for a TV show? A sitcom about former major league pitchers Phil and Joe Niekro enjoying their retirement years. You'd call it 'Those Lazy Niekros'."

In the TV version, an external view on the house shows that it's evening by now. Inside again, there's a first animation of Lois bringing food to the table.

The following animation of her calling the kids is slightly different in the first few frames (no pictures).

DVD version 31,4 sec longer


The bosses agree a little bit longer:
- "Absolutely."
- "Totally."
Brian: "So we're done."

2,2 sec

Audio censorship

Uncensored, James Woods says: "It stands for 'Fuck you!'"

Image for orientation

Audio censorship

Uncensored, James Woods says: "You guys aren't gonna fucking believe this..."

Image for orientation


There's more conversation in the DVD version before Brain starts talking about the girl.

Brian: "What?"
James Woods: "Look, they are getting a lot of support from the undergarments. Naked, they would be, like, whoa, mucho sloppy. Okay? Like, taco joe here, bro. I mean, I'm just... I mean, they'd be running away from each other, okay?"
Brian starts stammering, Woods interrupts him immediately: "I don't think they're playing for the same team."

The following frames of the animation differ due to continuity reasons (no pictures).

DVD version 15,1 sec longer


At first the producer says in the DVD version: "We hired writers to come in and punch it up a bit."
Two strange guys join them: "Brian, we love this project. Just love it. But don't ask us to marry it. JKLOL, I might do it."
- "Gross, no way, but maybe. Ha, ha!"

When the producer says "And I've got great news for you..." in both versions, the animation in the DVD version is shown from further afar due to continuity reasons (no pictures).

DVD version 11,1 sec longer


They look critically at Brian in an closer animation and he tries to explain himself, then he takes notice of Stewie.
"It, uh... It gets better after the fir... What smells like head?"

5,8 sec


James Woods starts earlier: "And maybe the monkey is also my roommate. And whenever I come home at night and I walk in that door, what do you think I slip on? Monkey stool."
The producers laugh and say:
- "Terrific."
- "That's exactly what would happen."

12,5 sec

Audio censorship / Alternative

James Woods says in the DVD version: "...because I fucked that chick...", while this sentence was recorded anew for the TV version where they replaced the word printed in bold by "banged".

Image for orientation

In the TV version the end credits start during the external view of the house in the last scene. On the DVD they start as usual during the following black screen.

Audio censorship

Uncensored, Stewie asks: "What the fuck happened?"

Image for orientation

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