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original title: Joe... cercati un posto per morire!


  • US DVD
  • German TV Version
Release: Aug 16, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: matze_hg - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US-DVD by VCI and a version shown on a minor German TV channel.

Mediocre Spaghetti Western with a storyline as follows: A woman hires a local gunslinger along some other shady figures to save her husband who is trapped in a collapsed gold mine. Their shared greed for gold lets them stick together; however, as the bandit Chato enters the stage, the situation changes.

Both versions are missing some scenes at different places. The image quality of the US-DVD is considerably bad and could be due to its usage as the master version of an old film reel. All missing scenes in the US version are attributable to the worn out master version. The German version misses some violent scenes instead.
Interestingly enough the German version includes faulty shots, leading to the result that the actors’ heads are missing in some scenes.

Example for the faulty shots of the German version.

The US version has some more minor film tears (< 3 sec.) missing in this report. Passages marked red are included in the German version, but are missing in the US one. Passages marked blue are missing in the German version, but are featured in the US one.

US-DVD: 87:47 min. (NTSC)
GV: 84:31 min. (PAL)

Comparison of image quality:




Directly after the opening credits the camera turns to the old hut. This is followed by a panning-shot of the surrounding landscape, distant shots can be heard.

19 sec.


Film tear

Lisa: "Now we have lost everything."

5 sec.


Juanita collects a few coins and puts them in her garter.

She approaches Ringo and asks him:
Juanita: "Won’t you give me anything?"

Ringo just takes another gulp from his glass.

20 sec.


Lisa can be seen a bit earlier.

7 sec.


Ringo beats up some bandits, but takes some damage in process.

9 sec.


The love scene between Paco and Juanita continues, both are lying and bed and kiss.

33 sec.


The group rides through the river a little longer.

6 sec.


Lisa approaches the river bank.

This cut features some shots of Ringo and Fernando brawling in the river.

26 sec.


Ringo is shown for a longer period of time; this is followed by a shot of Ringo and Lisa.

In the US version the dialogue of Ringo was simply copied into the following scene.
8 sec.


This scene starts earlier with Ringo riding to Riley.

5 sec.


Ringo, Paco und Fernando dart at Riley and the bandits. Paco kicks him repeatedly and asks him about the whereabouts of Chato.

20 sec.


Gomez shoots Riley, who falls to the ground.

4 sec.


The US version features a freeze frame displaying “The End“. In the German version Ringo and Lisa keep riding towards the horizon, while “Fine” is being faded in.



US: 10 sec.
GV: 39 sec.

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