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  • Original Version
  • Restored Version
Release: Oct 13, 2011 - Author: Playzocker - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Original Version and the Restored Version, both availbale on the German DVD by Kinowelt.

Please note: both version contains film tears, jumpcuts etc. All those below 0.5 sec aren't being mentioned and also the reason for the additional difference in running times.
Running time Uncut English Version incl. the credits: 29.54 min (PAL)
Running time Shortened English Version incl. the credits: 20.55 min (PAL)
The time index has been taken from the German Version.
The Uncut English Version lacks the MGM logo.
+7.72 sec

19.42 The versions end differently.
Shortened English Version:
Extended shot of Stan and Olli getting their robes. Then the landlord plus Stan and Olli leaving the hotel.
Landlord: "Come on. Get out of here and make it snapping!"
Unfortunetely, a cop tacks a quarantine warning at the door at the very same moment when the landlord opens the door for them.
Cop (to Stan and Olli): "Wait a minute. This house is under quarantine."
Shot of the quarantine seal.
Cop: "No one can leave here for two months."
Landlord: "Two months?"
Cop: "Two months!"
Landlord: "This is more than I can stand."
The landlord returns to his appartment. Gunfire is audible. Gloomy music begins to play, the three remaing men take off their hats. Stan and Olli are on their way to the door but the cop shuts it.
The "The End" textbox appears.
64.52 sec

Uncut English Version: (No listed dialog due to the length of the scene)
The Uncut English Version stops down earlier when Stan and Olli get their robes. A black screen follows. Then Stan and Olli again, they're packing their stuff. After a short conversation about Olli's bad shape, the landlord comes along with a letter for Stan. Stan opens it. It says he was universal heir of his late uncle. But there's condition: Stan has to end the friendship with Olli. According to the will, Olli is the reason for Stan's bad shape. Stan looks at the check - $1000. The landlord says bye and leaves the room. Stan thinks about what's in the letter and tries to hide it from Olli. Olli laughs and asks "What's that?" but Stan simply replies "A letter". He says it was a letter for a friend. Stan goes into another corner of the room and readds the letter again. Olli goes to Stan and Stan puts the letter away. Olli keeps asking but he doesn't an acceptable reply. He's not allowed to read the letter either because it's private. Olli is upset about Stan's behavior. He says no one could accuse him of having held sth. back from his friends. He suddenly says it wasn't a big deal for him because if it was private it was private but then he starts singing a song about the end of their friendship, the roots of hatred and that it's too late to apologize even if Stan was sorry. Stan starts to rethink the entire situation and passes him the letter but he replies a Hardy would never read someone else's mail. But when Stan intends to leave, he takes it anyway. He's happy for Stan. Well, at least he likes the part with the money but he doesn't like the part about "ending the friendship with Olli". Now he says he knew why Stan hadn't had any intention to let him read the letter. Now Stan fells blue as well. Olli advices Stan to leave and wishes him luck. But he doesn't look very enthusiastic about it either. When Stan wants to leave with the dog, Olli gets the dog and says Stan couldn't anything he wanted and he (Olli) was going to be lonely enough without him (Stan). Being outside, Stan tears the letter apart and returns to Olli. When Olli thanks him for not leaving, Stan explains he didn't want to leave his dog. Olli doesn't look very pleased about that explanation. He starts throwing some stuff around. Then the "The End" textbox and that's it.
612.52 sec

Difference: 548 sec