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4.01 The Tattle Tale Heart

original title: 7th heaven


  • US DVD
  • TV Version
Release: Apr 24, 2011 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
One can only tip one's hat towards the publishers of the DVD release of the fourth season of the most long-running series in US TV history. This is because they already state on the box of the DVD set that some of the music had to be replaced or episodes cut and lenghtened with different footage. This is mostly due to the missing rights on the songs, which were only bought for the TV broadcast and not for DVD releases. As it would be too expensive to buy them now, the producers decided on cutting.

French TV Version: 42:39 min PAL
US DVD: 43:47 min NTSC

A total of 43,5 seconds are missing in 4 scenes.
15th minute
When Mary and Lucy tell their mother about their plans for their new room, the US stops early.
Mary: "Oh we're just dreaming about the day Matt gets out of here and..." - the US DVD stops when Mary starts singing the "and". Then Mary's and Lucy's improvised song about their new bigger and nicer room is missing. Annie looks rather irritated.

20th minute
Annie talks longer to her babies before Eric calls her.

22nd minute
When Mary and Lucy talk to Matt they suddenly start their song again.

22nd minute
And again they sing about the nice room they get as soon as Matt moves out. He is obviosly annoyed.