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The Last of Us


Scream 6






  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Jan 10, 2010 - Author: Herr Koemmlich - Translator: Sakaro - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the British DVD (Theatrical Cut; BBFC 12) and the US DVD (Extended Cut; R-Rated)

The original Theatrical Cut was given an PG-13 rating in the US. The Extended Cut from the US DVD only got an R rating. This was probably due to the "indecent" scenes that were added. Europeans won't find any of those provocative, though. Furthermore, they do not improve the quality of the movie. Having said that, the music used in the movie is brilliant.
Running time of the Theatrical Cut: 1:48:46 min. incl. credits
Running time of the Extended Cut: 1:56:56 min. incl. credits
Censored scenes: 9
Alternative scenes: 5
Running time of the new material: 241 sec.
Due to the Pal speed up the Theatrical Cut is shorter on the British DVD.
00:00 Min.
The MGM logo is missing.
0 sec.

20:24 min.
Woody Harrelson (as Roy Munson) buys a cup of coffee in a drug store. He pays and talks to the sales clerk.
Roy: "Well, what do you call that in the cooler?"
Sales clerk : "Well, if you want to buy some, help yourself but the freebies are all out"
Roy: "Buy some? What, I gotta pay for mustard if i get a hotdog?" Sales clerk: "If the freebies are out, yeah."
Now, Roy asks: "Can you break a 20?"
Then, he puts a folded 20$ bill on the counter and wants one more pack of cigarettes, "Oh, and give me a box of Marlboros."
The sales clerk turns away from Roy in order to get the cigarettes. Roy uses that opportunity to cheat on the sales clerk. (He had placed a 1$ bill under the 20$ bill before and now removes the 20$ bill) In order to distract the sales clerk, Roy says: "Do i gotta pay for matches?" Roy: "If you ever need to just talk, call me". Now, Roy is shown walking down the street with the cup of coffee in his hand. There, he sees a woman with a baby buggy and hollers at her: Hey, whoa.
60 sec.

Direct comparison between the UK and US DVD
19:24 min.

Here, the scene was changed a little. After the cross fading, we see Roy walking down the street with his cup of coffee. But now, he drinks from it and starts running toward the woman without saying anything. The brown van has a different position as well.
0 sec.

21:51 min.
Now we know why Roy helped the mother. Before this, he had stolen the baby bottle to use the milk for his coffee.
16 sec.

19:53 min.
Here, Lin Shayne (as Roy's landlord) calls for help. If one looks closely, one can see the baby bottle in Roy's left hand.
0 sec.

24:59 min.
Roy's landlord is lying in bed and talks to Roy who is throwing up into the toilet, “Guess it’s all that pumpin“.“Pump and dump“
6 Sek.

25:36 min.
The landlord says to Roy, "So if l were you, l would start doing some tongue exercises before Friday"
31 sec.

29:20 min.
The scene, in which Roy expresses his love for milking cows is slightly longer and the sigh at the end of the scene is different.
0 sec.

30:49 Min.
Roy is chased by a bull.
5 sec.

57:19 min.
The montage is different from the UK DVD. Roy runs to the hotel plaza without trousers. Randy Quaid (as Ishmael Boorg) bungee jumps off a tower crane. Vanessa Angel is watching them. When Ishmael reaches the ground, Roy tries to remove the rope but entangles himself in the safety harness and is catapulted into the sky.
16 sec.

53:29 min.
Almost the same montage but instead of the bungee jumping scene we see Ishmael in a striptease bar. He sits on a chair and dancer is dancing in front of him.
6 sec.

1:05:39 min.
Now, Ishmael goes to the striptease bar. Outside, he takes a look at the sign. We now see the dancer from a different angle. She says to Ishmael, "I sure hope you make enough money out in Reno to save that town of yours." Ishmael thanks her, "Oh, thanks, Miss Tabitha" Then, Richard Tyson (as bartender) goes to them. He asks Ishmael to come outside with him, where he wants to beat Ishmael up. Ishmael begs him not to do that and offers to work for him.
72 sec.

01:10:31 min.
Again, one scene is missing from a montage. Roy is in bed alone, when he turns to the side, one can see his girlfriend.
9 sec.

01:21:09 min.
Roy is in bed gurgling whiskey in his mouth.
0 sec.

01:01:18 min.
Here, only Ishmael is in the bed. He has a bottle of whiskey in his hand and doesn't move.
0 sec.

01:28:03 min.
First, we are given a look at the scoreboard. This is followed by a cut to Roy's and Ishmael's bed. They have a conversation and are given a shower afterwards.
26 sec.

01:21:30 min.
Here, Roy gives a TV interview.
33 Sek.

01:30:16 min.
The interview in the Extended Cut.
33 sec.

01:32:12 min.
The scene where Roy throws up and Ishmael comes to him is slightly shorter.
6 sec.