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Release: Oct 18, 2010 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Muddi - external link: IMDB
The character of MacGruber has his origins in the famous TV show Saturday Night Live where comedian Will Forte has been playing the (prone to failure) counterpart to MacGyver (who is supposed to be MacGruber's father) in numerous performances since 2007. This supposedly has been so successful that a feature film was made in 2010 that not only starred several SNL faces like Forte, Maya Rudolph, and Kristen Wiig, but also well-known actors like Ryan Phillipe and Val Kilmer. However, this parody sort of failed at the box office and didn't even manage to cover its production costs of 10 million dollars. Release dates for other countries are not known yet, as well as the forms of releases (theatrical and/or DVD/Blu-ray) outside the United States.

The theatrical version was given an R-rating by the MPAA (for strong crude and sexual content, violence, language and some nudity) which is not surprising at all considering the numerous sex jokes. In terms of violence, although the film is never to be taken seriously, there are some intense moments like bloody shoot-outs or when the protagonist is using his 'Special Move' which consists of quite graphically tearing his opponent's throat out.

As the theatrical version already is quite gratuitous in those terms, the unrated version which is available on the movie's DVD and Blu-ray mainly offers extended scenes which contain additional dialog and some new jokes which are not really essential for the story to move on.

We compared the theatrical version (R-rated) with the unrated version (both available on the US-DVD)

24 differences, which are
12 extended scenes
7 extended scenes with alternative material
3 additional scenes
2 scenes with alternative material

The unrated version runs 348.56 secs. Or ca. 5 minutes 49 seconds longer than the theatrical version.
Additional scene
0:09:35: MacGruber opens a secret compartment in the coffin with a numerical code and retrieves a keyring from it.
18.88 secs.

Extended scene
0:10:46: When Piper mentions that Von Cunth is untouchable, MacGruber says in the unrated version: 'Oh, I'll touch him, Rookie. I'll touch him wherever I want.'
4.64 secs.

Extended scene
0:17:46: MacGruber's team is yelling 'Fuck the brass! Fuck the brass!'. This can still be heard in the following shot of walking MacGruber, even in the theatrical version.
1.84 secs.

Alternative material
UR: 0:18:09: In the two versions, MacGruber's comeback is different.

Theatrical version: 'Oh, my face is a vagina. I bet your nose was a dick so you could have sex with my face vagina.'

Unrated: 'So, my face is a vagina, huh? Well, I bet your nose was a dick so you could use it to fuck butts.'
The unrated version runs 2.12 secs. longer

Extended scene with alternative material
UR: 0:18:40: This is basically a mere prolonged scene in the unrated version. Only to maintain continuity, the R-rated version contains a short alternative shot (not pictured below).

'So, MacGruber. We understand you recruited quite a team.'
MacGruber: 'Quite a team? Yeah, you could say that. Frank Korver, Tanker Lutz, Tud Beemer, Tug Phelps, Vernon Freedom, wah? I'd say it's a pretty good team.'
22.04 secs.

Extended scene
0:20:21: The conversation between MacGruber and Col. Faith lasts a bit longer in the unrated version. MacGruber says that the day were an asshole.

Col. Faith: 'I know. It's just that their kids were there.'
MacGruber: 'They left.'
Col. Faith: 'Because of your use of heavy language.'
7.84 secs.

Alternative material
UR: 0:20:28: When Col. Faith gets up, you can see him getting up from the chair a bit longer in the theatrical version. The cause for this can be found in the unrated version. There, MacGruber says: 'Well, fuck 'em.'
0.6 secs.

Extended scene with alternative material
0:26:23: MacGruber spells out his name. In the theatrical version, he doesn't do that, but yells 'Remember that name!' before throwing the mic through the window. In the unrated version, he utters it more calmly and doesn't start yelling until the last two characters of his name.

MacGruber: 'Capital M, a, c, capital G, r, u, b, e, r!!!'

There are some slightly different shots when MacGruber throws the mic through the window.
7.88 secs.

Extended scene with alternative material
0:28:27: Von Cunth indicates in the unrated version that MacGruber had already foiled his schemes in the past. Here, too, there is a slightly different angle used when Von Cunth produces the picture (the theatrical version is not pictured here) as well as a different shot of Constantine.

Von Cunth: 'Let me ask you a question. Uh, do you remember the assassination of president Jimmy Carter?'
Constantine: 'No, sir, but, that never happened.'
Von Cunth: 'No, it didn't.'
9.16 secs.

Extended scene
0:34:09: MacGruber lowers his concerns about Vicki in a sort of humorous way in the unrated version.

MacGruber: 'I mean, I only have, like, two of these vests, so if either of them got shot, that would be a real bummer for me. They may not be expensive but they're really hard to find.'
Vicki: 'I got it.'
10.64 secs.

Extended scene
38:05: MacGruber gives some more orders to Vicki via walkie-talkie.

Vicki: 'Okay.'
MacGruber: 'Okay, I think I see you through the window. Now, just walk on in here and, I don't know, fingers crossed. It's so exciting!'
13.44 secs.

Extended scene
0:41:09: One additional joke in the unrated version.

Vicki: 'So, Cunth is having a party?'
MacGruber: 'Yeah. He is. And guess who just made the guest list........Guess who just made the guest list.'
Vicki: 'Us?'
MacGruber: 'Yes.'
19.64 secs.

Extended scene with alternative material
0:44:22: MacGruber is busy giving orders to Vicki a bit longer.

MacGruber: 'Now, that's the guy I want you to check out. He's teeming with intel.'
Vicki: 'What?'
MacGruber: 'Follow that guy and that is an order. And stay away from that guy who I actually would describe as *ugly* and that is another order. So, two orders.'

When MacGruber asks Piper via radio whether Cunth's whereabouts are known, you can see him from different angles in the two versions (however not important enough for picturing).
16.96 secs.

Extended scene
0:44:40: Due to continuity reasons, in the R-rated version this little scene is missing where MacGruber once again refers to his orders from shortly before.

MacGruber: 'On my way. That guy.'

Vicki is slowly approaching her target.
10.6 secs.

Extended scene with alternative material
0:46:06: MacGruber and Von Cunth are battling each other in dialog.

MacGruber: 'Where's the fucking warhead?'
Von Cunth: 'Well, what would I want with a nuclear warhead?'
MacGruber: 'Haha, I never said it was nuclear.'
Von Cunth: 'Oh, that's right, because most warheads are filled with air.'

When MacGruber is talking about his meeting with Zeke, there is a different shot of him in the unrated than in the theatrical version.
12.72 secs.

Extended scene
0:47:16: Von Cunth adds to his statement that he doesn't know anything about any warheads in the unrated version: 'Nuclear or otherwise.'
1.8 secs.

Additional scene
0:48:47: Von Cunth is angry about MacGruber's appearing and makes a quite creative example of one of his henchmen.

Von Cunth: 'First of all, great party, let's get that out of the way. I loved the music, I loved the dancing, the sushi - excellent and I particularly enjoyed being humiliated by MacGruber in front of my daughter and all my guests. By the way, does anyone know how he got in?'
Jeff: 'He walked in the front door, Sir.'
Von Cunth: 'He walked in the front door. I imagined it'd be a more complicated explanation than that.'
Jeff: 'Sorry, Sir.'
Von Cunth: 'Jeff, there's no need to apologize. I appreciate your honesty. Would you move a bit to your left, please?'
Jeff: 'Sir.'
Von Cunth: 'Great.'

Von Cunth draws a pistol and executes Jeff via head-shot in cold blood, thus accidentally creating a work of art on the canvas behind Jeff, whose blood is spattering on it.

Von Cunth: 'Anyone else feel it would be honest? Great. Hang that in the foyer and go kill MacGruber.'

The theatrical version, in exchange, exclusively offers an outside view of the Pentagon with on-screen text..
48.88 secs.

Extended scene
0:50:52: MacGruber says: 'I have a feeling in my gut.'
1.84 secs.

Extended scene
0:53:33: MacGruber continues his apology in the unrated version.

MacGruber: 'I mean, I'm fucking MacGruber.'
7.8 secs.

Extended scene with alternative material
0:54:50: At this point, two different takes were used in the two versions, but actually very little is additional in the unrated version (bold).

MacGruber: 'Okay, you're blowing this out of proportion. And thanks!'
0.8 secs.

Extended scene with alternative material
UR: 1:01:49: The second sex scene between MacGruber and his wife at the cemeteryruns a bit longer in the unrated version. Although MacGruber is grunting like a berserk in the theatrical version as well, the unrated version can offer a view of his bare butt (which hasn't been an issue in the theatrical version earlier) and some more dirty talk.
Casey: 'I'm gonna shoot, too.'
MacGruber: 'Let's shoot together.'
The unrated version runs 22.4 secs. longer

Extended scene with alternative material
UR: 1:02:41: You can see MacGruber buttoning his pants. He turns around and says: 'Oh, and Casey.... Thanks.', but she is already gone. He picks up his stuff from the ground and takes his radio from the tombstone. In the theatrical version, however, he pulls his head from the picture in a different shot and none of the aforementioned can be seen.
16.08 secs.

Additional scene
1:10:19: A typical scene for an unrated version. The content is not relevant for the story and sort of situation comedy. MacGruber tells Piper about his making out with Vicky and afterwards, there is a discussion about his lines.

MacGruber: 'And then I told her: 'not for long' and then we rammed.'
Piper: 'You what?'
MacGruber: 'Yeah, I humped her. I don't wanna use the F-word cause I don't want to diminish its beauty in any way. But it was fucking great and I've never felt that way about a bone session before.'
Piper: 'Yeah, sounds really special. This looks like the main duct. We should be right underneath the control room.'
MacGruber: 'Oh yeah.'
Piper: 'You ready?'
MacGruber: 'Time to go pound some Cunth.'
Piper: 'Yeah...'
MacGruber: 'What?'
Piper: 'Nothing...'
MacGruber: 'Nooo, what?'
Piper: 'It's just...I've noticed you say that line all the time.'
MacGruber: 'It's a good line.'
Piper: 'Is it?'
MacGruber: 'Yeah, I know good lines. I am really good with them, I work them up and I even have a line for after I defeat Cunth.'
Piper: 'Great.'
MacGruber: 'Practiced it in a mirror...It's ready to go.'
Piper: 'Can't wait to hear it.'
MacGruber: 'Yeah, you'll hear it, haha, you'll know. I'll look at you and yeah you'll know.'
Piper: 'Should we get going?'
MacGruber: 'Okay.'
Piper: 'Okay.'
MacGruber: 'Oh, I can go? You go. You go.'
71.56 secs.

Extended scene
1:20:11: MacGruber threatens Von Cunth another time and the two of them are once more fighting in dialog.

Von Cunth: 'You punch like a little girl.'
MacGruber: 'Well, you're gonna walk around like a little girl. 'Cause after I disarmed this nuke I'm gonna cut off your dick and--'
Von Cunth: '...shove it in my mouth. You're like a broken record.'
MacGruber: 'The only record I'm gonna break is the amount-of-your-own-dick-in-your-mouth-record.'
18.4 secs.