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My Prerogative

artist: Britney Spears


  • Regular Video
  • Alternative Video
Release: Nov 01, 2012 - Author: Slayer - Translator: Mr Miau
Comparison between the regular/official video and the alternative version, which can both be found on the "Britney Spears - Greatest Hits: My Prerogative" DVD.

The alternative version only differs in a few shots from the original, the biggest change being the astronaut from the "Oops“ I did It again" video and the two fans, who say something at the beginning. The other things are rather insignificant. During the shots in which "Enter" can be seen, pressing the Enter button enables the viewer to see a picture gallery.
Running time of the original version: 03:47 Min.
Running time of the alternative version: 03:50 Min.
00:00 min.
Two fans thank Britney for being able to participate in the filming of the clip (which was a prize).
8 sec.

+ 00:08 min. (Running time taken from the Alternative Version)
Two shots of the driving car are missing after the fans could be seen.
+ 3 sec.

01:25 min.
Regular Version: Britney lolling and a shot of the canvas.

Alternative Version: A spotlight can be seen.

0 difference

02:36 min.
Regular Version: Britney looks past the camera – shot of two women – Britney behind a tree.

Alternative Version: Britney looks into the camera and smiles – very short shot of two women – Britney behind a tree.

The second scene of this sequence was shortened because the replacement for the first one was longer than the original one.
0 difference

02:54 min.
Regular Version: Side view of Britney – Britney on the bed.

Alternative Version: The astronaut from the "Oops“ I did It again" music video enters through a door.

The shot of Britney going to the church was shortened in order to keep the running time the same.
0 difference

03:05 min.
Regular Version: Two shots of Britney on the bed – the camera pans in a fast zoom towards the dance area.

Alternative Version: Close-up of the astronaut.

0 difference

03:27 min.
Regular Version: Britney is dancing with the crowd.

Alternative Version: A digital camera can be seen – short shot of Britney – the camera again.

When the camera can be seen, a picture gallery can be entered by pressing Enter.
0 difference