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Release: Jan 16, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US VHS Rated R by Paramount and the unrated US DVD by Paramount.

While this tolerably exciting erotic thriller was released in the uncensored version all over the world, the eroticscenes were cut or alternate shots were used in the USA to achieve an R-rating in movie theaters and on VHS. These scenes are only slightly more explicit, but creating an unrated version for them is just typical.
Also, the image has been bloated to fullscreen proportions so hard you could talk about censorship, because a lot of picture information is lost because of that.
R-Rated version = 106:19 min.
Unrated version = 107:19 min.
43:55 A sex scene between Carly (Stone) and Zeke (Baldwin) is shot a little differently. The take is also longer in the R-Rated version (RV) and it shows Carly kissing Zeke (close-up).
R-Rated = 23.7 sec.
Unrated = 22.9 sec.


44:29 The RV misses several erotic scenes between the two.
29.4 Sec.

45:00 At the cross-fade from Carly's face to the next sex scene, both versions feature alternate shots again.
R-Rated = 17.6 sec.
Unrated = 26.4 sec.


47:09 Here, the RV shows the beginning of a take a little earlier.
+ 1 sec.

64:16 At the sex scene showing Zeke loving Carly from behind at the pillar, the unrated version (UV) shows a little more again.
R-Rated = 24.3 sec.
Unrated = 34.4 sec.


83:32 The UV is more explicit altogether as Zeke and Carly watch the video tape showing the two making love. The editings to the two are differnt as well. The UV shows Zeke touch Carly's breast. The two versions also feature different backgroundmusic (RV = techno soundtrack; UV = calm music).
R-Rated = 10 sec.
Unrated = 27.1 sec.


96:11 The video tape showing Zeke and Vida at the love play is different again. In the UV, Zeke looks into the camera.
R-Rated = 3.4 sec.
Unrated = 3.4 sec.


96:39 Again, the UV is a bit more explicit altogether as Carly zooms in the video tape's image.
R-Rated = 6.6 sec.
Unrated = 7.3 sec.