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Girl Who Knew Too Much, The

original title: La Ragazza che sapeva troppo


  • Italian Version
  • US Version
Release: Aug 27, 2015 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
This film from 1963, directed by the master himself, does not only contain a very young John Saxon, but also an expressive Leticia Roman as main character. Still in black and white, the film was shot between Bava's "Black Sabbath" and one year before his magnificent "Blood and Black Lace". "The Girl Who Knew Too Much" is a nice Giallo, an alterate cut was assembled by American distributors and producers when the film was still in production. This means, censorship is not the correct here. The US Version is simply an alternate cut in which elements, that were probably considered a bit much back in the day, are missing (drug references).

Both versions are scored differently, the voice-over that illustrates the thoughts of the main character Nora is missing in the US Version. The main character Nora Dawson is called Nora Drowson in the US Version. The original dialogs haven't made it in the US Version either. They are less offensive in general plus some things are missing on purpose, such as drug references. On the other hand, some elements have been added (like the sportsman who adores Nora, the eyes in the painting on the wall). The finale is entirely different, so please excuse the huge amount of screenshots.

In the followig comparison, the original "The Girl Who Knew Too Much" version is called "Italian Version", the "Evil Eye" version is called "US Version".

Please note: this comparison contains huge spoilers. Thanks to comparison the film scene by scene, the killer's identity will be revealed.
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The opening is already different. Basically, an alternate take of the plane has been used. The title song in the Italian Version is "Furore" (by Adriano Celentano), in the US Version, one can hear an overstated dramatical score. The American International Pictures logo is only in the US Version. Length 30 seconds.
Length os the Italian opening: 1:30 minutes. Transition to the old lady.
Italian VersionUS Version

Italian Version: During the opening, the narrator elaborates on the background story. Nora Davis is being introduced as tourist. Cut to her. Length of the scene approx. 10 seconds.
US Version: When the passengers are shown, one can hear their thoughts. The knitting old lady thinks of spaghetti, another lady of fashion and one of the passengers looks at the plane's turbines with worry. Transition until one can hear the thoughts of the recently read Giallo "The Knife" by Nora Davis. Length of the scene 38 seconds.
The flight attendant only shows up in the US Version.
Italian VersiongUS Version

Italian Version: While Nora has a smoke and then returns to reading, the flight attendant now offers some snacks plus the landing is being announced. Length: 7 seconds.
US Version: Nora is thinking about Rome, the artist and then she grabs the map. Now, the landing is being announced in the US Version as well. Length: 37 seconds.
At 02:36 Min, the take of the plane is identical.
Italian VersionUS Version

Little transition scene. At the airport, the police arrive with squealing tires. In the Italian Version, there is a loudspeaker announcement about the arrival of the plae before the police show up. 3 seconds are missing, then the versions are back in sync.
Italian VersionUS Version

When the custom officials are waiting for the drug runner, the Italian Version continues with the waiting passengers while the investigators are walking around a little bit in the US Version. At 03:03 Min, difference 19 seconds.
Italian VersionUS Version

The drug runner gets taken down while standing in the line. Both the scenes and the subtitles differ because drug references have been removed. Single frames and dialogs are missing.
Italian VersionUS Version

After the scene at the airport, the Italian Version goes in the apartment while the US Version contains extended transitions. A bold guy jumps in the cab right Laura was going to take, Laura and some other guy hit each others heads and she is upset. She does not want to hand over her suitcase to the bus driver either.
It starts at 04:26 Min / 04:25 Min. Length of the additional footage: 47 seconds.
Italian VersionUS Version

Different dialog during the encounter with the old lady. The scene is longer in the US Version. The denied hello kiss is being demanded in the US Version and Doctore Marcello is being introduced differently. There is alternate footage.
Italian VersionUS Version

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