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Change-Up, The


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Nov 12, 2011 - Author: Basic.Master - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
For the DVD and Blu-Ray releases of this body switch comedy, the theatrical version was extended a bit. The DVD and Blu-Ray contain both versions.

A sequence of three new scenes, which mostly cover Dace and Jamie's relationship and sex life, was added. Furthermore, three more scenes can be seen during the ending credits: They are smoking a joint in the car, are standing in front of an aquarium and are later watching the porn which was filmed at the beginning. The rest of the additions are not worth mentioning.

Note: The name of the character always refers to the body, no matter who is inside it at the moment.


  • Scenes exclusively in the Unrated version: 6 (a total of 492,29 sec = 14754 frames)
  • Scenes exclusively in the R-Rated version: 3 (a total of 147,11 Sekunden = 4409 frames)
  • Difference due to changed company logos: 2 (total difference: -7,84 Sekunden = -235 Frames)
  • Total running time difference: 337,34 sec = 10110 Frames

Time designations are formatted as follows:

R-Rated / Unrated
Depending on the version, there is a MPAA note/ note about the altered version (not included in the statistics).

0:29:58 / 0:29:58
Valtan (the pron movie's director) tells Mitch how the next scene is supposed to go. He can be seen a bit earlier and the dialog also differs a bit. The dialog in the R-Rated starts a bit earlier, in the previous shot.
9 frames = 0,30 sec.

Valtan: "Okay, you gonna come in."

Valtan: "Mitch, you gonna come in."

0:30:02 / 0:30:02
Shortly after Valtan preteds a punch in the face when talking to Mitch, the Unrated goes on a bit longer – the punch itself is the same.
18 frames = 0,60 sec.

0:30:04 / 0:30:05
Valtan tells Mitch how to treat the pron actress Mona. At the end of the scene, Mona can be seen a bit earlier.
668 frames = 22,29 sec.

Valtan: "[She lying there in the bed.] Okay, then we bounce titty, bounce titty, bounce titty, (talks slower) slow mo, bouncy titty, licky tip of nipple, (talks faster) regular speed, bouncy titty, slap the ass, slap the ass, slap the ass, and a wind come in, blow out a candle. Finito. What do you think, huh?"
Mona: "Oh, it's like a poem!"
Valtan: "It's like a poem (boxes Mitch into jokingly)! Hey, Mitch is gonna be great in our movie movie. (At the crew:) Hey, lock it up!"

0:30:04 / 0:30:05 - Schnitt, dessen Inhalt nur in der R-rated-Fassung vorhanden ist.
Die R-Rated enthält weniger Details.
185 frames = 6,17 sec.

Valtan: "[She lying there in the bed,] and you wake her up for fuck time, okay? (Zur Crew:) Lock it up!"

0:32:12 / 0:32:29
Mitch is supposed to put his thumb up Mona's behind, but does not want to do it. Therefore, Valtan tries to use his charm in order to convince him.
1025 frames = 34,20 sec.

Valtan: "I have killed people (lacht gekünstelt). Mostly men. I'm not allowed back in Eastern Bloc. Now, you put your thumb up nice lady's butthole, or else, maybe you have an accident on set. Maybe light fall on your head, maybe you get electrocute. Maybe goat fuck your mouth. I don't know. Movie set be very dangerous place."
Mitch: "Mmm-hmm. Okay."
Valtan: "And have fun with it."
Mitch (whispering): "Okay."

0:32:12 / 0:32:29
The R-Rated contains less threatening.
346 frames = 11,54 sec.

Valtan (serious): "You put thumb up nice lady butthole or I put my fist up yours. Okay?"
Mitch: "Mmm-hmm. Okay."

1:08:38 / 1:09:17
Dave comes out of the bathroom and successfully tries to seduce Jamie. When she kneels in front of him and he turns her on the back, she does not like it at all though. They discuss and Jamie puts her hand into his trousers, noticing that he has shaved. Later, Dave notices that he does not have a lot of potency that night and ends the night on Jamie's shoulder instead of in her pants.
Mitch gets up and tries to call Dave, but he only reaches his voicemail.
Mitch arranges to „accidentally“ meed Jamie in the supermarket. He asks her whether she was better now after Dave did not pay enough attention to her. She mentions Dave's new haircut downstairs.
7802 frames = 260,33 sec.

Dave: "Hey. That ass looks real hot, you know."
Jamie: "You like my ass?"
Dave: "Yeah. Tight as a drum. Wouldn't mind putting my drumstick in it."
Jamie: "Ooh! Really? Ha. Keep going (kichert)."
Dave: "I like how big and fat those tits have gotten. This little calf wants to get her mouth on the udders."
Jamie: "And I think that I want you to fuck me like you just got out of jail (kniet sich aufs Bett)."
Dave: "Roger that."
Jamie: "And you don't even have to go down on me because I know it's late."
Dave: "Appreciate it. All right, turn around (dreht sie auf den Rücken). Here we go."
Jamie: "Oh, what are you doing?"
Dave: "What do you mean? I thought you said you wanted to have some sex."
Jamie: "Yeah, but not like two dudes at a rest stop, okay?"
Dave: "Okay, I got it. Want to go grab me three Q-tips?"
Jamie: "How about we just do what we always do?"
Dave: "What, do you mean with a lot of eye-contact and real personal?"
Jamie: "Uh-huh. Come here. I love you."
Dave: "Yeah. Oh, don't say that. Let's not... How about no talking, okay? We can do some silent sex. Seriously."
Jamie: "Kiss me."
Dave: "No, no, no. No talking (she pulls him down). All right, let me kiss a shoulder first. Okay?"
Jamie: "Okay."
Dave: "There you go. Where's that hand going? Hello!"
Jamie: "Did you shave your balls?"
Dave: "Who doesn't love a couple of smooth criminals?"
Jamie: "Is that why there was all that pubic hair in the drain?"
Dave: "I would bet, yeah."
Jamie: "Why are you still soft?"
Dave: "I don't know. Can we try the no-talking for just, like, three minutes? That's all it's gonna take, okay?"
Jamie: "Let's do it like we did it on our wedding night."
Dave (gets up): "No, no, no. Jamie, what are you talking about, our fucking wedding night? God!"
Jamie: "Why not?"
Dave: "I can't do this! I cannot believe I can't do this! What the hell is happening? God damn it!"
Jamie: "What?"
(Dave tries to mobilize his little friend)
Jamie: "You don't want to have sex with me?"
Dave: "Yeah, I want to have sex with you. I've wanted to have sex with you since the sixth grade! I mean, you should be a mess by now, but things are not--"
Jamie: "Well, let's do it!"
Dave: "This is new. Sorry, Jamie. This is, I think I'm in over my head. I think I'm way in over my head. I got this fucking house, and a job, and a family. I got, you know. I've got you, I've got the kids, and I've got a fucking carpool. And rules! I've got these fucking rules, half of which I don't even understand. This is impossible (setzt sich wieder aufs Bett). I do not know how to be this man. I'm sorry."
Dave: "Sorry."
Jamie: "That's okay. That's okay. Come here (pulls him to her)."
Dave: "Yeah, it's fantastic in here. It's very warm. I think I remember this."
Jamie: "Mmm-hmm."

Mailbox: "Dave Lookwood. *peep*"
Mitch: "Mitch! Where the hell are you? It's been two days. I gotta know what's going on with Jamie. Call me back (hangs up). What the hell is he doing (throws the cell phone away)?"

Jamie: "Mitch. Hi."
Mitch: "Jamie. What are you doing here?"
Jamie: "I come here every Saturday after yoga. What are you doing here?"
Mitch: "I am plowing the crap out of this chick around the corner, and now we're gonna have dinner. We're gonna make some scallops, and then it's going to get ugly. This chick is a mess."
Jamie: "Why do you have to talk like that? You have such a sweet side. You should let people into your sweet side."
Mitch: "Yeah. Listen, I wanted to ask you something. The other night, you were in a pretty dark place."
Jamie: "Oh yeah. I know."
Mitch: "How's that going with Dave? Is he treating you a little bit better?"
Jamie: "Yeah. He's been very sweet. Really open and communicative..."
Mitch: "Good."
Jamie: "He held my hand all night while we slept last night."
Mitch: "Attaboy!"
Jamie: "Did you tell Dave to shave his balls?"
Mitch: "Uh..."
Jamie: "Don't act like you didn't tell him. I know it came from you. Don't be a bad influence on him."
Mitch: "I thought you two might like that."
Jamie: "No, I don't like that. It needs some coverage."
Mitch: "Yeah, I'll tell him to grow it out. It was really great seeing you."
Jamie: "Are you okay?"
Mitch: "I'm good. In fact, I'm much...much better now."
Jamie: "Good."
Mitch: "Yeah."
Jamie: "Okay."
Mitch: "All right."

1:46:52 / 1:51:52
The ending credits have been partially recut: In the Unrated, the small scenes are shown directly after the director's credit, the rest of the credits can be seen in a splitscreen.
Dave and Jamie are sitting in a car. Dave starts smoking a joint, Jamie tries it as well.
Mitch and Sabrina have fun in the bedroom and he learns a new position.
Dave and Jamie are looking at jellyfish in a big aquarium.
Dave is reading in bed when Jamie starts a DVD she got from Mitch. It contains – what a surprise – the porn "All thumbs" starring Dave (in Mitch's body).
5232 frames = 174,57 sec.

Jamie: "What are we doing here?"
Dave: "Well, we're doing this (holds the joint). Huh? A little treat from Uncle Mitch. Do you remember how to do this (lights the join)? Hmm?"
Jamie (laughing): "Okay. Oh. Mmm."
Dave: "I know."
Dave (coughing): "It's fun, though, right?"
Jamie: "Yay!"
Dave: "Let's go look at some fish."
Jamie: "Okay."

Mitch: "Oh, God!"
(both are moaning)
Sabrina: "Oh, my God!"
Mitch: "Ow! What the hell was that?"
Sabrina: "Oh."
Mitch: "Explain yourself!"
Sabrina: "You've never heard of the Bryant Gumbel?"
Mitch (heavily breathing): "Let's do that again."
(Sabrina giggles)

Jamie (whispering): "Why?"

Jamie: "Mitch sent us a video."
Dave: "Yeah? That's weird."
(Suspicious music can be heard.)
Bodyguard (movie): "No entry!"
(Steve Driver aka Mitch beats him to the ground)
Mona (movie): "Steve driver, you perfect bastard, you!"
(Mona (movie) screams)
Dave: "Oh, no."
Mona (movie): "Oh, Steve, it's like Christmas in my ass!"
Dimitri (movie): "What are you doing with my wife, man?"
Steve Driver (movie): "Dimitri?"
Valtan (movie; from the off): "Hey, join the fuck party. Let's make lady sandwich."
Dave: "Okay." (switches off the tv)
Jamie: "Oh, my God."
Dave: "Not very well made, huh?"
Jamie: "When was that shot?"
Dave: "Who knows? Probably years ago."
Jamie (reads out Mitch's message): "'Thank you for covering me last week. Love what you did with my hair.'"
Dave: "Hey!" (takes the DVD case and throws it away)
Jamie (laughing): "You got with a man?"
Dave: "Dimitri was surprisingly gentle, and we were very safe."
Jamie: "Uh-huh."
Dave: "He smelt a little like lamb, though."
Jamie: "That pooper shot looked real."
Dave: "No. God, please, don't!"
Jamie: "It did."
Dave: "Oh, God."
Jamie: "Dave?"
Dave: "What?"
Jamie: "Can you change my oil?"
Dave (laughing): "No, I can't! I'm gonna cut my thumbs off tomorrow, I swear to God. And we're gonna destroy that thing first thing in the morning. Okay?"
Jamie: "I don't want you to. I like it."
Dave: "Hey, hey!"
Jamie: "Oh! It's growing in so nicely (laughs)."
Dave: "Yeah. Real in-between phase. It's like Sonny Crockett down there."

1:46:52 / 1:51:52 – Only in the R-Rated version.
The R-Rated shows the credits first, then the scene with Mitch and Sabrina follows without the credits, afterwards more credits.
3878 frames = 129,40 sec.

1:52:16 / 1:58:01 – Only in the R-Rated version.
The black screen before the Georgia logo is longer.
29 frames = 0,97 sec.

1:52:25 / 1:58:09 – Only in the R-Rated version.
A MPAA message and 55 frames of black screen were added at the end.
206 frames = 6,87 sec.