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Seven Women for Satan

original title: Les Week-ends maléfiques du Comte Zaroff


  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Jan 20, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Count Zaroff is back

On his deathbed, butler Karl promised his father, who had spent his life serving the Zaroff family, that he would teach Count Boris Zaroff the same joy of sadism that his ancestor had lived out. Boris himself is a successful businessman in Paris who spends weekends at his country home. There he is driven on the one hand by hallucinogenic fantasies in which he murders women and on the other hand by the apparitions of his deceased wife Anne, who always casts a spell on him. Will Karl manage to corrupt Boris to the point where he fully gives in to his dark tendencies?

Seven Women for Satan sees itself as a kind of semi-sequel to The Most Dangerous Game, in which a sadistic count indulges in manhunts on a deserted island. Seven Women for Satan is about his descendant Boris, who lives in Paris and is mentally unstable because he is haunted by the ghost of his deceased wife and would only too gladly give in to his violent fantasies against pretty young women. He is manipulated by his butler Karl, who likes to let a couple die in the torture chamber. The film leaves open whether the killing fantasies of Boris are real or only spring from his mind. This makes for a surreal hypnotic film, where logic is often lacking, but thanks to the pretty young actresses and the weird murder scenes, we're dealing with solid Euro-sleaze. Director and leading actor Michel Lemoine has talent, but in the following years he focused more on porn movies. The film was banned in its country of origin, France, for several years.

Extended version included on US Blu-ray

The US Blu-ray by Mondo Macabro offers the possibility to watch an extended version of the film in which three deleted scenes have been integrated back into the film. Right at the beginning, two men philosophize about the line between reality and fiction, which gets to the heart of the film's theme nicely, before they move on to Boris. In addition to that, the extended version features a sex scene between Boris and hitchhiker Stephanie, and lastly, another murder scene in which Boris stabs a woman with a screwdriver was packed into the flashback/preview towards the end of the film. The extended scenes round out the film a bit more, but are not absolutely necessary.


Theatrical version: 85:25 min.
Extended version: 90:20 min.

Comparison between the theatrical version and the extended version.


After Boris has left for the weekend, two men are shown in a bar philosophizing about life. One of the men says that fantasy is the actual reflection of life and that a human being is always balancing between reality and fantasy. The slightest disturbance can throw him off balance. The other man believes that there will inevitably be a fall, and the greater the inner struggle, the greater the fall. His counterpart disagrees, but then points to Boris, who is leaving the building. He says that Boris has achieved a lot, but that it is impossible to look inside him. The other man wants to know who it is as Boris drives away. His companion replies that Boris is the best businessman in Paris. In reality, he is the descendant of Russian aristocrats who fled with a fortune during the revolution. As a movie fan, he wants to give him a clue. He mentions a manhunt on an island and the man immediately comes up with Count Zaroff

EX: 1:45 min.


After Boris cuts Stephanie's rope with his sword in the dream scene, the two are shown making love naked in front of the fireplace. At the end of the scene, the camera zooms in on Stephanie's face.

EX: 1:58 min


Before Boris is shown in the office, the flashback/foreshadowing in the extended version has been expanded by one episode. Boris is shown groping a woman dressed only in a nightgown. He grabs a screwdriver and stabs her.

EX: 1:12 min.