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Rival Turf!

original title: Rushing Beat


SNES Version
Region: USA/Europe

Japanese Version
Region: Japan

Release: Apr 12, 2015 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: DaxRider123

The game in Japan originally titled "Rushing Beat" was retitled for the international Super Nintendo Version where not it is called "Rival Turf!". In essence, the game is a simple Final Fight clone, however, it was still popular and successful, which is why they produced two more sequels. The series is well-known for its high difficulty, thus you had to bite through the games. The story revolves around the main characters "Rick Norton" and "Douglas Bild" who for the American market was renamed "Jack Flak" and "Oozie Nelson" (funny sidenote: Oozie’s skin color is a little darker, however, during the Outro it is bright again, wtf!?). They fight their way through the streets in order to free Rick’s sister Maria who was taken hostage by an evil gang since she had recorded evidence against them on tape. When Rick gets attacked by one of the gang’s members, he realizes what is going on, immediately contacts his friend Douglas and off they go.
The entire intro was taken out of the US Version and the woman you are about to liberate was renamed to Heather and is supposed to be "Jack’s" girlfriend, which is not explained any further. The Outro was shortened as well and the entire plot was altered. The censorship is marginal since the blood splashes are not that big, yet they are still there. Also, a missing "death sign" hints at censorship. On top of that, the sequels were renamed to "Brawl Brothers" and "The Peace Keepers" and thus did no longer hint at the fact that they were related in any way.
The Intro is exclusively taken from the Super Famicom Version "Rushing Beat" and was entirely taken out of the SNES Version. The intro tells the story of Rick being attacked by a gangster who tells him that they kidnapped his sister Maria.
IntroRushing Beat

Here you can see both title screens and character select screens. During the outro, "Oozie‘s" darker skin is brighter again and actually does not really matter, since the SNES Version has almost no story whatsoever. Only the final screen makes it “clear” why the two of them go through the streets in the first place.
Rival Turf!Rushing Beat

Here are a few screenshots from the game itself. The SNES Version no longer includes blood. Originally, during attacks with weapons (and thus NOT during attacks with bare fists) blood splashes. It is barely noticeable. Once you beat an enemy, you shortly see a Japanese letter that stands for "death" – for the SNES Version they exchanged it with an X.
Rival Turf!Rushing Beat

The biggest difference happens during the outro, after all, the entire story was changed. Depending on the version, you either look for your kidnapped girlfriend and beat up the main kidnapper (SNES Version) – and close the game off with getting to know that both fighters are “the baddest of good guys” – or get interrupted in the middle of the fight by main character Rick’s sister Maria. The latter explains that the man in fact is their father who somehow slipped into the criminal underworld. While he dies, he is consoled by the fact that he at least now no longer is a criminal. In the Rushing Beat Version you can see one more image of the heroes looking at sunset while the credits roll. The SNES Version does not have that and instead shows a generic "THE END" screen, followed by a highscore chart. The translations of the Japanese letters was not done by ourselves but found on the internet and included in the images.
Rival Turf!Rushing Beat