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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Mar 12, 2008 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Extended Version and the theatrical release (rated R). Extended Version is represented by the German rental DVD (Highlight), theatrical version was provided by the US-DVD (Columbia). Extended Version includes some scenes which had been removed for the theatrical release. There are much more jokes and some little story extensions which are almost nothing worth mentioning. Overall this version is clearly the better one because it's funnier and more relaxed than the dull action orgy which the theatrical release presented.

Extended Version and Theatrical Release are abbreviated with EV and TR in the following report.

Extended Version is about 230 seconds longer than the theatrical cut!

All quotes from the dialogue are taken from the German cut report and are translated back into English thus they may differ from the original dialogue. - the translator

18:50 min - 19:04 min

Jill, Peyton Welles and the reporter Terri Morales run along the street in a much longer alternate shot. The reporter bitches about the soldiers not helping them. The alternate shot cuts to the longer shot in the TR while in the EV it's all one very long shot.

Duration: EV is 12 sec longer.



19:12 min - 19:18 min

The shot of the church goes on, the camera suddenly pans around revealing a licker watching the newcomers.

Duration: EV is 6 sec longer.

19:58 min - 21:25 min

"Take it easy" by Peyton is completely seen in the TR but the scene is longer in the EV. Jill tells Terri that here there are many ways to die without being shot. After that Jill lights a cigarette. Terri comes up and says that she's reported about Jill's cases prior to the suspension. Jill shows she's not a fan, makes some insulting remarks and introduces her partner Peyton.

Now the parts follow which have been edited differently. Those parts are also included in the TR but the EV is a little longer here and there:

Terri babbles more about the Emmy she wants to win. After she asks for a comment by the police a slightly insane padre joins them in the EV and preaches of the end of the world. The three of them hear a moan from somewhere but the padre denies that there was anything. Of course Jill and Peyton aren't satisfied by that. In the TR they hear the moan without the padre joining them. Then they start looking for the source of the moan. The TR has a lot of material not included in the EV as well.

Duration: EV is 50 sec longer.



26:02 min - 26:08 min

The shot of Jill, Peyton and Terri hiding from the lickers is longer in the EV. They make a very grim joke about the Scotsman who was attacked by lickers and now has become one of them. First they argue about his nationality.

Duration: EV is 6 sec longer.

26:14 min - 26:17 min

After Terri asks what they should do now the TR cuts to the next shot. In the EV Jill comes to her, racks the slide of her gun and says she should start praying for hell (a bit part of that is seen in the TR).

Duration: EV is 3 sec lšnger.

26:18 min - 26:19 min

Following the previous gag Terri crosses herself in the EV. The TR shows Jill racking the slide of her gun which is the bitpart of the previous scene.

Duration: no time difference.

28:21 min - 28:26 min

The shot of Alice is a little longer in the TR, anyhow in the EV the scene is still longer. There's another shot of Alice pulling a shard of glass out of her leg.

Duration: EV is 5 sec longer.

28:44 min - 28:48 min

The shot of the zombie hookers runs longer in the TR but again the EV has the extended scene whereas the TR shows alternate material. LJ yells "You still look hot, baby! I'll pay five bucks for your sweet ass!" in the EV while he only gives them a horny look in an alternate shot in the TR.

Duration: EV is 2.5 sec longer.



30:18 min - 30:23 min

More zombies in the EV. Then a few shots of the shooting soldiers in the alley. One more zombie gets killed in the extended scene.

Duration: EV is 5 sec longer.

31:00 min - 31:18 min

Extended graveyard sequence:

Terri bitches and moans again and gives the group a hard time with her comments. That is shown in distant shots.

Duration: EV is 18 sec longer.

34:31 min - 35:06 min

Carlos gives medical aid to a comrade, another soldier tries to call for help via radio. They ask themselves why they have been sent out if they never had a chance anyway.

Duration: EV is 35 sec longer.

36:02 min - 36:12 min

A longer shot of Carlos and his comrades walking through a hallway at the hospital. A zombie woman scuffles along the hallway but doesn't spot them.

Duration: EV is 10 sec longer.

36:17 min - 36:24 min

Footsteps approach the containers dropped by the helicopter...

Duration: EV is 7 sec longer.

36:35 min - 36:39 min

An unidentified hand opens the containers revealing weapons inside...

Duration: EV is 4 sec longer.

41:04 min - 41:08 min

Another joke: LJ calls after Nemesis: "Just split, motherfucker! I ain't scared of ya! You look like a girl from behind!"

Duration: EV is 4 sec longer.

41:11 min - 41:34 min

Another joke by LJ: "Shit, I'm a bad motherfucker. Speaking of motherfucker...I think I best bail."

Scene change: the group walks along the road. Jill talks to Alice and asks why she's been working for Umbrella. Alice responds that one has to make a living. The transisting shot is a bit longer in the TR.

Duration: EV is 23 sec longer.

50:40 min - 50:52 min

This was recut again:

There's a longer shot of Jill explaining Terri how to fire a weapon: "Aim, fire and again". "Always aim for the head" is included in both versions, but in different shots. After that the three of them seperate only in the EV. Following this are different shots of a hallway in both versions.

Duration: EV is 5 sec longer.



51:05 min - 51:38 min

The EV shows the hallway shot from the TR, but here it is part of a new scene: the frightened Terri sneaks through the hallway and practices "Aim, fire and again". Then there's a shot Jill sneaking through the hallway.

Duration: EV is 33 sec longer.

52:24 min - 52:25 min

After LJ got terribly scared and discovered Carlos he yells "Elvis!" in the EV.

Duration: EV is 1 sec longer.

German Extended Version is about 230 seconds longer than the theatrical release and the US-DVD respectively.