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Thriller - A Cruel Picture

original title: Thriller - en grym film


  • Synapse Blu-ray / DVD
  • Vinegar Syndrome 4K-Blu-ray / Blu-ray
Release: Jun 14, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut US Blu-ray by Synapse Films (identical to the old US DVD "Limited Edition" with red cover by Synapse Films) and the uncut Blu-ray by Vinegar Syndrome (identical to the 4K Blu-ray by Vinegar Syndrome).

- One relevant cut
- Cut duration: 53.5 sec

Synapse DVD/Blu-ray: 106:44 Min. (105:44 Min. without end credits)
Vinegar Syndrome 4K-Blu-ray/Blu-ray: 108:14 Min. (106:40 Min. without end credits)


THRILLER: The cult film with Christina Lindberg as 4K UHD premiere

We have already written in detail about the 1974 Swedish-directed exploitation classic Thriller - A Cruel Picture in the report on the American "Vengeance Edition". Clearly it was a major source of inspiration for Tarantino's Kill Bill and it's a clear recommendation for any fan of sleazy 70s cinema.


The US 4K Blu-ray release from renowned home video label Vinegar Syndrome is finally available since early June 2022. As usual, the release is initially only available in the in-house label shop. Usually this is followed by a broader stock on Amazon and other retailers in the following months.

The limited first edition available to us, however, is already sold out: Only here the robust slipcase also carries a second 4K Blu-ray / Blu-ray-Amaray (also with its own slipcase). This one contains the US version of the film. It is cut by 18 minutes and thus considerably shorter than the "Vengeance Edition" mentioned at the beginning, which was a new recut done by Synapse Films. Due to various re-cut scenes, an additional soundtrack and other changes the US version is interesting as well. But mmore about this will follow in a separate report.


Longer than the previously considered uncut DVD/Blu-ray from Synapse Films

The main component, however, is of course the completely uncut original version, which also comes as a 4K Blu-ray/Blu-ray combo. Of these discs, a single Standard Edition of Vinegar Syndrome is still available as well. Vinegar Syndrome vaguely hinted at this in advance and if you're one of the rare people who could get a glimpse at the German theatrical 35mm print (which was censored on its own by 3.5 minutes of sex scenes and violent bits) you could have guessed this as well: The previous DVD/Blu-ray from Synapse actually was not complete.

An approximately 50-second scene, in which the real Christina Lindberg (not her double for the Hardcore scenes!) can also be seen, is finally included on the new release by Vinegar Syndrome. Presumably the upcoming German Mediacs release will also be based on the same version. In any case, a clear issue of the US DVD and Blu-ray, which was considered uncut for years, has been uncovered. The nicely wrapped package by Vinegar Syndrome is recommended to anyone interested in genre films like this. The uncut Blu-ray contains an exclusive documentary while the US version Blu-ray has 2,5 hours of interviews - both discs are codefree.


Runtimes are arranged according to
Synapse Blu-ray / Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray

The credits during the long, first shot of the street with the car come a few frames later in the Synapse version. In the end, however, this balances out again without any time difference.

Synapse Films Blu-ray / DVDVinegar Syndrome 4K-Blu-ray / Blu-ray

36:26-37:20 / 36:26-37:21

Already at the beginning of Frigga's rape, a handful of insignificant frames are lost. Here, after a hardcore close-up in the old Synapse version, the image source changes noticably. Again, ~0.5 sec are lost in the process. For the next minute, the image is now zoomed in a bit and the quality is also significantly worse for this timeframe.

Synapse Films Blu-ray / DVDVinegar Syndrome 4K-Blu-ray / Blu-ray

51:14 / 51:16-52:09

The woman takes off Frigga's top and then slowly pulls down her panties. After a close-up of Frigga, she undresses herself, sits on Frigga and punches her in the face.

Note: By the way, this is exactly how it was seen in the German theatrical version, which was censored on its own in other places. Lindberg's face is visible throughout the whole scene and there is no hardcore reshoot bit in it. This may have been omitted from Synapse due to a reel change and apparently remained unnoticed for years in said supposedly "uncut" version.

53.5 sec

During the sex montage in the 56th minute, a few unimportant frames (< 0.5 sec) are lost again. There are also a few more mini-differences of less than 0.5 sec during the preparation for the harbor shootout towards the end.

While the Synapse version ends after just under a minute of black frame with score, said score can be heard a bit longer in the Vinegar Syndrome version. This is followed by the label logo.

33.2 sec

Cover of the uncut Limited Edition 4K Blu-ray/Blu-ray combo of Vinegar Syndrome
(Overall slipcase + slipcase of the two Blu-ray amarays + reversible cover)