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Baader Meinhof Complex, The

original title: Baader Meinhof Komplex, Der


  • Theatrical version
  • Extended TV-Version Part 2
Release: Mar 28, 2010 - Author: Bob - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
As it was already announced when the film was in the cinemas, a longer television version was made. The second part was aired on 11/23/2009.

This second part is, w/o flashbacks, 3:41 minutes longer than the part in the TV.

One of the main critics on the TV was the extremely short plot despite the running time of 2,5h. The backgrounds of the characters remained unclear. For people who are not familiar with the historical backgrounds the TV may be hard to understand.

Unfortunately the second part does not add much but offers some new scenes. Especially the chief of BKA Herold and Boback have more scenes. So the view on the investigators is a bit more expanded.
0:00 | 73:11
The television version starts with the intro and a flashback on the first part. It repeats the last scenes in the garage completely.
7:11 minutes

11:30 | 77:31

More arrests can be seen.

13:37 | 79:20
Brigitte Mohnhaupt is imprisioned.

15:24 | 80:58
The scene where the terrorists enter the olympic village is shot in black/white in the longer version. The TV starts colored and switches to black and white at the freeze frame.

17:20 | 82:54
Extended dialogue:
Herold says that he did not plead to approve the doings of the terrorists. He wants to learn to know the motifs. One of his staff members says that this is just a theoretical concept. Herold responses that people got killed and hurt and this is no theory. He adds that the revolutionary movement is also not appreciated in Palestine.

18:23 | 83:43
Herold ends while saying that he has to lead a war which encounters him psychically. He adds that experienced a lot during 2nd world war at the Russian front.

25:18 | 90:27
The TV shows a short scene with the preparation of the assault on the German embassy in Stockholm and a meeting of the BKA about the shift of the terrorists. Both scenes overlap at three parts. The dialogues of the BKA meeting can be heard during the scenes with the terrorists. The longer version starts with the meeting.

Herolds assistant tells about the trial to start in 4 weeks. He shows pictures of the high-security wing. One concerned staff member says that women and men are imprisioned together. The assistant agrees and adds that they demanded it. He continues by saying that he thinks they will cooperate at the trial.
One member asks if this will not be a base for terror. Herold responses that the prosecution wants a fast trial. He adds that the BKA controlls the internal communication of the group.

Longer version:
Herold's assistent explains that the multipurpose hall will be built here, close to the prison. He adds that the trial against the Baader-Meinhof group will be held here. He shows pictures of the high-security wing. He tells that they think about the joining of the imprisioned people
The concerned member says that a shift to Stammheim (prison) would create a centre of terror. Herold adds that the joining is a decision of the federal prosecutor's office. The BKA can only monitor the internal communication. This would be easier when the main part of the group is joint together.
49s | 23,5s (Only the BKA part)

35:47 | 100:30
Herold is inside Buback's car and is angry about the fact that terms like 'solitary confinement' will bring sympathies to the RAF. Suddenly Buback asks of he has hunger for Schnitzel. Herold adds that the foreign press creates a new nazi-justice in Germany. While they eat Schnitzel Herold talks on that in the main act there were about 30 terrorists and they were caught. Now there are 10.000 Germans considered as potentially dangerous. Buback thinks that the RAF has a strong fascination on the German citizans.

46:50 | 110:31
The sex scene with Mohnhaupt is extended by one scene.

47:22 | 110:59
Buback moves on to Herold before they start talking.

50:27 | 113:53
The assault on Jürgen Ponto has been extended. They ask for entrance.

53:17 | 116:24
Meeting at the BKA after the assault on Ponto. Herold is being asked if the relation of Susanne Albrecht and the family Ponto was known. Herold tries to avoid the question by saying that there are too many results which result from a computer analysis, over 1200. Albrecht has taken part. But that many people can not be observed. For each person about 20 policemen are needed. The German criminal investigation department does not have that many people.