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American Life

artist: Madonna


  • Original Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Aug 08, 2012 - Author: Hollandkäse - Translator: Tony Montana
A lot of footage has been cut out, escpecially at the end, because it gets really rough. Furthermore, the end of the Original Version is more harmless and supposed to be funny now. On TV usually the Original Version is aired.

DC = Director's Cut
OV = Original Version
In the DC, soldiers arrive and start fighting while the Muslim girls are on stage. For fear, the girls run away. The audience considers all that very hilarious.

The OV contains some more shots of the girls changing clothes plus they're kind of happy while leaving the stage.

no difference

The following scene contains two different plots:
In the DC, two soldiers are fighting. Furthermore, someone is being led away in a violent way.
The OV contains images of weapons, planes etc.



[FETTno difference

Madonna's middle finger has been replaced by a white screen and the words "Fuck it" have been removed from the audio track.

no difference

This time, the middle finger has been pixelated and the "Fuck it" removed again.



no difference

The end is heavily cut. The OV only contains images of explosions, bomb impactrs etc.
The DC also contains images of bloody corpses, shredded bodies, wounded kids and other very bloody consequences of the war.

All screens originate from the DC:

[bild 37.jpg]

36 sec

DC: Madonna tosses the grenade. It stays lying on the ground and is ticking.
(Video ends)

OV: Madonna tosses the grenade. George W. Bush catches the grenade. It turns out it's just a lighter and Bush uses it to light a grit.

no difference

Time index refers to the DC.