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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Jan 21, 2011 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
R-Rated version: 113:56 min w/o ending credits
Unrated DVD: 121:30 min w/o ending credits

Scenes that are exclusively in the R-Rated are in italics.

For this comparison a German free-TV broadcast has been compared to the unrated US DVD. We also checked the R-Rated US DVD to make sure that it is equal to the german free-tv version. The R-Rated version has also been released in the USA on DVD beside the unrated version. The German DVD also only includes the R-Rated version, so maybe this version has been exported to some other countries as well.
Partially different image section
Left: Unrated - Right R-Rated

Text overlay at the beginning.
2,5 sec

Gia is looking to her right longer in the R-Rated.

Alternative: Mininmally different transition.
Unrated 0.06 sec

The two are playing at the fence longer.
29 sec

More endearment in the bed at the beginning.
20 sec

Alternative: The R-Rated's kiss turns into a French one in the Unrated.
no difference in time

More kissing. The friend's comment is featured later in the R-Rated.
16 sec

Gia touches Linda's breast longer in the R-Rated.

Alternative The Unrated shows a shot of Linda kissing Gia's arm. In the R-Rated, however, they kiss longer.
Unrated 0.05 sec longer

The R-Rated fades out earlier when Gia's hand is between Linda's legs.
3,5 sec

Gia getting up from the bed can be seen longer in the R-Rated.

More action at the party.
12 sec

Gia is driving away as Geisha on the motorcycle longer.
0.10 sec

The two are shown longer at the beginning of the showering.
4 sec

Gia is being stroked longer.
7 sec

Her blood-stained arm can be seen longer in the R-Rated.

At the end, the two can be seen longer again.
22,5 sec

More fun at the dinner.
16,5 sec

The transition to the next shooting is a bit longer.
2 sec

A text overlay is missing at the end.
No difference in time.