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The Burning

The Covenant

The Pope’s Exorcist

The Truman Show

So I Married An Axe Murderer

The Last of Us

The Bad Touch

artist: Bloodhound Gang


  • Clean Version
  • Explicit Version
Release: Mar 15, 2016 - Author: FishezzZ - Translator: Tony Montana

Compared are the Clean Version and the Explicit Version.

The main problem with this video appeared to be the reenactment of several positions and playing with excrements at the end of the video. The song itself remains unchanged and is a cult hit song in both video versions.

Length Explicit Version: 04:15
Length Clean Version: 04:04

Time index refers to the "Explicit Version".

Number of alterations: 4
Time index: 00:00 bis 00:07

The starts entirely different. Some parts have been completely replaced, others have been recut.

Time index: 02:33 bis 02:35

The shot of the anal position has been removed. Worth mentioning is the fact that the very same movement is in both versions later on.

Time index: 03:43 bis 03:44

Pushing has been removed here. In the Clean Version, the shot of the driving car is longer.

Time index: 03:47 bis Ende

Pushing does not get rewarded here either. Furthermore, the versions continue differently from this point on. While the little guy steps in front of a car which is the beginning of the end, there is more "pushing" in the Explicit Version.