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Human Lanterns

original title: Ren Pi Deng Long


  • HK DVD
  • UK DVD
Release: Mar 30, 2010 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Human Lanterns, one of the most notorious but also most beautyful movies by the Shaw Studios was released by IVL in 2003 in an excellent quality but heavily cut version. Recently Momentum Asia released the movie in England in the same version as the HK version. However, this version has a longer runtime of 3 minutes.
In English forums there were lots of discussions about this version to be uncut. Actually just assumptions of scenes which have been cut for the very first cinema release were the result. The base must have been bad scene changes which are anyhow present in Shaw Brothers movies.

The German release by MIB is based on the UK DVD. The comparison - especially on the missing scene - can be easily transferred.

English DVD by Momentum Asia: 94:44 min.
HK DVD by IVL: 90:48 min.

Cuts in the IVL: 211 seconds in 5 cuts
Cuts in the Momentum Asia: 23,5 in 1 cut
HK: 22:36
Chun Fang rips off Yen-chu's clothes and cuts her head with an axe. He moves on to a pot filled with poison and shows it to Yen-chu. She starts screaming and suddenly faints away. Fang jumps around the cavern, comes to the pole with the chained Yen-chu and inserts the poison into her head wound. Afterwards he cuts her shoulder.
76,5 sec

GB: 24:22
Here the English version has been cut: Chun Fang continues pulling of the skin in a close-up and walks around Yen-chu.
23,5 sec

HK: 22:39
Afterwards the HK version lacks two takes in which Fang rips off more skin from her.
18,5 sec

HK: 23:06
Fang shows Yen-chu her ripped-off skin. He moves on to a waterpoint to wash the skin.
13 sec

HK: 63:22
Fang drowns Old Tsui, who just has discovered Fang's secret, in a barrel filled with blood.
20,5 sec

HK: 71:20
Fang rips off the clothes of Lung's wife and starts raping her.
82,5 sec