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  • R-Rated
  • BBFC 15 DVD
Release: May 18, 2014 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the US DVD released by Paramount and the UK DVD released by Icon.

In the seventh (or sixth if you only count the Cushing Frankenstein movies) and last part of Hammer's Frankenstein series Frankenstein works in a sanatorium under a false name in order to go on with his experiments of creating new life. He gets help by a mute girl named Sarah, and Simon Helder who got into the sanatorium because of doing experiments with dead bodies. The latter is also a huge admirer of Frankenstein's work. After a few setbacks they are finally able to create the monster which soon turns against its creators.
After five parts plus one reboot it is quite surprising that Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell actually became a good movie. There are great moments with Peter Cushing and the overall scenario inside a sanatorium offers many possibilities that were used quite well. The monster might come across as looking a litte alien. While it is said that all parts of it originate from inmates of the sanatorium, it still seems to have made a short trip to the zoo. Still, the series got a good finale with this movie.

The US DVD includes a cut R-Rated version that was created just for the American market. Several scenes of violence were cut and the finale of the movie was recut a bit.

Finally, the movie was released uncut on a great DVD/Blu-Ray combo box in the UK by Icon. This release is highly recommended. The scene of the cutting of the throat seems to originate from a different master, probably the Dutch Laserdisc which was searched for during the restoration of the movie.

Another cut to the corpse was cut out along with Frankenstein apporaching the coffin.

UK DVD: 4 sec.


A part of the operation scene was cut out. Simon cannot hold the artery. Frankenstein cannot help him because of his hand injury and instead has the idea to fixate the artery with his mouth.

UK DVD: 20 sec.


Frankenstein lets go of the artery and rinses out his mouth.

The US DVD instead shows a cut to the monster.

US DVD: 2 sec.
UK DVD: 14 sec.


The close-up shot of the eyes towards the beginning of the operation was cut out.

UK DVD: 8 sec.


The beginning of the scene where the eye gets pushed into the socket was cut out.

Instead, the US DVD cuts to Sarah.

UK DVD: 4 sec.
US DVD: 12 sec.


Frankenstein is shown longer, followed by Simon who saws the skull open.

UK DVD: 7 sec.


You don't see Frankenstein beginning to detach the skullcap.

UK DVD: 11 sec.


After the monster cut director Adolf's throat, you see blood splashing out of the wound a little longer.

UK DVD: 2 sec.


When they tear the monster to pieces, a short scene towards the beginning was cut out.

UK DVD: 1 sec.


Guts are thrown around a little longer.

UK DVD: 11 sec.


More guts are spread through the room.

The US DVD instead shows a few sequences that were already shown on the UK DVD.

UK DVD: 14 sec.
US DVD: 5 sec.