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  • Original Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Sep 30, 2015 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the Unrated DVD released by Midnight Releasing (Original Version) and the Unrated DVD released by Midnight Releasing (Director's Cut).

The differences:

1 additional scene = 26 seconds
1 Re-Cut = No difference in time

In order to describe the direct-to-DVD-production "The Scavenger Killers" which revolves around a murdering couple which reminds one of Bonnie and Clyde, a few words are enough. More time should not be invested in this 100-minute-long crap. The flick comes across as being very amateurish and trashy and does not offer anything that makes a good movie. No suspense, no action, a boring plot, stupid, annoying and untalented actors, as well as some cheap CGI-effects. Eric Roberts is a part of this as well, again proving that he is not to good for anything as long as he makes some money off of it. Anyways, ignore this movie at all costs - neither who basically watch everything, nor trash fans get their money's worth.

As usual, two versions were released in the states. Besides the shorter original version there is a slightly longer Director's Cut. This time they really try to rip the customers off. If you are looking for something noticeably longer with several extensions, you will be disappointed. The only addition to this version is a rather uninteresting new scene with a runtime of roughly 30 seconds. Additionally there is a longer plot scene which in the original version is shown three minutes later than in the Director's Cut. This is absolutely unimportant and thus will not be mentioned in the report.
101 min
After the end credits there is an additionally scene in the Director's Cut: Clara bends over the old and unconscious man in the sickbed. Meanwhile, Taylor smacks and knits herr ass a few times. She seems to like it. When Taylor is done, Clara gets back up.
26 sec