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artist: Aphex Twin


  • MTV Europe
  • Retail Video Version
Release: Nov 04, 2015 - Author: sine707 - Translator: Bensn
Compared were the shortened video version by MTV Europe
with the uncut retail version by Warp Records.

The music video "Windowlicker" by Aphex Twin is highly esteemed in underground-circles but with its duration of over 10 minutes certainly no favorite of the heavy rotating music channels.
In addition to that, the video is structured like a cinema movie, which makes the first four minutes consist only of a dialogue that itself has nothing to do with the actual video.
Another reason for the shortening is the above mentioned dialogue which contains at least 30 % swearwords of all spoken words.
After midnight, however, the video is mostly broadcasted in the uncensored version.
The retail video version by Warp Records additionally contains a so-called "Bleep Version" in which all bad words have been bleeped out.

Video version MTV Europe: 5:13 Min
Video version retail video: 10:33 Min

2 cuts = 5:20 Min
The two Afro-American guys drive together in a car and talk excitingly to each other. Basically, only the gentleman with the interesting hairstyle talks (just called Homie #1 from now on) – he constantly reproaches his driver with his bad way of driving. Furthermore, they talk about a tape that Homie #1 wants to play by all means. The respond of the bald head is the same as it is during the whole remaining video: “Fuck you, homes!”
Homie #1 suddenly catches sight of two pretty women standing at the curb and commands the bald head to drive there. Having arrived, Homie #1 starts to bewitch them by all kinds of expletives. The girls of course respond to that by expletives, too, and a genuine argument develops. Among other things, the girls make fun of the Homie’s hair. Naturally, Homie #1 does not feel like laughing; he turns to the bold head and says: “We’ll never get no pussy with your stupid-ass!” However, the bold head has remained silent during the whole argument.
While the argument is slowly moving to the two Homies inside the car, a limousine with about 80 windows collides with them and the girls watch the whole spectacle without even blinking an eye.
By the way, the word “fuck” has been used 57 and the word “nigger” 48 times by now.
4:16 Min

The entire closing credits are missing. The two Homies dance.
1:04 Min