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Release: Mar 31, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version and the Unrated Version (both included on the Universal Blu-ray)

- 10 alterations, 4 of which include alternative footage
- Difference: 204.5 sec (= 3:25 min)

The Movie

Everybody has to deal with the struggles of growing older and after this issue has already been thematized more or less in his former works, Judd Apatow now uses it as main theme for his new movie. Additionally to leading actor Paul Rudd, it also features Leslie Mann, Apatow's wife, and his kids. The movie's a sort-of spin-off of Knocked Up, in which this couple already appeared.

The fact that Rudd and the Apatow family have been friends for years shows in the on-screen chemistry, which works pretty good, as do the cameos of, for example, Jason Segel or John Lithgow. So what remains is the same old point of criticism with Apatow: the running time. 134 minutes in the Theatrical Version are as usual a bit too long for the rather simple plot. But nice punch lines, interesting characters and the noticeably personal atmosphere really make up for that in this case.

The Versions

Also nothing new with Apatow's productions: the obligatory longer version for the home theaters. It's not 100% sure, but it seems that the DVD will only contain the theatrical version, which means the unrated is Blu-ray exclusive.
Fortunately, they didn't make it all too much longer; the unrated just runs about 3 and a half minutes longer. But right at the beginning it contains a longer alternative scene where some stuff was removed for the theatrical version. Moreover, there's a little bit more additional footage than the difference in running time suggests.

The additional stuff is as usual nothing which would have been too much for the MPAA to give an R-rating to the theatrical version. Nevertheless, there are some nice jokes which really spice up this version. Those who liked the theatrical version of the movie will also have fun with the unrated version, but it doesn't offer existentially important new stuff, so the theatrical version would probably suffice.

Running time indications are in the order Theatrical Version / Unrated.
01:26-02:00 / 01:26-02:38

A longer alternative part at the beginning in which Pete has some problems explaining himself. The ending of the conversation is different, before the title is displayed.

In the Theatrical Version, the two stay in the living room and just talk about using Viagra in general.

Debbie: "Where did you get this?"
Pete: "I got it from Barry."
Debbie: "What? You got it from Barry?"
Pete: "Why do you care? This is my dick we're talking about. Not yours."
Debbie: "We are young people. We don't need medication to have sex."
Pete: "I only took it because it's your birthday. I thought you'd like it. Happy fucking 40th birthday."
Debbie: "I am not 40. And I don't want to have a husband who has to take Viagra to get a hard-on."
Pete: "I don't have to take it every time, but once in a while."
Debbie: "Fuck 40. Forty can suck my dick."

In the Unrated, they go into the bed room and keep talking about from where he got the Viagra and also about his health problems.

Pete: "Come on. You were liking it."
Debbie leaves the room: "Forget it. Forget it."
Pete: "Debbie, come on. All right, you know what? I'll be honest with you. Lately, my penis hasn't been getting as hard as it used to, all right? And it's kind of freaked me out. I don't know whether or not it's because I'm getting older or I'm losing testosterone."
Debbie: "No, it's what I told you. Your artery to your heart is clogged because you eat so much junk food, and you have high cholesterol, and that is directly related to your penis vein."
Pete: "My 'penis vein'? Where'd you get my penis vein?"
Debbie: "There was a whole Dr. Oz about it."
Pete: "Cholesterol is not clogging my penis vein. Maybe I can't get a hard-on fully because, you know, I keep my phone in my front pocket, and it's radiating my balls. I'll give you that. That makes sense."
Debbie: "Where'd you even get it from?"
Pete: "A very safe and reputable farmacia."
Debbie guesses: "Mexico? Mexico..."
Pete opens the towel: "Look at this. You want that to go to waste? Looks like a plant trying to reach the sun."
Debbie: "Okay, well... I'll do it for 10 minutes, but you have to figure out what to do with the other four hours."

Unrated 38.2 sec longer

14:35 / 15:12-15:18

Before Debbie asks skeptically why she doesn't smell anything, she says in the unrated: "You want me to hook up cable in here or something? You need DirecTV?"
Pete answers: "Well, it's probably too late for this dump, but if you could do that for the next one, I'd be psyched."

6.5 sec

15:42-15:43 / 16:26-16:29

Graham Parker is shown longer on the stage in the unrated.
The following shot of Pete and Debbie starts slightly earlier in the theatrical version (no pictures).

Unrated 2.3 sec longer

15:48-15:54 / 16:34-16:38

Alternative, although quite similar shot of Graham. After that, Pete and Debbie earlier in the Theatrical Version.

Theatrical Version 2.3 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

16:12 / 16:56-17:00

Graham longer one last time.

3.8 sec

16:19-16:20 / 17:07-17:23

In the Theatrical Version, Debbie immediately answers in a frontal shot to Pete's question what kind of music she likes with "I like Lady Gaga."

She says in the Unrated: "I like happy music that you can dance to."
Pete answers: "Yeah, but when you listen to a song where somebody's singing about something depressing, don't you relate to it?"
Debbie: "No."
Pete: "It makes you feel the same as they... It makes you feel you're a part of the human race."
Debbie: "I don't feel like that."
Shown from a different perspective, she also adds here: "I like Lady Gaga."

Unrated 14.7 sec longer

30:49 / 31:52-32:01

Debbie earlier at the dentist, who annoys her with his instructions: "Just try to breathe through your nose. That's your mouth. Breathe through your nose. Are you all right?"

8.6 sec

72:35 / 73:47-74:49

Graham's performance is longer; after that, Pete talks with Cat, who tells him that she received a job offer from Sony.

Cat: "It's so good you did this. Pete, I wanted to let you know that I got offered a job at Sony Records, and I think I'm gonna take it."
Pete: "I used to work for Sony."
Cat: "No, I know. They love you there."
Pete: "Who did you interview with?"
Cat: "John Cleary."
Pete: "I hired John Cleary."
Cat: "He hired me."
Pete: "What do you know?"
Cat: "He only had lovely things to say about you."
Pete: "No, he's a dick, and he's gonna fuck you too."
Cat: "Not if I do a really good job."
Pete: "Really? I signed Pearl Jam."

62.3 sec

91:19 / 93:33-94:31

After Debbie and Jodi have talked about the shoplifting, there's an additional scene with Pete, who wants to lend some money from Barry. But under the pretext of not wanting to harm their friendship he refuses to do that. When Pete then brings up the Simon & Garfunkel question, he comes to the conclusion that he's apparently wrong about basically everything.

Pete: "Could you see it in your heart to lend me some money?"
Barry: "I would love to lend you money, but..."
Pete: "Thank you."
Barry: "I mean, there's no way I could."
Pete: "Why?"
Barry: "I just wouldn't wanna jeopardize a relationship with somebody that I care about by giving them money. I mean, look how far we've come that you could come to me for advice and be able to ask me to borrow money."
Pete changes the topic: "Let me ask you a question. Who do you like better, Simon or Garfunkel?"
Barry: "Garfunkel."
Pete is shocked; "Really? Garfunkel?"
Barry: "Yeah, he's got the voice of an angel."
Pete: "He's got a great voice, but what about Simon? He wrote the songs."
Barry: "Who cares? Everybody writes songs. How many singers are there?"
Pete: "Simon's a good singer, too."
Barry: "Art Garfunkel is a choir all in one man. Have you ever heard Paul Simon sing Bridge Over Troubled Water in concert by himself? It's a nightmare. It's like nails on a chalkboard."
Pete: "Is there a chance I'm just wrong about everything?"
Barry: "Definitely. Of course. Absolutely."

58.4 sec

99:11 / 102:23-102:35

Sadie and Pete talk longer about Mad Men after she has just reduced the series to a bunch of people smoking in an office.

Pete: "It's about a lot more than that. And you don't have any kind of understanding about what it was like in the '60s."
Sadie: "You do cry during Mad Men."
Pete: "I don't cry over it. I appreciate it."
Sadie: "Right..."

12 sec

The rating logo is shown at the end of the Theatrical Version on the US DVD.

7 sec