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  • HK VCD
  • NL VHS
Release: Mar 06, 2011 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the shortened Hong Kong VCD by Ocean Shores (Category II) and the Uncut NL VHS by Vestron Video International (rated 16). This lovely hard slasher has been censored pretty much in Germany. But the Chinese need to suffer as well. Besides almost all violent scenes, all nudity shots of Marty and the footage, that contains drug abuse, have been removed.
The VCD is longer because it runs with less fps (frames per seond).
Shortened HK Video CD = 87:19 minutes
Uncut NL VHS = 86:54 minutes
Length removed footage HK Version = 3:00 minutes
00:00 The "Vestron" logo at the beginning is missing in the NL Version.
+ 13 sec

06:05 After Marty pulled up the curtain, the HK Version lacks a frontal nudity shot of Marty.
1 sec

06:07 Shot of Marty getting wet.
1 sec

06:14 The others close the curtain. Marty faces the wall. The others poke his naked butt with a spear. He touches a clothes hook while he's running out of the showers. Unfortunately the clothes hook is charged up and Marty gets a taste of the juice. With the hands between his legs, he tumbles back.
12 sec

06:25 Marty hits the ground with his face.
1 sec

06:27 Extended shot of him getting dragged across the ground and finally lift up by two guys to being given a swirlie. During that another shot of his naked butt.
7.5 sec

17:40 Missing shot of Marty on the ground when the pupils are starring at the burning chemistry room. A glowing iron pipe is lying on top of him. He lifts his head, his face is totally disfigured by acid and wants to put it aside. He touches it with bare hands and burns his hands. Marty screams out loud.
8 sec

18:09 Cut when Carol bends over unconscious Marty. She desperately tells him it hadn't on purpose. Marty wakes up, looks at her anxiously and reaches for her.
6 sec

36:52 After Marty's silhouette surfaced and the image starts getting dark, the following scene is missing in the HK Version: The men and women (they definetely can't be considered teenagers anymore) are getting baked and snorting blow. After Carol had a line, she offers a line to Skip, who's sitting next to her. The stoned one thanksfully accepts.
42 sec

40:01 Marty lifts the black groundskeeper with one hand. Then a shot of the victim's head. He gets skewered on a clothes hook with the ack of his head. Then Marty grabs his left hand and nails it at the door.
12 sec

42:48 Close-up of the guy's belly getting torn open, his guts bulge out. Cut to his face twisted with pain. Then a shot of the bursting guts, blood splatters on Shirley's face. Finally the guy drops dead.
9 sec

47.09 Murder in the car: another shot of the guy's chest. The knife stands out, blood is visible.
1.5 sec

48:26 Murder in the bath tub: Shirley gets her legs out of the water. The legs are corroded by acid. Close-up of her screaming out.
3.5 sec

48:30 She pulls herself up at the shower curtain. Cut to the door. Marty's silhouette is visible. Then another shot of half-corroded Shirley, she's still screaming her head off.
4.5 sec

48:34 The beginning of the shot is missing in the HK Version. She still tries to hang on to the shower curtain.
2.5 sec

49:07 The slow tracking shot to the bath tub is shorter. The NL Version also contains a shot of Shirley's bloody skeleton.
8 sec

58:44 Murder with the lawn mower: Marty carves Joe's arm while he's lying under the lawn mower. Joe screams out.
4 sec

58:45 He also carves his other arm. This time some blood courses.
1.5 sec

58:47 When the lawn mower comes closer, the HK Version lacks a shot of the blood splattering in Joe's face.
2 sec

58:48 Missing close-up of the dead man's face.
1.5 sec

60:33 Extended shot of the couple Stella and Frank getting juiced in bed. He falls off her.
8 sec

60:39 Close-up of Stella's burned face. She's still charged up.
3.5 sec

60:48 Another shot of the grilled chick. Lightnings are flashing. Then a shot of Marty's hand / glove cutting off the power.
8.5 sec

60:59 Missing shot of Nancy finding Joe under the lawn mower when she walks in the shack. She starts screaming.
3 sec

66:22 Marty, one can only see his shadow on the wall, kicks away the chair Skip is standing on. Now he's dangling and twichting until he doesn't move anymore. Marty shuts the door.
12 sec

78:41 Skip falls on the ground in the NL Version after Carol rammed the hatchet in his face.
1.5 sec

81:21 Missing shot of the blood-leaking wound when Marty stabs Carol to death with a spear. A shot of maniacly-laughing Marty follows plus a shot of Carol. The spear is being pulled out of her belly.
4 sec

This time the missing "Vestron" logo in the HK Version.
11.5 sec