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Sky High

original title: Sky High - The Movie


  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Sep 26, 2010 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Dir. Cut and the theatrical version. Both versions can be found on the Japanese special edition. The Dr. Cut by Kitamura was made to strengthen the characters background because 95% of the cuts are dialogue cuts., the rest only for optical character improvements. The DC does not have any English subtitles therefor this report does not state what is said in the specific scenes.

The Dir. Cut runs longer for approx. 11 minutes!

00:55 Min. - 01:43 Min.

The tracking shot through the city is longer in the DC (1 sec.). Afterwards a scene with Kanzaki and his Partner in a car follows, who both arrive at the crime scene. The DC shows a part of the tracking shot in which the gates opens. The theatrical version shows the car which drives through the gate.

Runtime: DC 48 Sec. longer.

01:47 Min. - 02:00 Min.

The long tracking shot with the police car is cut in the end of the theatrical version. It is missing how the car stops. The additional take of the police group is shortened, too. Afterwards it is missing how both cops talk to the chief.

Runtime: DC 6,5 Sec. longer.

02:20 Min. - 02:35 Min.

The police troops are sneaking through the building longer and observe the place with their flashlights.

Runtime: DC 15 Sec. longer.

2:57 Min. - 2:58 Min.

Long shot of the hanging victim in the hall is longer in the DC.

Runtime: DC 1,5 Sec. longer.

2:59 Min. - 3:00 Min.

Again a longer long shot.

Runtime: DC 1 Sec. longer.

3:04 Min. - 3:13 Min.

Again a longer take of both cops who are talking to each other. The next take is longer again.

Runtime: DC 9 Sec. longer.

3:18 Min. - 3:24 Min.

Alternative take of both cops. The DC shows them talking to each other.

Runtime: DC 4 Sec. longer.

4:34 Min. - 4:39 Min.

After his partner brought him the tuxedo for the wddding, Kanzaki talks to him shortly.

Runtime: DC 5 Sec. longer

5:02 Min. - 5:04 Min.

In the parking block: Kanzaki buttons up his vest and says something.

Runtime: DC 2,5 Sec. longer.

5:07 Min. - 5:09 Min.

Kanzaki still buttons up the vest in the DC and says something. The end of the take is missing.

Runtime: no time difference.

5:11 Min. - 5:21 Min.

Both cops are talking to each other for a while.

Runtime: DC 10 Sec. longer.

5:27 Min. - 5:35 Min.

More talking in the parking block.

Runtime: DC 8 Sec. longer.

5:45 Min. - 5:46 Min.

Longer take of Kanzaki, the end is shortened.

Runtime: DC 0,5 Sec. longer.

5:48 Min. - 5:55 Min.

And again a longer conversation with alternative takes.

Runtime: DC 4 Sec. longer.

6:06 Min. - 6:09 Min.

Kanzaki smiles at his partner.

Runtime: DC 3 Sec. longer.

6:24 Min. - 6:39 Min.

After Kanzaki went to the wedding his partner tries to sing somethign (probably a church song which is going to be played later). The additional take of Mina is longer in the DC.

Runtime: DC 15 Sec. longer.

20:58 Min. - 22:13 Min.

The conversation between Kanzaki and Kyoko in the cafe is longer.

Runtime: DC 45 Sec. longer.

23:19 Min. - 23:24 Min.

More dialogue in the cafe.

Runtime: DC 5 Sec. longer.

23:28 Min. - 23:29 Min


Runtime: DC 1 Sec. longer.

28:21 Min. - 28:24 Min.

Kudo and his female bodyguard can be seen longer in the hallway take.

Runtime: DC 3 Sec. longer.

32:32 Min. - 32:58 Min.

Kanzaki talks longer to the informant.

Runtime: DC 26 Sec. longer.

33:06 Min. -33:12 Min.


Runtime: DC 6 Sec. longer.

35:28 Min. - 36:59 Min.

New scene: Sayuri and her photographer Kishi go to the interview with Kudo. They can be seen packing their car and having a conversation.

Runtime: DC 91 Sec. longer.

39:44 Min. - 40:06 Min.

The interview with Kudo has been enlarged.

Runtime: DC 22 Sec. longer.

40:09 Min. - 40:17 Min.


Runtime: DC 8 Sec. longer.

41:04 Min. - 41:23 Min.

The take of the picture of Mina and Kanzaki can be seen longer in the theatrical version, the additional take of bot his longer in the DC.

Runtime: DC 18 Sec. longer.

46:36 Min. - 46:46 Min.

Kudo tells more about him.

Runtime: DC 10 Sec. longer.

46:49 Min. - 47:00 Min.

Mina talks longer to Kudo. The DC lacks a part of the original take.

Runtime: DC 9 Sec. longer.

51:53 Min. - 54:34 Min.

Long conversation between Mina and another victim on the rooftop at night (nice optic!).

Runtime: DC 162 Sec. longer.

94:12 Min. - 94:19 Min.

Extended conversation between Kudo and Kanzaki.

Runtime: DC 8 Sec. longer.

94:40 Min.

Minimally shortened take of Kudo and Kanzaki in the DC.

Runtime: THEATRICAL VERSION 1 Sec. longer.

96:10 Min. - 96:43 Min.

After Kanzakiís gun is empty he says something in the DC. The theatrical version offers a take of Kudo who asks if he will take revenge. The tracking shot through the trees is cut in the theatrical version.

Runtime: DC 24 Sec. longer.

97:00 Min. - 97:05 Min.

The tracking shot through the woods is cut in its end, too..

Runtime: DC 6 Sec. longer.

113:00 Min. - 113:43 Min.

Longer conversation of the survivors how they could save the world.

Runtime: DC 43 Sec. longer.

113:57 Min. - 54:34 Min.

Again, the conversation is longer. Afterwards the preparation ceremony is intercut in some takes. Some parts are extended or cut-

Runtime: no time difference.

119:36 Min. - 119:57 Min.

Kudo sits sadly in front of the gate. The next close-up runs longer to its beginning in the theatrical version and longer to its end in the DC.

Runtime: DC 11 Sec. longer.

121:13 Min. - 121:42 Min.

Mina explains Kudo what the three options are that he can choose from.

Runtime: DC 29 Sec. longer.

The DC runs 659 Sec. (10 Min. 59 Sec.) longer than the theatrical version.