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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Jan 27, 2011 - Author: Forrest - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the original Theatrical Version (R-Rated) and the Unrated Director's Cut, both included on the US DVD released by Shout Factory.

Even though the Director's Cut offers almost 5 minutes of additional footage, it doesn't really add any important scenes (regarding plot and violence). The Director's Cut mainly consists of many small additions - here and there, there's an additional sentence or alternative footage. Also, the Director's Cut has an awful image quality, so you should rather watch the Theatrical Version. If you watch the movie in a dark room you will probably not be able to see too much.

In the scene where Jummy disposes of the bloody carcasses from the lab, the Theatrical Version offers some sort of synthesizer music, whereas the Director's Cut at this scene uses "The Blue Danube" by Johann Strauss. You might know this classical song from Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. The same thing also occurs in the scene where Barbara cummunicates with the creature via the computer.
In the Director's Cut SAM has a distorted computer-like voice. In the Theatrical Version it seems to be a little more human (and almost a little feminine).

Runtime of the original Theatrical Version (without credits): 1:15:33 (NTSC)
Runtime of the Director's Cut (without credits): 1:20:28 (NTSC)

77 differences = 294 sec. (NTSC)

We would like to thank magiccop for providing the DVD that includes both versions.
The black screen at the beginning of the movie is shown minimally longer in the Director's Cut.
0.53 sec.

When the camera pans to Mike Colby who's asleep, you see a fast cut of several scenes that will later on re-occur in the movie. At some points of this scene, the DC shows different pictures.
Theatrical Version: 17 frames/Director's Cut: 18 frames

Original Theatrical VersionUnrated Director's Cut

After SAM said that they will fly to Xerbia, the DC goes on a little longer: Mike asks where Xerbia is. SAM goes on talking.
7.9 sec.

While SAM talks, Mike is shown longer.
1 sec.

In return, SAM subsequently is shown for 1 additional second in the Theatrical Version.
+1 sec.

Again, SAM is shown a little longer. The shot of Mike reaching for the belt starts a little earlier.
1.5 sec.

The title of the Theatrical Version an the Director's Cut are different. In the DC it says "Mutant".
No difference in time.

Original Theatrical VersionUnrated Director's Cut

When Dr. Gordon Hauser introduces his colleague Barbara Glaser the two of them are shown a little longer. Mike (from off-screen) repeats "genetic synthesis".
1.17 sec.

After Mike muted SAM, Mike and the scientists are shown earlier.
1.23 sec.

Inside the desinfection lock Barbara at the beginning of this sequence says something.
Barbara: "You can get a nice teint here on your day off. Takes about twenty seconds."
Mike asks: "What is this? Microwave?"
6.87 sec.

After Mike asked if there's a risk of getting cancer, the Theatrical Version cuts to the next sequence. In the DC Dr. Hauser replies: "Life here is full of risks."
3.07 sec.

The panning shot over the dead animals inside the lab is longer. The next shot of Mike begins earlier.
3.44 sec.

When the dead animals are shown lying on the floor, the DC starts this scene earlier.
2.4 sec.

After Dr. Timberger said"We created a little monster I'm afraid", Dr. Hauser is shown earlier. He says: "Nothing to get excited about."
1.47 sec.

In the DC there's an additional shot of Jimmy disposing of the carcasses.
14.95 sec.

Jimmy looks at the cocoon a little longer.
1.84 sec.

The cocoon is shown in a close-up shot. Then Jimmy continues disposing of the remains of the animals. Then he goes back to the pane to look at the cocoon again. Again, the cocoon is shown in a close-up shot.
23.82 sec.

The crew can be seen eating longer.
0,5 sec

Brain pouring the red sauce over his food is shown a tiny bit longer.
0,27 sec

Barbara and Earl can be seen longer. The following shot of Brain and Dr Timbergen starts earlier as well.
1,7 sec

Brain and Timbergen longer, then Barbara and Earl earlier.
0,98 sec

Some frames of the scene change are missing.
0,17 sec

Several frames of Brain and Dr Timbergen are missing, the beginning of the shot of Mike is also not included.
0,63 sec

Barbara and Earl can be seen longer.
0,73 sec

The DC continues after Mike says he could not tell a gene from candy. Mike says he was only a headhunter. During this, Hauser and then Barbara and earl can be seen. Dr Hauser explains that Proto-B was the short form of the name of some kind of bacteria. Brain and Dr Timbergen are shown again.
The Theatrical Version starts again when Dr Hauser asks him to get him a file.
12,48 sec

The DC shows Barbara longer during the scene change. However, the start of the next scene is longer in the Theatrical Version, the monitors can be seen longer.
1,67 sec

The Theatrical stops after Hauser says "No predators, no prey". The DC continues with Barbaraís "Until we got here." and shows Hauser and Brain. The Theatrical starts again when Timbergen gets up.
5,77 sec

Mike can be seen longer when he asks whether the other organism was an animal or a plant.
0,7 sec

Hauser looks at Mike longer.
0,73 sec

Hauser turns around to face Brian.
2,37 sec

Hauser yells at Barbara after she told Mike he should ask about what happened to Anni.
1,17 sec

Barbara starts talking about Anni again, but Hauser screamingly tells her to stop. Mike wants to know, however, and asks again.
Barbara: "Anni used to work with me. She was my..."
Hauser: "Shut up!"
Mike: "She did what?"
Hauser: "I explain all this when the time is right."
Mike: "She did what?"
8,54 sec

Brain can be seen a bit longer
Mike: "What in the hell is going on around here?"
Hauser: "Now I suppose you think we're up to something evil, is that it Commander?"
Mike: "Evil? Hell no, I think you're crazy. I think this is a madhouse."
15,05 sec

Dr. Timbergen says more when he is examining Jimmy.
Dr. Timbergen: "Braindeath. There is no doubt about it."
3,24 sec

When Earl is entering the Green House i order to look for the creature, the camera pans from the floor to the plants in the Theatrical Version, the DC shows it the other way round.
No difference in time

Hauser can be seen earlier when he says Mike and Earl should continue searching. 0,43 sec

Mike can be seen earlier when he sees Barbara wearing almost nothing.
0,5 sec

The DC features an additional shot of Earl going through the corridor.
2,64 sec

Now, the Theatrical Versions shows the aforementioned shot (though a bit shorter; 2,54 sec). The DC shows more shots of Earl walking and looking around. In between, a few frames of Mikeís and Barbaraís bed scene can be seen. Earl continues to walk down the corridor.
(10,78 sec)
8,24 sec

Theatrical VersionUnrated Director's Cut

The Theatrical Version is a bit longer at the DCís reel change. +0,63 sec

Mike tells Tracy how beautiful she was, this is a tiny bit longer in the DC.
0,37 sec

Mike can be seen earlier after Tracyís derogatory reaction.
0,83 sec

Mike smiles at Tracy longer after he said that he has had a rough night.
0,4 sec

The osmosis can be seen longer. Timbergen tells Sarah that all made sense now. The rest of his monologue is included in the Thearical Version as well, featuring alternative shots. He can be seen while getting up. In the DC, he leaves the picture while talking.
8,7 sec

Theatrical VersionUnrated Director's Cut

Barbara: "That's why it kept him alive."
Timbergen coughs and agrees.
5,84 sec

When Mike and the others shoot at the creature in the mountains, Hauser gets into their way and tells them to stop because they could not learn anything about it otherwise and everything would have been in vain. Earl drags him out of the line of sight. The Theatrical starts again when Sam fires.
14,11 sec

The creature on the outer wall of the building can be seen a bit longer.
0,5 sec

Tracy is watching the action on the monitors for a longer time.
0,23 sec

Mike and Brain are looking longer into the hole in which the monster has dragged Hauser.
3,84 sec

While Timbergen explains the monsterís course of action, the DC features an alternative shot of Tracy instead of the Theatricalís view of Mike and Barbara. Then, Mike and Barbara can be seen in the DC after Timbergen has spoken.
The beginning of the next scene is longer in the DC. The creature can be seen in the background.
Tracy: "You mean it's geneticly altering us?"
Timbergen: "Yes, in order to establish a simple, staple, inexhaustible food supply."
The Theatrical Versions starts again when Tracy is getting up. 10,84 sec

Theatrical VersionUnrated Director's Cut

After Hauser attacked Tracy and collapsed afterwards, the Theatrical Version stops. Timbergen gets closer to him and says:: "It happend again. The same damn thing. You see what that stuff does? Metamorphoses. It turns him into a piece of protein." (Sentences in bold can only be heard in the DC.)
8,8 sec

After Timbergen said that the experiment cilled Anni, the DC continues and he explains how dangerous the experiment had been.
10,87 sec

The Theatrical Version is a tiny bit longer during the scene change.
+0,5 sec

Reel change in the DC, Theatrical Version ergo longer again.
+1,4 sec

The DC starts earlier when Barabara is lying dead on the floor and we can see Tracy running towards her. The Theatrical Version starts with Tracy already kneeling besides her.
1,87 sec

Brian and Mike can be seen longer when Brian approaches the creature.
2,04 sec

Mike gives an reply in the DC after Timbergen told him that he can infect the monster with a mutated cancerous ulcer.
2,74 sec

Brian trying to repair the short circuit can be seen a bit earlier in the DC.
1,57 sec

Moke puts a cigarette into Timbergenís mouth and lights it. The Theatrical starts when Timbergen asks about Tracy.
7,94 sec

Mike cuts Timbergenís belly longer. Timbergen is screaming in agony.
7,64 sec

Tracy is running screaming through the corridors in an additional shot.
2,27 sec

Timbergen is shown earlier when he tells Mike where the liver is.
3,17 sec

Timbergen asks whether Mike could feel the liver. Mike confirms, Timbergen can be seen again.
6,27 sec

Mike still has his hand in Timbergen's belly wound. Timbergen is screaming, Mike can be seen in a close-up.
4,6 sec

The first shot of Tracy in the disinfection chamber can only be seen in the DC. She can be seen from an aerial view, hammering against the door.
2,7 sec

The beginning of Mike removing the tumor is missing in the Theatrical Version.
0,83 sec

The end of the shot (Mike holding the tumor in his hand) is missing as well.
2,04 sec

Mike says Timbergen's name after he died before the Theatrical starts again.
1,5 sec

The monster is vomiting in an additional shot.
1,23 sec

Hier ebenso.
1,47 sec

An additional shot shows the monster dissolving. Then Mike and Tracy are shown.
5,03 sec

The DC shows three short scenes a second time while the monster keeps on falling apart.
2,57 sec

The black screen can be seen longer.
0,33 sec

Fast-paced flashbacks are shown. The two versions use different material. The Theatrical Version shows Mike and SAM in the elevator. (+1,7 sec)
The DC shows the crew eating, then Mike, Hauser and the monster dissolving further. Then the DC shows Frames of Timbergen and the corpse, the cocoon and Hauser in the chamber. Tracy is shown at last (no picture because it is too dark). (8,2 sec)
6,5 sec

Theatrical VersionUnrated Director's Cut

At this point it is only the Director's Cut that shows additional flashbacks. Between those the monster and Mike and Tracy can be seen (the pictures show a selection of those).
21,22 sec

The DC features some pictures of Mike and SAM in the elevator.
7,34 sec

Te pictures of Timbergen are different.
No difference in time

Theatrical VersionUnrated Director's Cut

Only the Theatrical Version features a few frames of Jimmy with the parasite sitting on his face. Some black frames follow.
+0,37 sec