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Censored Version
Rating: USK 12
Region: Germany

Uncensored Version
Rating: USK 12
Region: Germany

Release: Mar 31, 2014 - Author: kurisuteian - Translator: Tony Montana
Gothic is the start of one of the few internationally successful German game series from 2001. As no-name hero, one finds himself in a convict colony. In the assignments, one is just an errand boy before one gets to turn everything upside as the chosen one. Both the critics and the gamer spoke in very high terms of the game. Even these days, fans celebrate it. In the same year, a version in English was released for the international market. There are two alterations though.
In Extremo

In the second chapter, the guys from the German dark age rock band "In Extremo" have a live gig at the old camp and play an acustic version of their interpretation of the Swedish folk song "Herr Mannelig" (Mister Mannelig).

In the international Version, this live gig has been removed for legal reasons.

German Version:

International Version:

Women are quite rare in the first installment of Gothic. The few that are there are working as lightly dressed slaves at the old camp. One of them is locked in in a room on the upper level and takes a bath regularly - if the time is adjusted to 11 o'clock via cheat, one can watch her daily washing routine.

In the German Version, "Velaya" takes the bath without any clothes and washes every single dirty spot.

In the international Version, "Velaya" is wearing a bikini that hides the female parts.

International Version:German Version:

Basically, the amount of blood has not been changed. There is an option in the configuration setup (gothic/system/gothic.ini) that allows to increase the amount of blood though.

With the regular setup (bloodDetail=2), blood splatters when humans are fighting monsters. With the extended setup (bloodDetail=3), the splattering blood leaves bloody stains in the surrounding area.

Regular Setup:Extended Setup: