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Evil That Men Do, The


  • UK DVD (BBFC 18)
  • R-Rated
Release: Jul 06, 2009 - Author: Baumbeutelbaer - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
This Film marks an exception. The British DVD is based on an Unrated version but additionally has been cut by the BBFC. Usually this DVD has to be compared to a completely uncensored Unrated version. Since I do not own it and the existence of any Unrated version is questionable to begin with, respectively, I compared the UK DVD to the known R-Rated DVD. Hence it is possible that this report is not complete (it might miss material removed by the BBFC). This is very probable since the BBFC lists cuts with an added time of 62 seconds (52 for theatrical release + 10 more for the DVD) and I only count a difference of 48 seconds. The 14 missing seconds could be censored Unrated material. It is also possible that the described passages of this report are looking differently in the "Unrated version"...
If I ever get my hands on a completely "Unrated" version this report will be updated immediately.

It's not usual to publish known incomplete censorship reports but since in this case the existence of a complete version is questionable I decided to do it anyways.

Compared to the R-Rated DVD 14 cuts with an added duration of 48,3 Sec. have been made. The remaining difference results from different logos in the beginning and a small film tear as well as longer black screen at the end of the R-Rated DVD.

Runtime of the UK DVD w/ credits: 85:20 Min.
Runtime of the German DVD w/ credits: 86:38 Min.

Time specifications refer to the UK DVD.

The UK DVD misses the TriStar logo...

...and the logo text panels differ:


Up until this point the R-Rated runs 23,92 Sec. longer.

Molloch and his helper apply electrodes to the guy who's about to be tortured (observe where!).
6,68 Sec.

More footage of the man being electrocuted. He screams in pain. A third man tapes this.
6,4 Sec.

The tortured guy cries in agony. The following shot of the driveway has been shortened because the cry is still audible.
6,8 Sec.

The guy is hanging motionless and blood-smeared in his harness. Then Molloch has another wave of electricity run through him and the poor guy starts to scream and writh in pain again.
10 Sec.

Another part of the electrocution is missing. Molloch increases the power. The guy shakes heavier and spits blood.
4,24 Sec.

The guy keeps screaming and shaking but his movements slowly fade.
3,6 Sec.

During the bar fight Charly grabs the guy's crotch in a close-up.
0,68 Sec.

A tracking shot around the two brawlers is missing. Bronson has his foot on another man's throat while his hand stil grabs the crotch of the guy.
2,24 Sec.

Now Bronson has both hands at the private parts of his opponent. He twists them, making it hard to watch.
2,52 Sec.

Another close-up is missing.
1,88 Sec.

Film tear: five frames of a shot of Molloch are missing.
0,2 Sec.

The bad guy gets up again. Bronson shoots him in the head with the shotgun. The hit is missing.
0,48 Sec.

The shot of the dead has been shortened.
2,6 Sec.