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  • BBFC 18
  • R-Rated
Release: Aug 12, 2015 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB

"Science created him. Now, Chuck Norris must destroy him!"

Thatís what I call a creative tagline. Want some more? "Martial Arts Master Versus Superhuman Killing Machine!" no more bad than "He's an indestructible man fused with powers beyond comprehension. An unstoppable Terror, who in one final showdown, will push Chuck Norris to his limits, and beyond." Now everythingís clear, isnít it?

A nameless Texan small town located in the middle of the Prairie and Lakes Region. A place, where the Sheriff reacts cool on every challenge and knocks friendly at the door before setting foot at the scene of a crime. Even if he just saw a murderous maniac with a bloodstained hatchet in the window. And exactly in this small town we find numerous outstanding scientists working at the local hospital (about 0 patients and 4 employees) well funded to research and design a serum which cures wounds in no time. They should have better taken care on the brain because the previously shot running amok maniac is not only the appropriate test object but also completely loses his voice and the last rest of common sense. Everything else is also brainless action cinema with a kind of supernatural atmosphere because there is simply no stopping of the human zombieÖ

To jump on the bandwagon of horror movies leading actor Chuck Norris had the opportunity in 1982 to enjoy and recycle the character of the honest Sheriff in this Mad-Scientist-Zombie-Action-Hodgepodge. Just to get an impression of his fitness to fight on screen, a bar with rebellious bikers gets beaten up without hesitation but for the rest the Martial-Art lurks. Instead he presents his thoroughly fit body and makes it with the new, old love (yummy: Toni Kalem, known as Despie Galasso from "The Wanderers"), before the showdown where he digs a pit for the maniac. As Sidekick Stephen Furst fools about the plot, Ron Silver gives away his talent as smitten with remorse doctor and Brian Libby as silent maniac. The small budget has no space for attrition warfare, to be less monotonous slow motion sequences are added to the few action scenes (awesome the stunt from the hospitalís roof where the airbag can be seen at the lower screen edge in the open matted version), the location narrows down to the desert, the hospital and two tiny houses. At release time a quite successful box office hit but nowadays just a big yawn.

The movie has only been censored in England where both Home Medias got the BBFC 18 release (VHS and DVD from M.I.A.) containing both the same censored version while the theatres showed the uncut version at that time.
Compared has been the UK Version (M.I.A., BBFC 18) with the sophisticated uncut US DVD (Columbia, Rated R), which not only features a clear anamorphic Wide Screen but also a bargain buy.
5:21 Min.
John Kirby chops up the guyís skull with the hatchet. Thatís only indicated in the cut version. The UK version restarts with the next scene however 1 second later after the first hit against the door has taken place.
( 4.5 sec. )

5:57 Min.
Also the killing of the second victim has been shortened. Two shots are missing completely furthermore the continuity shots have been cut too.
( 5 sec. )

58:24 Min.
Kirby kills Nancy Halman and one can see how he strikes her head against the wall. But it is missing when she slumps down dead onto the floor leaving behind a trail of blood on the wall.
( 5 sec. )

72:27 Min.
Dr. Spires detects the dead body of Dr. Vaughn. This takes much longer in the uncut version.
( 28 sec. )