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Release: Jan 11, 2012 - Author: Buster - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
The sci-fi series Battlestar Galactica in the USA started in 2003. Unlike the 1978 original series, the target group for the new version is a mature audience, thus the plot is more complex.

Of course, the main parts of the plot stayed the same: Human life has it's origin on planet Kobol with its 13 tribes. 12 of these moved to found their own colonies on other planets.

After the genocide of the human race - arranged by the Cylons - a convoy of survivors heads off. Lead by Battlestar Galactica they're trying to find the legendary 13th colony: Earth.

For quite some time now ther exist Blu-Ray and DVD sets that include the 6 extended episodes; these sets were both released in the USA and the UK.

Even though the extended scenes rarely (if at all) contain any dialogue there still are some very interesting differences.

Running time
TV Version: 43:08 min NTSC (plus credits)
Extended Version: 52:26 min NTSC (plus credits)

Difference: 9 minutes and 18 seconds in 17 scenes.
Admiral William Adama on his way to the morning wash.

2 sec

At the infirmary. Dr. Cottle shows an ultrasound image of her unborn child to Caprica-Six and Saul Tigh. He accidentally reveals the gender in the process. Saul Tigh reacts angry because he never mentioned that he wanted to know. Dr. Cottle replies Tigh didn't specifically mention he didn't want to know either.

14 sec

Layne Ishay earlier.

4 sec

The press conference on the Coloniam One starts earlier. Extended shot of Playa Palacios.

15 sec

Missing shot of Tom Zarek reavling that he has gun in his drawer.

19 sec

Baltar is beset with self doubts. His "community" expects sth. encouraging and hope-awakening from him. Number Six tries to increase his faith in God.

2 min 30 sec

After the conversation in Admiral Adama's quarter is over, the present people Lee Adama, Saul Tigh, Galen Tyrol, Felix Gaeta and Karl Agathon leave the room.
Agathon asks Tyrol how his son was doing. Tyrol explains it was too early to say anything definite.
Colonel Tigh takes Felix Gaeta aside and demands to forget his personal aversion of Cylons and show more respect to the Admiral.

1 min 3 sec

Extended shot of Laura Roslin doing aerobics.

6 sec

On the Colonial One, Lee Adama holds a speech in front of the council. He tries to justify an alliance with the Cylons by explaining finding a new home should be easier with their technology.

47 sec

Adama gets a call. 10 vipers need maintenance asap plus several crew members called in sick. He demands to see Anthony Figurski on deck in 10 minutes.

29 sec

Adama meets Figurski on deck. He's pretty upset that 10 vipers can't be used. He wants Figurski to motivate his crew to clean up the deck and prepare the battleships.
Subsequently, he notices Laura Roslin running across the hallways.

1 min 17 sec

Baltar speaks to his supporters. Number Six shows up and recommends to get over is anger.

9 sec

While Tyrol and Hotdog are fighting each other, we're with Number Six again. Her observation that his 'flock' would follow any single word of his makes Baltar think badly about his supporters.

40 sec

Slightly upset due to Zarek's power game, Adama authorizes Athena and her team to make use of excessive force, if necessary. A short shot on board of the Galactica has been removed.

19 sec

Tyrol and Hotdog are at the hospital bed of the kid. Tyrol instructs Hotdog about the responsibility of being a dad.

34 sec

Tyrol advises Hotdog to not lose sight of his son.

21 sec

Adama enters Zarek's cell.

9 sec