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Season 4.1 Blu-ray with the Extended Versions

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4.05 Promised


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Mar 25, 2017 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the Extended Version.

11 differences, among them
- 2 additional scenes
- 3 extended scenes
- 2 scenes with extended and alternate footage
- 2 additional scenes in the TV Version
- Length difference: 93.8 sec resp. 1 min 33.8 sec (plus recap & end credits)

After the History Channel stopped producing real history documentaries and started focussing on pseudo-scientific studies (UFOs and such) as well as pseudo documentaries (Pawn Stars) which they are very successful with by the way, they also tried out actual TV shows. The drama series Vikings is one of them. In March 2016, season 5 was green-lit.

With season, the number of each has risen. While previous seasons had 10 episodes resp. season 1 had only 9 episodes, season 4 consists of 20 episodes. But the season had been split up: The episodes 1-10 aired from Febraury 2016 till April 2016 and the final 10 episodes aired from November 2016 till Febraury 2017. Similar to the previous seasons, season 4 was censored in the US.

Time index refers to the Extended Version

Slightly longer recap in the Extended Version.

2.8 sec

Additional Scene TV Version / Recut

Additional scene with Rollo and Count Odo in the TV Version. They talk about what is best for Paris.

TV Version 46 sec longer

Additional Scene / Recut

Now, they get to discuss what is best for Paris in the Extended Version as well (no screenshots).

46 sec

Extended Scene

When Yidu talks about China, she also explains why some men were emasculated: So that they could not sleep with the emporer's wives or slaves.

5.2 sec

Additional Scene / Recut

Harald speaks with Bjorn. The latter explains why he does not trust Harald who explains he would never give any reason to kill him. Bjorn responds he might find a reason. Harald tries to smooth things over and explains they were allies at least for the time being and they should go to Paris together because Ragnar and Bjorn needed his warriors and boats. Bjorn gets up and Harald adds he could not wait to go to Paris to take down the Christians. Harald then stands up as well and yells they were the rulers and his people agree with him. Bjorn leaves without saying another word.

98.7 sec resp. 1 min 38.7 sec

Extended Scene / Alternate Footage

The shot of Ecbert in profile is longer in the TV Version resp. the close-up of him starts earlier in the Extended Version. In addition to that, his prayer is a little longer in the Extended Version.

12.6 sec

Extended Scene

When Ecbert ist standing in front of the corss, he explains in the Extended Version that eternal damnation was inevitable for him. The TV Version only te beginning of the shot. As a consequence thereof, he does not say a single word in the TV Version.

18.7 sec

Additional Scene TV Version / Recut

Now the scene with Harald and Bjorn in the TV Version (please see 21:14). All in all, the scene is a little shorter in the TV Version (8.5 sec). (no screenshots)

TV Version 90.2 sec longer

Extended Scene

When Ragnar makes Yidu climax, the Extended Version contains both extended and additional shots. There is more moaning as well.

31 sec

Alternate Footage / Extended Scene

Alternate footage when Ragnar carefully uses the knife on Yidu's arm. The reason should be obvious. Also, the Extended Version contains a few additional shots.

17.8 sec


Black screen in the TV Version. The Extended Version contains the regular end credits.

30.4 sec