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Super Mario World

original title: Sūpā Mario Wārudo


Region: Europe

Super Famicom
Region: Japan

Release: Feb 25, 2014 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: DaxRider123
In 1990, the famous jump and run series explored new avenues with "Super Mario World": several characters and functions were added. The game - which was also known as "Super Mario Bros.4" - introduced the dinosaur-like character "Yoshi", a companion Mariou could ride and fly on as well as stomp enemies. The level map from "Mario Bros.3" was developed further, thus making it (at that point) the biggest Mario game. There is a small alteration concerning Yoshi which does not interfere with the story, however, for completion's sake we want to include it in our list of reports.

The International Version of the game includes a hard to classify alteration in comparison to the Japanese Original Version. Unlike with movies, we usually only include reports to games when the alterations within the different versions are a result of censorship or it is at least very likely that they were. The latter category is what we classify Super Mario World under. Even though it is not too presumable that censorship is the cause for the alteration, we cannot preclude this possibility, thus we made the report. It is a fact that Nintendo USA - due to their own company policy - altered many games in the 80s and 90s. Religious symbols, nudity and violence were censored. In our database you will find numerous examples. The aim was to preserve a family-friendly image for the American market. Whether or not the content that is described below - which is very harmless - was against these policies can probably not be found out anymore. It's unlikely, yet possible. Everyone can decide for themselves.
Yoshi does not Eat "Easy Meat"
In the Japanese Original Version on the "Super Famicom" (in the rest of the world known as SNES) you have the possibility to eat the "flying fish" with your riding animal Yoshi. This action does not work in the "Internationalen Super Nintendo Version" (both the American and the European cartridges). The "flying fish" do not harm Mario or Yoshi when they touch them.

The reason for this alteration might be that Yoshi should only be able to eat those enemies that can pose a threat to Mario.

US/PAL Snes Version:Japanese Original Version:

Additionally, you also get a coin for each fish you eat. To be able to see this a little better, take a look at the screenshots:

Coins for Fish: