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Urotsukidoji III - The Return of the Overfiend

original title: Chōjin densetsu Urotsukidōji 3: Kanketsu jigoku hen


  • US Hell on Earth DVD
  • Original OVA Version
Release: Oct 17, 2012 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US DVD from the Hell on Earth-Box released by Central Park Media and the OVA Version, taken from the German DVD released by OVA 18.


The Urotsukidoji series is probably one of the classics of the so-called Hentai-Anime genre, i.e. animes with pornographic scenes. Several hardcore sex scenes were included in the Urotsukidoji movies, however, mostly they are important for the plot or fittingly included in the story; only in the last 2 parts they seem to be rather self purpose than stylistic device. These sex scenes are surrounded by a sophisticated and thrilling - one could even say epic - story, that will stir anime-fans' blood. Additionally, Urotsukidoji was created by Toshio Maeda, one of the pioneers of the "animated tentacle sex".

Also, Urotsukidoji was more violent than anything that you could see in the anime genre back then. There's a lot of blood, exploding bodies, guts flying around, as well as physical and psychological violence (mostly after sexual intercourse). All parts of the series (even though some of them are up to 25 years old) are drawn very well and underline the extreme depiction of action, sex, and violence.


The second sequel of the Urotsukidoji series is made of another four OVA parts. On the German DVD OVA 1+2 and OVA 3+4 are cut together and they're also selectable that way. Either of these two selectable parts begins with a summary of the previous events.
For the US DVD on the other hand, all four OVAs were strung together to one movie. Nevertheless the final credits at the end of the episodes are still in it. At the beginning of OVA 3 and OVA 4, the scenes before the credits of the previous episode are being repeated. Since there are still the credits of the single OVAs in this cut together version it is not accurate to refer to it as movie-version.
However, like with Urotsukidoji I and II a movie-version does exist, too. Like with part one, here various alterations have been made: Frame cuts, missing scenes of plot and it is heavily censored as well. Compared to the four single OVAs it lacks almost 90 minutes of footage. A large part of those 90 minutes are additional recaps and credits. That being subtracted, there's still a difference of approx. 60 minutes. As a result, many characterizations - escpecially of the rebels - aren't even close to be as detailed as they are in the single OVAs. The movie version can be found on the UK Special Edition VHS. However, other releases in different countries are possible as well (but, as mentioned, unlike with Urotsukidoji I and II, this “real” movie version of Urotsukidoji III is not included on the US Hell on Earth DVD Box this time). Since we only have the movie version from the UK Special Edition VHS we can’t tell if it has been additionally censored in order to obtain a BBFC 18 certificate (like with part one, but unlike part 2). The BBFC Database does not list the movie version as well.

In the UK, beside the movie version, the four single OVAs of part three have been released, too. This is the much more common release: In the first place, the four OVAs were released separately on VHS. After that, all four of them were included on the UK DVD from Revelation Films called Urotsukidoji III – The Return of the Overfiend. A comparison between this UK DVD and the single VHS releases of OVA 1 to OVA 4 revealed that both releases contain the same cut version. Most of the removed footage are sex scenes. The cuts on the UK DVD add up to almost 26.5 minutes. However, the UK DVD also contains summaries of the previous events which aren't in the German Version. These summaries sum up to more than 18 minutes.

All versions of Urotsukidoji 3 contain blurred HC scenes. As with part 1 and 2, this already happened before the release in Japan which is why there is again no uncensored version available.

Running times and differences:

Running time US DVD with final credits: 189:44
Running time German DVD with final credits:
Part 1 = OVA 1+2: 105:21
Part 2 = OVA 3+4: 92:50
Amount: 198:11
Both versions run with the same amount of fps.

Total difference: 8 min 27 sec
Time index: US Version / OVA Version

The OVA Version starts with a summary of the previous events, the flashbacks end with a textbox. The US Version starts immediately with the actual movie / OVA 1.
460.71 sec = 7 min 41 sec

The Japanese title is being subtitled in both versions.
no difference

US VersionOVA Version

The US Version contains an additional textbox in English. The OVA Version on the other hand contains the original Japanese writing from the bottom up. The text is being subtitled again.
no difference

US VersionOVA Version

The German DVD links OVA 1 + OVA 2 perfectly while the US Version contains credits after the first episode, followed by a scene which has already popped up in both versions: Kyo-O's resurrection. But there's additional footage in the US Version which wasn't in either of the versions before. But the very same (extended) scene is also part of the flashback at the beginning of OVA 3 on the German DVD. That means this isn't footage which shows up exclusively in either of the versions.
This appears from 5:24 - 7:14 of the second episode on the German DVD.

This additional scene has a length of 286.04 sec including the credits.

Due to the linked episodes OVA 1 + OVA 2 on the German DVD, the shot of Münchhausen is longer in the US Version. Furthermore the title of episode 2 (OVA 2) is being displayed.
+7.88 sec

The German DVD continues the text "Fortsetzung folgt..." (will be continued...) at the end of OVA because OVA 1 + OVA 2 are seperated from OVA 3 + OVA 4.
no difference

US VersionOVA Version

End of OVA 1 + OVA 2 on the German DVD


OVA Version

Before the actual episode OVA 3 starts, the previous events are being summarized in a 12 min sequence. The before-mentioned scene with resurrecting Kyo-O is part of that sequence which means the original footage, that's not in the actual episode, can be watched here. So this is no footage that's exclusively in either of the versions.
At the end of the flashback, the German title is being displayed.
710.37 sec = 11 min 50 sec

US Version

After the Japanese credits of OVA 2, the US Version goes on with English credits. After that, the title of the third episode (OVA 3) is being displayed.
+69.9 sec

The US Version of OVA 3 ends with Japanese and English credits. Then a repitition of the last scenes (Alector gets raped) before the credits. Caesar comes in, transforms and hovers over the rapists' heads. Finally the title of episode 4 (OVA 4) is being displayed.
+375.25 sec = 6 min 15 sec

The Japanese credits are different in either of the versions. Moreover, the English credits follow in the US Version. The credits on the German DVD are longer.
74.7 sec