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Legion of the Dead


  • Original Version (Producer's Cut)
  • Director's Cut : Part 1
Release: Jul 25, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The Producer's Cut, represented by the British DVD by Anchor Bay (BBFC18) has been compared to the Director's Cut, represented by the Austrian DVD by NSM Records

- Producer's Cut: 85:05 min w/o credits (88:48 min w/ credits)
- Director's Cut: 100:33 min w/o credits (105:45 min w/ credits)

Difference: 928 sec (= 15:28 min) at more than 200 altered spots

The Film

Legion of the Dead from 2000 was Olaf Ittenbach's first film he had a slightly bigger budget and an American crew at his disposal for.
The movie is clearly in the wake of From Dusk Till Dawn, some situations and characters remind also very well of Pulp Fiction or Hitcher... of course only after taking away the examples' coolness, with average actors and plot elements that always lead to nowhere, embarrassing attempts of being funny etc. Any fan would love to look past the many many flaws as long as the exceptions to an Ittenbach-flick are being met and yes, the splatter-effects are mostly functional.

The versions

It was easy to find out the originally released version of Legion of the Dead was not the director's preferred cut. This roughly 88 minutes long version is titled "Producer's Cut" (short: PC) in the following.

It was as late as 2007 that the by fans long awaited Director's Cut was released in Austria, which is more than 15 minutes longer. If you have great expectations in the gore-department you're as wrong as anyone who supposes a rip-off-version that only has some of the deleted scenes added into it.
Actually, Ittenbach changed the movie quite a bit, a big part of the changes only is several frames long or is made out of big editings / changed procedure of scenes which gives some of the scenes a completely different meaning. There were several long dialogue scenes added, as well, though.

An exact number of cuts was not determined. In consequence of the many intertwined changes (editings, frames-extensions, moved fades etc.) it is nearly impossible to name an exact number here. For orientation purposes, "more than 200 differing spots" should really be enough.

The Producer's Cut should at least stay interesting for the ones who dislike the, as usual, bad frame story – or just watched the movie in that form the first time. The ending also differs in the two versions after all.

Runtime designations are ordered as follows:
Producer's Cut (Director's Cut)

Because this report is so big, part 1 of the comparison follows. Here, you will find the second part.
00:00-00:09 (00:00-00:25)

Different logos by X-Vision, the one the DC features is much logner.

DC 16.1 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
05:06 (05:22-05:23)

In the PC, the moon (end of the opening credits) is shown slightly longer, the DC on the other hand shows Jeff a little earlier.

DC 0.5 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

05:23 (05:40)

The long shot in which Nicholas takes a sip is a little longer in the DC.

0.8 sec

05:29 (05:46-05:47)

Jeff is shown a little longer in the DC and the cut to Nicholas takes place earlier, too.

1 sec

Alternative footage
05:39-05:45 (05:57-06:06)

Alternative footage as Jeff answers Nicholas, the DC is longer, the dialogue is the same, though.

In the PC the shot of Jeff stroking his knife's blade is closer, next to that a bucket with a Donald Duck sticker on it. Then you see him from the front.

The DC on the other hand just continues with the earlier shot (long-shot), the camera slightly pans to the right.

DC 2.6 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

07:37 (07:58-08:01)

The big guy first says they were idiots after the first flashback.

3 sec

09:45 (10:09)

The shot of stabbing Jeff is a few frames longer in the DC.

0.2 sec

Alternative footage
09:46 (10:10)

Interesting: the PC features the lampshade a few frames longer and only at those blood splatters on it. The DC on the other hand shows Jeff earlier.

no time difference

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

10:05 (10:29-10:30)

Nicholas is seen a little longer and the following shot of Jeff starts earlier as well.

1.6 sec

Alternative footage
10:07-10:08 (10:32-10:33)

Again, the PC features more gore: there, the close-up of Jeff holding the heart is longer while the DC switches to the long shot earlier.

no time difference

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

10:48 (11:13-12:14)

Jeff and Nicholas are shown on the streets earlier in the DC and talk about their parents' recently killed killer and the colour of their tuxedos.

Nicholas censures that he doesn't know what Jeff was up to. If they continued like that they'd never get enough people for the legion. He then lists what they have now – two cripples and three old people – and all of them run around somewhere while Nicholas and Jeff didn't even know what they're doing.
He laughs, Jeff shows his approval they killed the man who murdered their parents and then wanted to continue as if nothing had happened. He adds he wouldn't have fit into the legion.
Nicholas is persuaded but remarks he could have killed him normally because if somebody found him the way he looks now, some ugly questions could be asked. Jeff tells Nicholas to forget this guy already.

Pan towards the dismembered body.

Then a little more dialogue, topic is the colour of their tuxedos. The PC starts in the middle of this conversation.
Nicholas says that they were the men in grey – a sad thing – and that they should definetly change the colour soon. Jeff doesn't know what he is talking about, so Nicholas explicitly mentions the tuxedos. He begins a sentence about the man who killed their parents, the PC starts in the middle of this line.

61 sec

Alternative footage
12:01-13:26 (13:27-18:11)

Here, the versions differ entirely, loosely summarized you can say that Geena is being introduced with different scenes in the two versions (although both versions feature both scenes at different spots)
The Director's Cut features a much longer talk between William and Luke in the desert. Luke talks about the wow-effect.

Producer's Cut

Togaio laughs and after two other shots of him, a crossfade to the desert with the legion's members takes place.

Now we continue with an evening in the bar.
Drunk Mick is sitting at the desk and picks his nose, then he philosophises about Geena one day being his wife.
She only says that they were going to close now and he should go home, Mick falls off his chair after that.
The barkeeper asks if something happened and they talk a little about Geenas job, which he says he likes.
Casey laughingly reveals her as a liar and says goodbye to the two.

Finally therer are a few words of the talk between Luke and William from the long-shot, while those can be heard in the a different shot in the DC (after a whole lot of dialogue).

Director's Cut

Several street-shots during the day the PC misses entirely.

The following scene has been reimplemented at 19:31 in the PC and is only described, but not picturized here.

Geena walks along the way (only this shot starts slightly earlier than in the PC).
Behind a corner, you see Togaio, accompanied by menacing music. He follows her a little and watches her entering the shop.

She greets the old people inside, then two hectical, armed gangsters come in and demand the people to lie down etc.
As they come to Geena, though, the fun ends, after a little smalltalk she smacks the first guy's gun away, the other one she scares away with a short transformation into her second self.

Now the dialogue between Luke and William starts much earlier than in the PC. Luke urinates while William throws stones. When Luke is done, William slings at him and the two continue.
William notes that the town they had been in the day before was weird and asks whether Luke thought the same, but he doesn't understand. William continues that the people were weird and Luke interrupts him that it was like in his childhood – William responds that Luke was a real freak. The two start arguing again but stop shortly after, saying they had that discussion the night before, so they talk about Luke's childhood.
He says that there was this woman that had something special to her – he very clearly emulates her cleavage and says it was indescribable and William replies that Luke was as well.
Luke agrees, saying she also had this wow-effect which William doesn't understand, so Luke explains that this was something that only leaves you thinking "wow...!" William boredly looks over to him, starting to realize Luke is telling a bullshit-story. He sighs, asking if that lady was history by now.
Luke confirms, saying she had fundamental problems with her back, so she had a steel apparatus implemented into her back to support her spine. As Luke said that, William lost all hope and puts him off, even though he insists on the story not being a joke – they had put an iron pipe into her which killed her because she was allergic to iron. William is totally fed up by this point, saying there was no such thing as iron allergy. Luke swears it happened like that. He continues she wanted a cremation, but there were no coffins her size – again, William can't believe it, saying there were coffins as big as concert grands.
Luke asks why he should lie but William cannot tell, so he continues. The mortitian was starting to get nervous and finally cut to the chase and amputated her breasts, burning them before the body. All of a sudden, though, the family appeared and decides in favor of a laid out body. The mortitian started to really panick out by now – Luke asked William whether he had an idea how he solved this problem and William answers that he probably killed himself because he found out Luke was his neighbor.
Luke corrects him, saying the mortitian implied the dead body still had reflexes and sat up all the time so it couldn't be laid out.

After this story, William says Luke's got a very big problem.

Director's Cut 198.1 sec longer

Alternative footage
14:04-14:10 (18:49-18:55)

Insignificant changes shortly after the two entered Mike's car.

In the PC you see the three in the car and then a long shot of Luke introducing himself. ("Luke... Skywalker")

The DC on the other hand shows the shot of the landscape longer after the car drove away, then another shot of the three in the car in which Mike turns towards them. Then, Luke is shown very shortly as he says his name, also a part of the shot that is not features in the PC at all.

no time difference

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
14:16-14:21 (19:01-19:10)

The same as William says his allegedly entire name ("Billy Baldwin")

The PC shows a view of Mike, the DC a frontal shot of the three.
Then the PC shows William first turning to Luke, grinning, then to the front. The DC on the other hand shows a short street-view of the car driving across, then the earlier shot of Mike as well as his question to the guys (with which the PC continues as well) in one take.

DC 3.7 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
14:39-14:41 (19:28-19:31)

The PC shows William earlier at his request.
In the DC William first laughs contrivedly, then Luke is shown on the back seat and he already starts talking from the off.

DC 1.9 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
14:45-15:22 (19:35-19:57)

Excessive editing here and several alternative shots were used during the dialogue. Also, only the PC shows a guy with a hat in front of the restaurant on the street in between, in the DC he stays in his car all the time.

First a description of the procedure in the Director's Cut:
After mentioning alleged cousin Joe you see Mike shortly, then William describes him with gestures.
Mike is not impressed and starts talking about the tourists from Spain.

The PC first shows Luke on the back seat then other shots as William describes his alleged cousin.
Then an outside view of the car passing by and suddenly the action continues in front of a restaurant at the street.
A woman comes out and as the camera pans to the right you see a guy with hat smoking at the street.
From 15:10 on you hear Mike's voiceover about the tourists from Spain he killed just recently.
During Mike's words in the car's interior then first scared William, shortly a view of talking Mike and a frontal view of the car.

PC 14.8 sec longer

Alternative footage
15:40-15:47 (20:15-20:22)

Again, unneccessary alternative shots as Mike talks about the crime – only when he gets out the knife both versions run in sync shortly again.

The PC shows William a little longer, then the shot of Mike much earlier.
The DC ends the shot of William earlier and a frontal view of the car is shown.

no time difference

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
16:34-16:36 (21:09-21:11)

Another pointless use of alternative footage: the PC cuts earlier to William while the camera stays a little longer at Mike in the DC.

no time difference

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
19:28-21:12 (24:03-24:07)

In the PC you see the car drive away longer whereas the DC already fades to the next scene. This also begins a little earlier which you can see looking at the men on the left edge of the screen.

The PC shows Geena's appearance in the shop inbetween which was shown earlier in the DC (description at 12:01/13:27).
Subsequently, only the PC shows Geena stepping outside of the shop and Togaio observing her again.

Producer's Cut
(Because the middle part is also featured in the DC, it was not picturized)

Director's Cut

PC 100.6 sec longer

Alternative footage
22:48-22:49 (25:43-25:44)

After Jeff was shot by Nicholas, the PC shows a close shot of the granny.

The DC on the other hand shows the shot of dropping Jeff a few petty frames longer, then the following shot starts much earlier.

no time difference

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Strangely, during the entire conversation with the granny, several shots were zoomed-in a little into the upper part of the image.
The shot in the knee is not involved in this, for example, though.

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
24:26-24:28 (27:21-27:25)

The PC shows silent Luke while the DC features Mike at the steering wheel longer, asking Luke what time it was.

DC 1.8 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
24:29-24:32 (27:26-27:43)

The PC shows the street a little longer and then fades out.

The DC cuts away earlier and then features the scene that the PC showed at 14:45; so while the PC shows the guy still standing there in the evening after the black screen, the DC shows it in one long take resp. in fast motion, he suddenly still stands there in the evening.

DC 14.5 sec longer

24:49 (28:00-29:45)

The PC fades from the moon directly to the talk between Jeff and Nicholas.

The DC on the other hand follows the scene the PC showed already at 12:01. an evening in the bar with Geena – but in partly reedited/extended form. The single extensions were named above already.

DC 104.8 sec longer

26:02 (30:58-30:59)

The DC shows Jeff a little earlier.

1.3 sec

Alternative footage
26:40 (31:37-31:38)

The PC shows the previous shot a little longer before cutting to Jeff's shocked face.

The DC features a longer sideways shot showing clearly how Nicholas is being run over by the car.

DC 1 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

26:44 (31:42-31:43)

The car rolls a little longer over Nicholas.

0.9 sec

Alternative footage
26:59-27:46 (31:58-31:59)

The PC fades away a little earlier and then already shows the scene depicting Geena browsing through the book and telling about her hunter.

PC 46 sec longer

The parts of that scene that were extended a little are mentioned here already, when they were later reimplemented into the DC – the differences are only noted later when the DC actually shows these parts.

27:33 (36:43-36:50)
Geena is shown much longer.

27:36-27:37 (36:53-36:56)
The PC fades over from behind to naked Geena while the DC only shows the page of the book longer and then fades away.
The rest was reimplemented later.

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

28:00 (32:13)

Mike is shown slightly earlier in the DC as he closes the fridge.

0.4 sec

Alternative footage
28:03-28:04 (32:16-32:19)

The PC is slightly longer at the end of the shot and shows William and Luke on the couch a moment earlier.
The DC on the other hand first shows an additional shot of William looking at Luke and then shortly the TV set, Mike is laughing off-screen.

DC 2.2 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
28:12-29:02 (32:27-33:20)

The PC stays at the sideways view as Mike gets out his food.
The DC shows bad-tempered William for a short time.

Mike then eats and drinks completely unimpressed by his "guests" – up until the moment as William finally makes his request, the scene has been completely recut and any shot has been completely reassembled.
Even with many other scenes an exact description of the several extensions is rather unfavorable, here it wouldn't have been possible at all. For simplicity's sake one larger part has been summarized, up until the moment as both versions run in sync more or less again.

The DC was cut much faster resp. many shots were split and cut together in a shortened form, which gives the impression of a time lapse .
The PC merely presents some longer shots straight.

A few sample screenshots.

DC 2.1 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

29:14 (33:32)

William is shown slightly longer in the PC as he talks to Mike.

+ 0.4 sec

Alternative footage
29:16-29:17 (33:34-33:35)

In the PC, Mike bites longer into his burger, the DC shows William earlier.

no time difference

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

29:20 (33:38)

William ist im DC minimal longer zu sehen.

0.2 sec

Alternative footage
30:14-30:15 (34:32-34:36)

When William tries to make Luke to go to the bathroom with him, the PC shows a close-up shot of him while the DC remains in the previous view.

Also, the DC shows Luke earlier, who stutters "Michael...?"

DC 3.2 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

30:30 (34:51-34:52)

The DC shows Mike a little longer, biting into his burger.

1.5 sec

Alternative footage
30:43-30:45 (35:05-35:07)

The PC shows the toilet, the DC remains in the previous shot.

no time difference

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
30:57-30:58 (35:19-35:24)

The PC shows William here, while the DC first fades-in the toilet and then again William looking over Luke's shoulder.

DC 3.6 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
31:00-31:03 (35:26-35:49)

After the shot of Luke's trousers the two versions differ.

The PC shows a shot of William in the beginning much longer.

The DC has some dialogue before William also lets himself go. In this dialogue, Luke persuades William to relax and to just let go. After a little quarrel, William clenches his teeth and does so.

DC 20.2 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
31:21-31:22 (36:07-36:56)

The DC fades away a little later, Luke looks over to William.

Then another part of the scene the PC already showed at 26:59 was reimplemented, again, in a slightly different form (see above).
Only up until the shot of the opened book, though.

DC 48.4 sec longer

Alternative footage
31:47-33:04 (37:21-37:25)

The PC shows the cop lying there for about eight more seconds, while Joe starts up the engine offscreen. Then another scene in Geena's bar follows directly, shown only later in the DC (45:52) – this time, surprisingly, the DC has been shortened at respective scene by a lot.

The DC fades earlier to the trousers on a clothesline. The scene in which Mike and the two boys check out the motel the next morning immediately takes place.

PC 73.3 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

The parts of that scene that were extended a little are mentioned here already, when they were later reimplemented into the DC – the differences are only noted later when the DC actually shows these parts.

32:12-32:15 (46:59-47:06)
The PC shows Geena a little longer, then the barkeeper asks whether everything was okay. The DC cuts earlier to the bartender, who then adds that Casey was there this morning and that he went away about an hour ago. Geena replies "Okay, good, good..."

32:19-32:20 (47:10)
The bartender is shown longer in the PC.

32:29-32:43 (47:19-47:22)
Alternative footage: In the PC, the shot continues and Geena says: "You know, it's like...look at this town for the past few weeks. It's like a ghost town. You know, five suicides and twenty people missing - I mean, where are they all? The ?Reibacks?, the ?Morrisons?, what, are they all on vaction?"

The DC on the other hand cuts to the barkeeper who calms her, telling her not to worry. Geena replies that me may be right.

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

32:44-32:45 (47:23)
The PC shows the musician a little longer an the following shot of the barkeeper starts earlier, too.

32:46-32:47 (47:24)
Again, two shots are suprisingly a little longer in the end/beginning in the PC.

32:50-32:52 (47:27-47:29)
Alternative footage: The PC shows an insert to Geena and the view of the barkeeper starts earlier, the DC merely shows the previous shot longer.

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

32:55-32:58 (47:32)
Additional shot in the PC of the musician going to the back before you see Geena again.

33:02-33:04 (47:36)
The barkeeper is shown longer as the musicans are gone.

33:42 (38:03)
The PC shows the car legendary three frames longer...
+ 0.1 sec

36:01 (40:22-40:24)

The shot starts earlier and Mike makes a comment about his alleged wife.

2 sec

38:25 (42:48-42:50)

The shot is a little longer in the DC before Joe is seen driving on the first time.

1.8 sec

Alternative footage
38:27-38:28 (42:52-42:53)

The PC shows Joe a little earlier, the DC features Mike and the boys a little longer and only proceeds with the following shot when Joe has already leveled the weapon on them.

no time difference

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
38:30-38:37 (42:55-43:00)

Here again several recut and extended shots in succession which were summed up for simplicity's sake.
The PC prolongs the fact Mike is being shot.

Producer's Cut

When Mike looks over the shoulder, approaching Joe is being shown, loading his weapon
Mike turns around, you see him longer than in the DC (desperate view on his face at the end)
Joe closer, he shoots
Again, desperate Mike
View from behind Mike's car, Joe comes closer
Joe again, very close, more gunshots

Director's Cut

The shot is being shown in one take resp. Mike turns around, in the end shorter than in the PC, though
The view of behind Mike's car
Joe fires

PC 2.7 sec longer

38:38 (43:01-43:02)

Mike drops down longer in the DC in the upfront view and you see approaching Joe again.

0.8 sec

Alternative footage
38:39-38:40 (43:03)

In the PC Joe fires another shot and then bends into the car's interior while the DC only shows an alternative shorter shot of him bending into the interior.

PC 0.6 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

38:40-38:41 (43:03)

In the PC the shot starts earlier – the DC seems more fluid here, because Joe's car actually reached Mike's exploding wagon in the previous shot.

+ 0.7 sec

38:46 (43:08-43:12)

The burning car is shown longer in the DC.

3.8 sec

38:47 (43:13-43:14)

The shot starts a little earlier.

1.4 sec

38:57 (43:24-43:27)

The crossfade comes a little later in the DC resp. you see the boys go away from the explosion in slow-motion a little longer.

3.2 sec

39:29 (43:59-44:01)

You see Nicholas playing with the knife earlier.

1.6 sec

39:30 (44:02-44:03)

Also a little longer at the end.

1 sec

39:33 (44:06)
The shot of screaming Nicholas stars a handful of frames earlier in the PC.
+ 0.1 sec

39:35 (44:08)
Again, a shot starts three completely irrelevant frames earlier in the PC.
+ 0.1 sec

40:02 (44:35-44:36)

The shot starts earlier in the DC resp. Nicholas takes a little more time getting out the gun.

1 sec

Alternative footage
40:03-40:04 (44:37-44:38)

For whatever reason there is an alternative shot of Nicholas shooting into the sky.

no time difference

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

40:09-40:12 (44:43)

The PC shows Jeff after the legs again.

+ 1.7 sec

40:19 (44:50-44:52)

In the DC Nicholas is upset a little longer.

1.5 sec

Alternative footage
40:26-40:27 (44:59-45:00)

The PC moves to Jeff's face earlier, the DC shows the woman's foot in his crotch a little longer.

no time difference

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

40:29 (45:03-45:04)

Additional shot of Nicholas.

1.4 sec

40:39-40:41 (45:14)

In the PC the last shot of Nicholas is being faded-off, the DC immediately continues with the next scene.

+ 1.4 sec

41:19 (45:52-47:36)

First, there is a near 1-minute-scene with Jeff and Nicholas in which they talk about what to do next and Nicholas once more proves his talent for dropping bricks.
Then the scene which was shown at 31:47 in the PC was reimplemented, Geena in the bar – the parts that were changed there were named above already, so only the dialogue between Nicholas and Jeff is being described here in detail.

Nicholas starts by asking Jeff what to do next, he replies they were going to take an alternative route to the next recruit. Jeff explains they do so because no matter what they did, Nicholas kept screwing it up, so they won't take any more chances now. Jeff continues, saying Nicholas couldn't even see a car coming around the corner, and he doesn't want another stab to the eye or a finger being cut off. He insists on just a trip to two nice people. Nicholas responds that Jeff shouldn't worry about him and that he could take care of himself.
He then moves forward and directly runs into a log in the way, stumbles and steps on a rake which hits a man kneeling down there in the private parts.
Jeff moves on, saying that this was exactly what he had been talking about, Nicholas is tiredly sitting on the ground. Next to him, the stricken man.

103.9 sec

41:35 (47:52-48:43)

After the short scene of William, Luke and Joe in the desert, the PC misses entirely Geena receiving her "friends" in the bar. The rock band is also hangs around in the background.

The musician goes to the barkeeper and asks what kind of great party they'd be celebrating that day, whether it was a wedding. The barkeeper wants to respond, but only manages to say it was not a wedding, then Geena comes from the background and interrupts him, telling that some of her old friends were visiting and that two of them had just married, so there was a lot to celebrate.
The door opens up and the first people enter, the musician says off-screen that this sounds like a great party.
Geena greets and hugs some of the guests, the first one introduces her husband Michael. Geena greets him and says Sylvia (his wife) told her a lot about him – Michael hopes she only reported good things, to which Geena replies he can be certain of that. She continues it was great to see them and then introduces her boss, Andy, the barkeeper. He greets them all and welcomes them in his house, telling everybody that he was behind the bar when they want to have a drink. Geena proposes sitting down, telling her guests that Casey would make them something excellent to eat and that he was a brilliant chef. He says he was undefeatable in the kitchen.

50.7 sec

41:39 (48:47-48:48)

The DC is a little longer before the crossfade

0.6 sec

42:13 (49:22-49:23)

Again, the crossfade is a little later in the DC.

1.2 sec

42:50-42:52 (50:00)

The PC starts the shot earlier, William says (after noticing Geena): "Delivered by an angel!"

+ 2 sec

Alternative footage
42:58-43:01 (50:06-50:07)

The PC shows two applauding elder people at the table, while the DC only features the shot after Joe said goodbye a little longer.

PC 1.7 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
43:36-43:40 (50:42-50:50)

The PC shows a woman entering the room.

The DC first shows the juggler and then reimplements the scene with the elderly people at the table.
Then you see the dancing guests again.

DC 3.6 sec longer

43:57 (51:07-51:08)

The DC shows Geena a moment longer going away and the following shot of William and Luke starts earlier, too.

1.5 sec

Alternative footage
44:00-44:03 (51:11-51:14)

The PC cuts to leaving Geena again while the DC remains on the view of fascinated William.

no time difference

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
44:16 (51:27-51:56)

The PC shows William and Luke a few unimportant frames longer.

The DC on the other hand shows the "back story" of Joe and the woman (Alisha).
Joe is standing in front of her at the table, not saying anything, she approaches him, suggests to have a drink together. They go away and after a view of the band in the background Joe orders two beers at the bar.

The PC continues as the two clink glasses.

DC 28.5 sec longer

44:35 (52:15-52:34)

The scene continues.

Alisha asks Geena if she had the keys for the guest room.
She gives it to her and Joe hesitatingly pays for the beers.

19.2 sec

Alternative footage
45:20-45:22 (53:19-53:23)

The PC shows Nicholas shooting from behind and then another gunshot from his weapon's perspective.

The DC only features a longer shot from his gun's perspective in which he fires both shots. He also notes how fast the laughter ends.

DC 2 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
47:05-47:06 (55:06-55:07)

The PC shows William in between, shaking his head.
The DC shows the shot of Luke being dragged away by the woman at the bar straight.

PC 0.5 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
47:41-47:45 (55:42-56:54)

In the PC, Luke comes directly back from the sideroom – the beginning of the scene in which William only laughs towards his direction was removed from the DC.

The DC on the other hand shows Jeff and Nicholas again, while a biker runs over the sewer cover on which Nicholas stood earlier. This scene was later reimplemented into the PC, see 49:03.
The scene was strangely not extended/changed in a great way, only one weird change could be determined.

DC 68.9 sec longer
(Image only from the PC)

50:03-50:09 (56:41-56:47)
When Nicholas is triumphantly sitting over the biker, there was, for whatever reason, a different part of the shot used – the CGI-explosion starts at the exact same time, though, so there is no time difference.

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

47:51 (57:00-57:07)

Luke is shown longer, adding insecurely that he never beats a woman, that this wasn't his style and that he has a heart of gold.

7.1 sec

48:00-48:02 (57:16)

In the PC the shot starts a little earlier, Geena approaches the boys from further back.

+ 2.2 sec

Alternative footage
48:07-48:08 (57:21-59:15)

Big extension in the DC, only there Geena talks to the two already after she handed them the burgers. She invites William to do something with her.

The PC shows Geena a little longer up front, she puts down the burgers and keeps on moving.

The DC shows the handing over from a different perspective and William tells Geena amusedly what just happened – that Luke said the wrong words to a lady over there and she kicked his ass. He bites with relish into his burger and Geena asks if it was Ms. Anderson. Luke tries to explain but Geena interrupts him, saying she taught Judo and Karate. William remarks that Luke found the right one – Luke tells him to stop.
Geena bows down seductively to William, telling him his name was wonderful and that she had wondered what his name was. She thought about many names but wouldn't have thought it was William. She repeats his name slowly – he gets nervous, asking her if she was wondering. She says yes, telling him she was done with work in five minutes, if he wanted to be together with her and her friends.
William agrees stutteringly. Geena smiles and says goodbye. After she left, Luke says this was totally not cool – William asks why.
He tells him to look at himself – she must think he was completely speech-impaired. Luke apes him making stupid faces. William counters, saying at least he wasn't hit. Luke sarcastically thanks William. He expected something like that – it proved Williams character. He says he didn't care what Luke expected, but he was absolutely sure that he would move his ass to that table in a moment.
Luke says that this would show once more what happens when a woman appears and not even the best friend would stick by one – but no matter what happened up until now, he wouldn't lose his belief. As a matter of fact, he has another woman in his sights.
He takes a pull on his cigarette, the end of this shot is also contained in the PC.

DC 113.1 sec longer

Alternative footage
48:15-48:16 (59:22-59:24)

The PC only shows Geena shortly, while in the DC first the previous shot of William and Luke is insiginficantly longer and then Geena approaches from behind.

DC 1.2 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

48:33-48:36 (59:41)

In the PC William is seen a little longer, he moves the plate aside.

+ 2.5 sec

49:03-51:59 (60:08-60:09)

The PC reimplements the discussion between Jeff and Nicholas here, which the DC featured at its timeindex of 55:42.

Then a scene takes place which is in turn shown later in the DC. Jeff tells Togaio of allegedly killed Nicholas.

In the DC, the following shot starts slightly earlier.

+ 176.2 sec

51:55 (64:16-64:20)
The DC shows an additional close-up view of Jeff as he apes a worm for Togaio's sake.

51:58 (64:23-)
The DC is longer in the end, too. Togaio grabs the gun on the ground in the same shot and shouts something

52:28-52:29 (60:38)

The PC inserts the cut to craving William while the DC shows the shot of Geena straight.

1 sec

Alternative footage
52:31-52:32 (60:40)

The PC shows an additional shot of William here at the end, the DC shows the one from the previous cut in a shortened form.

PC 1.1 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
52:35-52:39 (60:43-60:48)

The PC shows William a little longer, then Geena close-up, she points out she's done with work in five minutes.

The DC shows Geena earlier in another shot, inbetween disturbed William. The dialogue with the five minutes was shown earlier in an extended form already, so she says something different here – suggesting to go sit down somewhere because she was done with work now.

DC 1.4 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
53:00-53:10 (61:09-61:10)

The PC shows William a little longer before he sits down at the table. You see Geenas friends sitting at the table in a different shot once more.

The DC shows the following shot of Luke insignificantly earlier when he asks the girl who is deaf and mute.

PC 8.9 sec longer
(Images only from the PC)

53:54 (61:54-64:28)

In the PC Luke returns directly to the deaf and mute girl after having gone to the toilet. The DC shows two others scenes before that.

First a near 45-second additional sequence of William telling a story at the table. Geena watches Mick at the bar in the meantime who sneezes and then licks the snot off his fingers. She excuses herself to confront Mick.

She yells at him, telling him that if this happened again she would personally take care he would never set foot in there. Mick answers by telling Geena he was turned on by her talking so angrily to him. He proposes to her, but Geena only shouts at him once more, hits the cap off his head and leaves.

The talk between Togaio and Jeff, that the PC featured at 49:03 takes place now.
The two little extensions are listed there already, the following images only relate to the scene described before.

154 sec

Alternative footage
54:15-54:21 (64:49-64:57)

The shots of the man and the girl kissing were mixed a bit and each version shows a slightly view. The DC is slightly longer.

DC 2.2 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut