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artist: Twiztid


  • Clean Version
  • Juggalo Version
Release: Dec 13, 2013 - Author: HuZim MayXX - Translator: HuZim MayXX
»Twiztid« were created in 1997 by Jamie Madrox (Jamie Spaniolo) and The Monoxide Child, or Monox/Monoxide, (Paul Methric) shortly after the group »House of Krazees« disbanded. Jamie Madrox and Monoxide used the names Mr. Bones and Hektic respectively. As a new dynamic duo, Twiztid were first seen in Insane Clown Posse's video »Hocus pocus«, together with Myzery who also signed to Psychopathic Records at the time. Twiztid's second appearance was in Insane Clown Posse's »Another Love Song« where they wore the first version of their deadmen's facepaint. The reason for said facepaint is explained in this video where Jamie Madrox and Monoxide bury Mr. Bones and Hektic, after beating them up and burning them to death. The Clean Version shows almost nothing of this.

Used for this comparison was the Born Twiztid - Beyond the Freekshow DVD (NC-17) from Island/Def Jam, which features both the Clean Version and the Dirty/Juggalo Version as extras. Psychopathic: The Videos (Not Rated) from Psychopathic Records only features the Clean Version, even though it was advertised featuring only uncensored versions. Also none of Twiztid's videos are seen in their uncensored form on the latter DVD.

The changes involve 24 scenes with alternate footage or pixelated weapons.
The audio is also censored in the Clean Version, but this comparison ignores that

A different Countdown is shown. The Clean Version shows it in blood red.

Clean VersionJuggalo Version


Slightly longer blackscreen in the Clean Version.

approx. 1 second

00:10 (00:11)

The curb is clean in the Clean Version, while it is bloody in the Juggalo Version.

Clean VersionJuggalo Version

00:24 (00:25)


Clean VersionJuggalo Version

00:36 (00:37)

Jamie Madrox shows his axe in the Juggalo Version.

Clean VersionJuggalo Version

00:42 (00:43)

The Clean Version shows the cemetary from a top view distance, while the Juggalo Version shows Violent J with his buddy - his axe.

Clean VersionJuggalo Version

00:48 (00:49)

The Clean Version shows the entire group while the Juggalo Version shows Shaggy2Dope implying something with his knife.

Clean VersionJuggalo Version

00:58 (00:59)

Alex Abbiss' axe is pixelated.

Clean VersionJuggalo Version

00:59 (01:00)

Rudy The Rude Boy's axe is pixelated.

Clean VersionJuggalo Version

01:39 (01:40)

The Clean Version shows the group - including Violent J with a not pixelated axe - going to the trunk of the car. Jamie Madrox is shown rapping as well.
The Juggalo Version zooms onto and then inside the trunk of the car, showing an axe and Mr. Bones and Hektic - the latter spits blood.

Clean VersionJuggalo Version

01:49 (01:50)

Deadly weapons are again being pixelated.

Clean VersionJuggalo Version

01:55 (01:56)

The Clean Version shows Blaze ya dead homie digging a grave. In the Juggalo Version, Jamie Madrox and Monoxide are present as well.

Clean VersionJuggalo Version

02:01 (02:02)

The Clean Version puts its focus on Jamie Madrox and Monoxide while the Juggalo Version shows Hektic and Mr. Bones being pulled out of the trunk.

Clean VersionJuggalo Version

02:07 (02:08)

The Juggalo Version sees Mr. Bones and Hektic getting carried longer.

Clean VersionJuggalo Version

02:10 (02:11)

Only the Juggalo Version shows Mr. Bones and Hektic getting thrown in their grave.

Clean VersionJuggalo Version

02:18 (02:19)

The Juggalo Version shows Hektic bleeding from his mouth and Monoxide, implying cigarette or weed consumption.

Clean VersionJuggalo Version

02:22 (02:23)

The Juggalo Version shows Hektic and Mr. Bones getting hit by the dirt that gets shoveled in.

Clean VersionJuggalo Version

02:27 (02:28)

The joint is pixelated in the Clean Version.

Clean VersionJuggalo Version

02:29 (02:30)

The jerrycan is pixelated in the Clean Version. It does not show how Hektic and Mr. Bones are hit by the stream.

Clean VersionJuggalo Version

02:36 (02:37)

While the joint is again pixelated in the Clean Version, the Juggalo Version shows Monoxide taking another hit.

Clean VersionJuggalo Version

02:39 (02:40)


Clean VersionJuggalo Version

02:40 (02:41)

The Clean Version pixelates the joint yet again, but shows the hands in the grave as the joint becomes a cigarette and is thrown into the grave

Clean VersionJuggalo Version

02:53 (02:54)

Alternate footage so that deadly weapons are not seen in the Clean Version - even though a knife is still seen.

Clean VersionJuggalo Version

02:58 (02:59)

The Juggalo Version shows Shaggy2Dope and his knife again.

Clean VersionJuggalo Version

03:01 (03:02)

The joint is pixelated for the few frames it appears again.

Clean VersionJuggalo Version

03:03 (03:04)

More pixelated deadly weapons in the Clean Version.

Clean VersionJuggalo Version

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