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  • Theatrical Version / European DVD
  • US DVD Version
Release: Jun 04, 2011 - Author: Playzocker - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the German DVD released by Warner Bros. (=European DVD Version / worldwide theatrical Version) and the Korean DVD (= US DVD Version).

According to IMDb, the German/European version which was released on DVD and VHS in fact is the regular Theatrical version (which also hit the theatres in the USA). Apparently, the Korean DVD is identical to the US DVD version which was re-cut for its release. There are even more additions to the movie that won't be mentioned in this report (e.g. in the American TV version).

There's 1 cut resulting in a difference in time of 59 seconds.
Runtime of the uncut version (including credits): 1:26.56 min (NTSC).
Runtime of the shortened version (including credits): 1:22.26 min (PAL).
Die Laufzeitangaben stammen von der deutschen Fassung.
The Korean DVD does not include the Warner Bros. logo.
10 Sec

German DVD:
Inside the pool Ace pulls up a blanket and goes to the filter which he unscrews.
approx. 14 seconds

Korean DVD
Roger tries to drive the reporters off a little longer.
Ace (with a German accent): "How can I get the work done mit all the shouting? What`s wrong mit ze shouting?"
Reporter: "Who the hell is that?"
Melinda: "That`s, uhm..."
Ace jumps out of the pool and goes to the reporters.
Ace: "Heinz Gezwellwert. I`m trainer of dolphins. You want to talk to the dolphin? You talk to me!"
Reporter: "What happened to the regular trainer?"
Ace: "Vhat happened to him? Vhat happened to me?! It`s seven years I`m making the grade. We are making the dolphins disappear, and then Roy is coming mit the vhite tiger und the stuffing in the pants und I`m gone."
Reporterin: "Where is Snowflake?"
Ace: "Why do you care about Snowflake? Do you know him? Does he call you at home? Do you have a dorsal fin? To train the dolphin, you must think like the dolphin! You must be getting unside the dolphins head and communicating. I`m saying to Snowflake (makes some dolphin sounds) und he`s saying (some more dolphin sounds). Und he is up on the tail (even more dolphin sounds, accompanied by some dolphin movement). Und you can quote him!"
Ace spits on the floor and moves on.
Roger: "All right, it`s just about time for Coach Shula`s press conference. So why don`t I take you folks over that way and let Heinz..."
Ace: "Go to the conference. Go to it!"
73.33 Sec

approx. 59 Sec difference