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  • China DVD
  • HK DVD
Release: Jan 29, 2010 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Even though a cut report between the current version and one of Wong Kar Wai's, except the Cannes-Cut of 2004, unreleased early versions of the last years would be much more interesting, we will show you now what the mainland-chinese are missing.

China DVD (Face): 127:22 minutes
HK DVD (Mei Ah): 129:17 minutes

cut: 98 seconds in 4 cuts
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21 seconds

Tony Leung and Zhang Ziyi are lying in bed next to each other after having sex. She is stroking his chest with her foot. He is smoking and talking, while she is silent.
27 seconds

Now there is an alternatative shot, so you cannot see Tony Leung's butt as he lays down on Zhan Ziyi again.
Also, the scene is only half as long on the Chinese DVD and Zhan Ziyi's slightly pained "I don't want it" is left out.
5 seconds longer

China DVD


The next sex is a little longer in the beginning as well. Really only six seconds on the China DVD. Ziyi is going one story down, too. The China DVD continues as she is going up again, ...
36 seconds

... but immediately disappears right after the next change of position. Because of that, mainland-chinese miss Ziyi's orgasm, who obviously climaxes before Tony Leung. What a man, our hero. For that, she now licks his ear.
30 seconds