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original title: Notti erotiche dei morti viventi, Le


  • Original Version
  • Hardcore Version
Release: May 28, 2010 - Author: Playzocker - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
This report compares the Hardcore-version to the original version.
Not only are the versions differently cut, there are more differences. The HC-version features a blue filter in several scenes (which is supposed to make it look like the scene was shot at night), the original version misses this. The title is different as well - The German version shows "In der Gewalt der Zombies" (loosely translated: "Caught by Zombies") while the HC-version is named "Sexy Nights of the Living Dead". There are slight differences concerning brightness and colors (skin tones, too), but it is hard to name one of the two versions the "better" one.

All in all 672.8 seconds (ca. 11.25 min) are missing, 13 cuts altogether.
Runtime of the Hardcore-version w/ credits: 1:51.43 min.
Runtime of the "Original" version w/ credits: 1:40.30 min.
Runtime designations relate to the uncut version.
The prostitutes take their clothes off before they enter the shower.
30.52 sec

The next scene inside the shower is longer in the HC-version as well. Mark gropes one of them, while the other takes care of Mark's penis first with her hands and then very shortly with her mouth.
77.68 sec

The sex scene in Mark's room is completely missing in the zombie-version. First, Mark takes care of his two playmates orally, then it's the two women's turn to take care of Mark orally, finally he has "normal" sex with a lady. The scene ends with Mark ejaculating.
370.2 sec

The sex-scene on the ship misses a close-up shot of Luna (Laura Gemser) touching herself.
11.56 sec

The tracking shot across Luna's body continues, she keeps on touching herself.
19.48 sec

Mark orally pleases his neighbor, Dirce, longer.
28.64 sec

While the zombie-version cuts to the scene on the boat (different color-filter compared to the HC-version's, by the way) directly after the next shot, Mark is again longer busy with his neighbor in the HC-version.
33.48 sec

Luna continues "dancing" by shoving the bottle of champaign into her vagina.
8.84 sec

Luna continues "dancing" with the bottle.
11,12 Sec

More of that...
14.48 sec

Luna pulls out the cork with her vagina.
5.92 sec

Mark is being pleased orally by Dirce on the boat, his back facing the camera. Nothing shown which would deserve the attribute "Hardcore".
33.8 sec

Luna and Dirce make out longer on the beach.
27.08 sec