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  • International Version
  • Japanese Extended Version
Release: Jul 27, 2010 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Habek - external link: IMDB
The cyberspace action movie "Johnny Mnemonic" is one of those films whose budget you can not really see in the film. Maybe, the budget was used for the well-known actors and therefore there was only enough money for making a B-movie-like film in the end. - Keanu Reeves, Dina Meyer, Ice-T, Dolph Lundgren, Udo Kier and Takeshi Kitano who is popular in Japan have important roles. Because of Takeshi Kitano's role, there was a different edition released in Japanese cinemas and DVD-shops than in other countries. But there have not only been added new scenes, instead the original version seemingly was used for another version in Japan. The difficulty of Johnny willing to get back his memory is less important her. Instead the film focusses on Takeshi Kitano's ambivalent character. Due to the different version and the fact that the japanese edition is much longer, there are several other advanced scenes or new scenes included. Also, there has probably been some pre-censorship in the US to get an R-Rating in the cinemas. At least, there have been cuts in 2 scenes, since they original version was used in Japan and not only has the international edition been enlarged, but the scenes mentioned have also been included here. That has been marked for readers who are interested only in a specific edition.

Due to the specific edition, there are many uninteresting cuts. There is one shot longer and then another. Many scenes have been completely changed, therefore a 1:1 comparison is not really possible. - Those scenes are mentioned, but since nobody will be interested in that, there is not too much written about them. Changes of content are mentioned of course.

There is also a different soundtrack in the Japanese Edition. Rock music and more complex film music have been used in this edition. In the Normal Edition, you often hear keyboard tones that are probably there to create a huge atmosphere. Because of the Rock used in the OST, the music has a rather rapid effect. - The soundtrack is not mentioned often in this comparison.

In the end, there is the question whether the enlarged japanese edition makes the film any better? Indeed, the new action and the changed soundtrack make the film a bit better. But you can say: If you also disliked the film before, the japanese edition won't have a really huge impact on your view of the film. But if you liked the film, you should definitely take a look at the Japanese Edition, since it is simply better than the International Edition.
In this comparison, the Japanese laser disc edition by Emotion has been used. Having the longer edition on the Japanese DVD is probable, but not self-evident. Because of problems with the master disc, the American DVD-release might also be used. Sadly, we did not have the Japanese DVD but we think that it will also contain the longer edition.

Nevertheless, if you want to buy the three DVD mentioned above, you will have to pay through your nose: The DVD will cost 50-60 dollars without mailing expenses und there is not even a DD 5.1 sound, but instead english DD. 2.0 Surround. But after all, the japanese DVD is regional code 2.

For this comparison ,the hinternational Theatrical Edition and the Japanese edition on the laser disc by Emotion have been used.

The time measurement goes after the international DVD.

Due tue the cuts and the use of alternative material you cannot really tell how long the cuts are all together, but if you ignore that problem, you have the following:

  • 38 New and advanced story line mit ca. 470 Sec. = 7 Min. 50 Sec. Total length.
  • 5 Scenes containing violence or scenes that could be of that kind = 17,5 Sec.
  • 24 Enlarged unimportant shots or scenes that are longer due to the alternative material.
  • All in all, the Japanese edition is about 8 Min. 55 Sec. longer.
  • Introduction scene containing the prostitute in the hotel
    0.02.22 New or advanced scene
    Johny having talked to the prostitute, there is a part of the following dialog missing in the Theatrical Edition:
    She looks about the flat and finds a few fold up shirts and other stuff. Then, she asks him where he wants to go this time. He responds and adds: "How I make my living...".
    16,5 Sec.

    0.02.30 New or advanced scene
    When the woman puts on her long socking and asks Johnny where his home is at, alternative material has been used in both editions and the JP-edition has been extended slightly.

    Theatrical Edition:
    The woman draws the socking up her knee and can be seen after a shot.

    You can see Johnny longer after he was asked where is home is at.
    3 Sec.

    When Johnny asks the woman whether she wants to go out, you can see him longer. The following shot is also longer.
    1 Sec.

    The scene where the woman draws up her socking has been changed, she is standing a little more remote. Furthermore, the perspective of the camera has been changed whilst you can see the upper bart of her body.,
    In the JP-Edition, she also looks at a packed bag standing in the room. Not before that, she asks Johnny where his home is at and the perspective has been changed again.

    Duration of the scene in the Theatrical Edition: 3,5 Sec.
    Duration of the scene in the JP-Edition: 7 Sec.
    Difference: 3,5 Sec.

    Johnny talking to Ralphie over the phone
    The shot with Johnny wearing underwear is a bit longer, aswell as the following shot. You also hear a "Yeah", sarcasticly spoken.
    4 Sec.

    0.04.30 New or advanced scene
    Different material:

    You can hear the ending of the telephone call only during the Off. "Great. The commital will take place in Beijing".

    Normal Edition:
    The scene with the phone call has a normal ending here. You can first see Ralphie on the display, then Johnny.

    You see a change of scenes to the protesters in Beijing, but the material used here has been cut differently in the normal edition.. Die credits at the beginning continue and the phone call ends in the Off.
    It would take too long to mention all the changes in the next scene. Thus, we have decided to only mention the total time starting at the point where there is a difference between the different editions and ending where they are similar again.

    Normal Edition, 4 shots: 9 Sec.
    JP-Edition, 1 shot: 42 Sec.
    Difference: 33 Sec.

    0.04.47 New or advanced scene
    In the JP-Edition, you can see a little bit more of the demonstration escalating: Johnny walks through the crowd longer and a woman falls on the floor.
    6 Sec.

    You can see the protesters longer.
    1 Sec.

    Der Datenupload
    0.05.11 New or advanced scene
    Zur Einordnung:
    When Johnny enters the building he later receives his 320 GB in, there is a news program showing the demonstration again.

    Description of the cuts:
    This scene is longer at the beginning in the JP-Edition. You can see a speaker talking about the demonstration. Then there is a cut and the news program shows the pictures of the protesters you can also see in the Normal Edition. Nevertheless, you can still hear the speaker in the JP-Edition, but not in the Normal Edition.The two new things are: 1.) The reporter at the beginning of the show, 2.) His comment during the Off.
    6,5 Sec.

    The first scene that is completely new:
    Having made his way through the hotel lobby, Johnny sits next to a Chinese man and talks to him. Alas, the scene is in Chinese and we therefore can not tell what it is about. The only English sentence is Johnny's ,"Not even Close" at the end of the conversation.

    The following can be assumed:
    The man hands a little black box over to Johnny.This box looks exactly like the "doubler" Johnny used in the elevator to increase his memory capacity to 160 GB. He therefore probably didn't manage to obtain the "doubler" and the Chinese man is some kind of "hardware dealer". The conversation appears to be a bit depressing and it looks as though the two of them have known each other for some time.

    34 Sec.

    You can see the Asian man at the window longer. Or, to be more precise, his eyes...
    1 Sec.

    0.06.55 New or advanced scene
    One of the Chinese men zaps through the TV program prior to Johnny ringing the door bell.
    3 Sec.

    0.07.56 New or advanced scene
    Having pulled out the movement detector like a desperado, Johnny says something in the JP-Edition to calm the scared men down.
    2 Sec.

    You can see one of the scientists for a longer time.
    0,5 Sec.

    0.16.36 New or advanced scene
    The first scene in favor of a longer appearance of Takeshi Kitano, playing Takahashi, the director of the ruthless concern.

    Takahashi is sitting on the bed, looking at the hologram that shows a playing girl, his daughter. His secretary comes in and turns off the simulation. She tells him Shinchi had just arrived. Takahashi stands up to leave the room and lets a doll fall on the floor.
    26 Sec.

    0.17.31 New or advanced scene
    The conversation between Takahashi and Shinji has been extended slightly. When Shinji explains he had not reported the incident because he had not wanted to bother Takahashi after the loss of his daughter, he adds in the JP-Edition:"I assumed you had not been available."
    3 Sec.

    0.18.31 New or advanced scene
    The scene continues in the JP-Edition after Shinji's having gone., Takahashi turns on a little television coming out of his noble desk. You simply see the usual pirate program showing Ice-T who provokes to opposition.
    15 Sec.

    Ralfi's Bar
    0.19.11 New or advanced scene
    A recording of the singer, then you see the bar.
    3 Sec.

    ca. 0.19.38
    In the scene with Jane (Dina Meyer) and Spider watching Ralphi's two bodyguards, there has been used different material for each version. Obviously, the scene was recorded several times and another one of the records has been used in the JP-Edition. The best example for this is the point where you see the bathers. Therefore, a detailed comparison is impossible but nothing has been changed concerning the content.

    You can see the bold man pursuing Johnny longer in the JP-Edition after he has examined the man that was just shot and has moved away from him. In the first shot, you see J-Bone (Ice-T) roping down the roof behind him.
    Then, there is a cut and you see Johnny for a longer time, regarding the man from a hiding place.
    2 Sec.

    0.25.30 New or advanced scene
    The next new scene with Takeshi Kitano:
    He is in his office again and the television comes out of the noble desk for a second time. He is watching a video recording showing his daughter and suddenly, there are image interferences. You can see a woman (who turns out to be the former concern director)on the screen. Her words are not very sophisticated, indeed she simply repeats the phrase "Oh, how sad it is to lose a child, your only child, what a lesson is that?"
    In terms of its content, the scene really could have been omitted, butsome might argue that it makes Takahashi's decision to help Johnny in the end clearer because he met the woman much earlier.
    55 Sec.

    Ralfi's bar again
    0.26.01 New or advanced scene
    After Ralphie's: "Not in the head!" and after seeing Johnny on the floor being unconscious, the transvestite bodyguard says something else. Unfortunately, it is not possible to understand him because of the loud music.
    2,5 Sec.

    You can see Jane in the ventilation shaft for a longer time.
    1 Sec.

    You can see the box intended to contain Johnny's head for a longer time.
    0,5 Sec.

    b>Back in Takahashi's office
    For the context:
    Johnny having had his fit in the tunnel because of the "data overflow" in his head, there is a change of scenes and you see Takahashi's office. Tahashi is turning on another shirt. In the German Edition, you see an enormous tatoo on his back that shows his being a member of the Yakuza.

    This is interesting because different material has been used in the two Edition. In the JP-Edition, the Tatoo is nearly missing since you can only see it for a very short time and it is only at the image border! Did the producers want to avoid showing Takahashi's Yakuza membership to the Japanese audience in order to not have his role appear unappealing because Takahashi only becomes one of the good guys at the very end?

    Normal Edition:
    Takahashi takes off his shirt und you can see the huge Yakuza tatoo on his back. He grabs another shirt out of the drawer.

    Japanese Edition:
    Takahashi is standing in front of the mirror und you can see two katana swords. He is just putting on the shirt. You can see the tatoo for a short time at the image border.
    Duration of the scene in the Normal Edition: 7,5 Sec.
    Duration of the scene in the Japanese Edition: 7 Sec.
    Difference: 0,5 Sec.

    0.33.40 New or advanced scene
    When the woman appears on Takahashi's screen again, she talks a bit longer during the Off.

    Context: It is also a part of the dialog (which is still identical here). The new parts have been marked cursively:
    "You have become a risk for her. - Look closely at your footboy. The one that wants the courier's head. He is planning to destroy you. You have to render him innocuous. Now! - then we can talk"
    You can see Takahashi's face for a longer time due to the dialog having advanced:
    2,5 Sec.

    0.34.04 New or advanced scene
    The scene showing Takahashi has been changed in an interesting way in the JP-Edition:
    The scene ends in the Normal Edition when you see Takahashi's daughter on the screen for the last time. In the JP-Edition, you can see Takahashi afterwards. During the Off, you hear a secretary telling Shiniji was also there with two of his people. (We remember: The woman on the internet had just told Takashi his footboy was willing to kill him.) - Takahashi takes on of the two swords which you were only able to see in the JP-Edition. He goes to the floor in front of his office and meets the secretary there. The secretary shouts out to Shinji he was not allowed to enter. Then she explains to Takahashi she had told them to wait. Takahashi approaches the three men, asking them who they were. Shinji responds they were to of his men. When Takahashi is standing in front of them, one of Shinji's men approaches him aggressively, but before he can do something, Takahashi kills him with his sword. The other subworker tries to interfere, but he is stabbed by Takahashi, too. Then, Takahashi turns one of the two dead persons on his back and cuts the buttons of his shirt with the sword. A huge tatoo is thereby revealed.
    Takashi turns to Shinji and puts the sword on his shoulders angrily. He accuses Shinji of of having tried to catch the courier without letting him know and having failed at that. He asks him to avoid this happening another time. Scared and angry at the same time, Shinji agrees. Then, Takahashi commands him to find the courier and to tell him then, so he can survey the capture himself.
    At the end, Takahashi turns away angrily and shouts out something in Japanese. Shinji goes away angrily, too.

    The scene improves the film in general and fits well in the plot. On the one hand, you can see an apparent attempt of Shinji trying to harm Takahashi, on the other hand Takashi reacts applicably after his wife's warning. Furthermore, the scene shows that Takahashi is interested in the data in Johnny's head after talking to his wife because they reportedly could "give his life a new meaning". The scene also explains Takahashi's appearance at the end.
    96, 5 Sec.

    A little part of the content has been removed during the previous cut in the JP-Edition, although this part is included in the Normal Edition.
    You can see Johnny sleeping. He is dreaming and scenes from his former life are shown in an episode-like way. He seems to be able to remember those scenes.
    7,5 Sec. in the JP-Edition

    Takahashi instructs the priest (Dolph Lundgren)
    A minimum of alternative material has been used again..
    The priest has a small monitor integrated in his bible. He uses it in order to talk to Takahashi using a videophone. At the point where : "A courier... has recently been seen in the Drome (?) " is said, the cut has been made slightly different. In the Normal Edition you can see the priest and hear the voice during the Off. In the JP-Edition, you can still see Takahashi on the display instead.

    No time difference

    0.42.46 New or advanced scene
    Rifling through several credit cards,Johnny states he can use none of them because the Yakuza survey the internet and wait for his first transaction. Then, he has an idea and puts away the coffee.
    When he rifles through Jane's stuff, the Normal Edition continues.
    13 Sec.

    0.44.54 New or advanced scene
    You can see a church from the outside. Lundgren is giving a histrionic speech in front of some of his followers. Then, Takashi's subworkers enter through the door to bring him a cold box for Johnny's head. During one shot, there is bleak background music and you can see the implants for improving reflex closely which bedeck Lundgren's body.
    At the end, he tells the crowd he had to leave them now and two servants dress him with a coat.
    49 Sec.

    Spider's studio
    0.51.19 New or advanced scene
    Having awaken on the borrow, Jane looks at Spider who is ust examining Johnny's implant. The shot on Johnny and Spider is then interrupted and you can see Jane again. She jumps of the barrow and approaches the two of them. This shot can only be found in the Japanese Edition. In the Normal Edition, the shot on Johnny and Snider is not interrupted by a shot on Jane.
    5 Sec.

    Spider having killed the priest and Johnny having asked him who did that, you can see another shot on Spider driving right before you see the priest on the street.
    2 Sec.

    Private NAS hospital
    A little bit of alternative material has been used here:
    When a man on a barrow rolls in , who had just been stabbed, Johnny jumps into a corner in order to evade the barrow. In der JP-Fassung ist er zunächst At first, you can see him in the corner for a longer time in the JP-Edition and the following shot on the priest is different in both editions.

    Normal Edition:
    The priest is just walking into the room through the plastic curtain.

    Japanese Edition:
    The priest is already in the room.

    Duration of the scene in the Normal Edition: 2,5 Sec.
    Duration of the scene in the Japanese Edition: 3,5 Sec.
    Difference: 1 Sec.

    0.57.55 New or advanced scene
    In the Japanese Edition, there is another shot on spider standing on the back of the priest. He once again shouts out to Johnny and Jane: "Go away!!!" - At the same time, the priest is shouting.
    1,5 Sec.

    0.58.14 Cut due to violence
    Der Priester nails Spider's hand to a lamp with a scalpel. This shot is longer in the Japanese Edition and the priest turns the scalpel several times. - You hear a loud whining.
    2 Sec.

    0.58.23 Cut due to violence
    When the priest rams the second scalpel into Spider's other hand, you see an editional shot on the priest striking out.
    0,5 Sec.

    The devastated bridge
    1.00.02 New or advanced scene
    Another shot on Johnny who is shouting in the direction of the bridge, asking whether someone is there.
    3 Sec.

    The shot on one of the stupid watchmen trying to throw a bug at Johnny is longer. He climbs out of the while speaking. In the Normal Edition, you can hear his "clever" idee only during the off.
    2,5 Sec.

    1.01.20 New or advanced scene
    The second one of the watchmen warns his friend longer not to throw a bug at Spider. He says another sentence(which unfortunately is inaudible), right before his friend says: "No really, I'ma do it!"
    2 Sec.

    You can hear Johnny saying "Hey, wake up, goddamit!" for a longer time.
    1 Sec.

    Some alternative material again.

    The context:
    After the strange guy has thrown a bug at Johnny ("accidentally on purpose"), you can see him and his friend looking at the result of their action from above.

    Description of the cuts:
    Two different parts of the same shot have been used for the two editions.

    Japanese Edition:
    The second watchman goes from the back to the front of the scene and says to his friend stunned: "Man, you are an idiot!".

    You see the end of the shot here in which the second watchman does not say anything, but looks at his friend stunned and shakes his head.
    Duration of the scene in the Japanese Edition: 3,5 Sec.
    Duration of the scene in the Normal Edition: 1,5 Sec.
    Difference:2 Sec.

    Some insignificant material again, showing Johnny having had his little rage attack about room service and mexican beer. At first, you can see him longer in the Japanese Edition, when he desperately hangs his head after saying: "Just like they wash themselves in the Imperial Hotel in Tokio..."
    The following shot on Jane is different in the two editions. In the Normal Edition, she fully appears, the Japanese Edition shows her from a remote perspective.
    No Time Difference

    You can see Jane longer after letting J-Bone loose.
    2 Sec.

    1.05.39 New or advanced scene
    When traumatised Johnny is carried through their base (in the bridge) by J-Bone's people, you can see a shot from Johnny's perspective at the end in which he becomes dizzy. Frankly speaking: Everything is spinning.
    3,5 Sec.

    There are less (and partly other) flashbacks of Johnny in the Japanese Edition in which he sometimes is still dreaming unconciously. On the other hand, you can see Jane longer here, bringing Johnny a cup of coffee.

    The flashback sequence is 2 Sec. shorter in the JP-Edition.
    Nevertheless, you can see Jane 5 seconds longer in the JP-Edition.

    1.06.16 New or advanced scene
    The shot on Johnny and Jane is longer. Johnny says he was well before narrating about his dream.
    6 Sec.

    When Johnny and Jane kiss, J-Bone's saying "We have a special room for such things" is missing, aswell as the following shot on Jane laughing embarassedly.
    4,5 Sec. in the Japanese Edition

    The scene with J-Bone "Follow me to Jones“ is longer in the Japanese Edition. At first, he comes a few steps closer here before saying his sentence.
    3 Sec.

    There is a different shot on Johnny and Jane in both editions after J-Bones saying "Follow me to Jones"- nevertheless, the Normal Edition is longer here.
    Duration of the scene in the JP-Edition: 1 Sec.
    Duration of the scene in the Normal Edition: 3 Sec.
    Difference: 2 Sec.

    1.06.53 New or advanced scene
    In the JP-Edition, J-Bone, Johnnie and Jane walk through the base for a longer time. Furthermore, J-Bone explains they horted everything they need.
    5 Sec.

    A new scene has been added in the Japanese Edition at the point where J-Bone is leading Johnny through the base, showing Takahashi's and Shinji's gang driving towards the bridge. - This scene is shown later and slightly shorter in the Normal Edition.

    Jones - The Dolphin
    In the scene whereW J-Bone, Johnnie and other enter the command centre, alternative material has been used. The shot on Johnny and several TVs is partly different in both editions.

    Duration of the scene in the Japanese Edition: 7 Sec.
    Duration of the scene in the Normal Edition: 8 Sec.
    Difference: 1 Sec.

    In the scene with J-Bone pointing at Jones (the dolphin), there is a different shot in both editions.
    In the Japanese Edition, you see Jane next to Jones.
    In the Normal Edition, you see a close-up view on Jones.

    The short scene with Johnny being introduced to the dolphin and then saying contemptuosly "It is fish" has been changed so extremely in both editions that it is not possible for us to show all cuts in depth. Furthermore, the content has not been changed.

    No time difference can be noticed

    1.08.26 New or advanced scene
    J-Bone climbs up the wooden ladder to Jones' aquarium, explaining that Jones is not just an animal, but a junkie instead. He then injects him a blue liquid and further explains he is injecting him this drug in order to make him believe he was still swimming (... what a clever super fish).
    17 Sec.

    1.08.52 New or advanced scene
    When Shinji leaves the car and investigates the bridge with his spyglass, he first looks at the huge fire caused by the previous explosion that occured when the two watchmen threw the car on Johnny- Afterwards, he looks up higher in the air and there is a shot on the bridge( perceived through the spyglass).
    3 Sec.

    Alternative material again:
    In the Japanes

    In the Normal Edition, you see another shot on the bridge instead.
    No Time Difference

    Shinji approaches the bridge for a longer time.
    4 Sec.

    1.09.04 New or advanced scene
    The armament scene of the Yakuza has been advanced by one shot in the Japanese Edition, showing how someone opens his back and takes out a gun.
    This scene is placed after the shot with the guy grabbing a bazooka.
    2 Sec.

    1.09.29 New or advanced scene
    In the Japanese Edition, J-Bone explains to Johnny why he is not allowed to move his head during the procedure (...some technical talk about Johnny's implants in the room).
    6 Sec.

    1.10.12 New or advanced scene
    Another shot on the Yakuza getting ready underneath the bridge.
    3,5 Sec.

    1.10.15 New or advanced scene
    In the Japanese Edition, Shinji gives his crew instructions during the whole scene in which the Yakuza get ready. This can not be found in the Normal Edition. Furthermore, rock music has been used in the Japanese Edition whilst the sound used in the Normal Edition is sinister in an unspectacular way.
    In the Japanese Edition, there is a cut on Shinji who gives instructions, looking up. Then, there is a shot on some Yakuza running through the screen. The scene showing how the first arrow is shot into the bridge has been enlarged at the beginning in the Japanese Edition. A man approaches from behind and gives the arrow to the shooter.
    7 Sec.

    The first shot, showing how the Yakuza hoist themselves up the bridge, is longer in the Japanese Edition at the beginning.
    1,5 Sec.

    Another longer shot on the Yakuza.
    1,5 Sec.

    The scene with J-Bone and others preparing everything for Jones to hack into Johnny's brain aswell as the scene with Takahashi flying around the bridge with a helicopter, has been changed extremely. No scene is at its original position, but in the end, there haven't been any changes concerning the content.
    No time difference (noticeable)

    J-Bone pulls Jane away from Johnny.
    2 Sec.

    There is a shot on Johnny missing in the Japanese Edition.
    1,5 in the Japanese Edition

    1.11.21 New or advanced scene
    In the Japanese Edition, the scene with Johnny's brain being hacked and the Yakuza creeping over the bridge at the same time have been changed slightly. - Two new consecutive scenes have been added in the Japanese Edition :
    There are two Yakuza lookouts at the end of the bridge (including the woman with the bazooka) and a shot on the moronic guard, (who threw the bug for fun previously) apologizing to his friend.
    9,5 Sec.

    Two shots are missing in the Japanese Edition: One with Johnny with his cyberhelmet, clenching his face and one with Jones.
    1,5 Sec. in the Japanese Edition

    The woman with the rocket launcher takes off her helmet. . - The normal edition continues when the woman gets ready to shoot.
    4 Sec.

    In the Japanese Edition, a scene has been cut out, showing Takahashi walking along the bridge and his helicopter , that he had just left, turning away.
    5 Sec. in the Japanese Edition.

    When the woman tells Takashi that Johnny knows how to heal NAS, the shot on Takashi has been shortened in the Japanese Edition. - His blinking is conspicuosly heavy during this shot. This might be the reason...
    1,5 Sec. in the Japanese Edition

    There are two different shots on the screens showing the woman in both editions. - In the Normal Edition, Takahashi can be seen at the border of the screen. The Japanese Edition is slightly longer here.

    1.18.20 Cut due to violence
    The priest takes one of Janes' sharp throwing sticks out of her bag and ramms it into her right hand. - You see him striking out in the Normal Edition. Furthermore, you can hear Jane scream during the off.
    In the Japanese Edition, you see the metall stick spearing through her hand, pinning her to the container. Then, there is a shot back on the priest who leaves her arm loose.
    The following shot on Johnny hearing her screams has been shortened due to the changes at the beginning.
    3 Sec.

    2 Sec.

    FETT]1.18.31 Cut due to violence
    Before trying to stab Jane with the second throwing stick, the priest adds in the Japanese Edition: "Jesus is waiting."
    5,5 Sec.

    1.18.43 New or advanced scene
    While Johnny is being defeated by the priest and laying on the floor dazed, there are a few short cyberspace-flashbacks in the Japanese Edition.
    2 Sec.

    1.18.55 Cut due to violence
    Jane asks Jones to help her (kill the priest). - When she pulls back her hand from the glass of the aquarium, a streak of blood appears.
    6,5 Sec.

    The priest's passing
    All those that have heard of the advanced Japanese Editon before will probably be interested in this part. Presumably, the priest's passing has been censored by digital alienation.
    Frankly speaking, the dying scene consists of two parts: At first, Jane makes the priest's implants burst with the aid of Dolphin, Jones and a satellite dish. This can be seen in further shots, too. Then, Johnny hands an electric cable over to the man and he burns up. - It has been presumed that the exploding implants have been overlapped here by a computer effect at one point.
    Nevertheless, the scene is thoroughly identical in both editions.!! The shots and the single scenes have been painstakingly examined part by part; they are identical!

    There are merely a few new shots on the involved protagonists (Johnny, Jones)(see the single cuts). - Those are no cuts due to censorship though.
    The "beam", which Jane and Jones use in order to make the implants burst with the help of satellite dish, has also been changed. In the Normal Edition, it has been animated and therefore, you see something pixel-like coming out of the dish, hitting the priest. In the Japanese Edition, this weak and totally illogical effect has been left out. But nevertheless, nothing has been "overlapped". The beam had already been missing previosly when Jones used it against Johnny because Johnny had called him "fish".

    The scene with the priest trying to cut off Johnny's head and Jane and Jones coming to help him has been changed again. There are no longer shots or differences regarding the content of the film.
    No time difference

    1.19.13 New or advanced scene
    When Jones' "beam" is approaching the priest, there are two additional shots in the Japanese Edition: One of the priest looking around uneasily and one of the beam going around the floor, making a bottle burst.
    2 Sec.

    1.19.14 New or advanced scene
    After Jane's shouting "yes!!" , there is another shot on the priest panicking.
    0,5 Sec.

    1.19.27 New or advanced scene
    While the priests' implants are bursting, there are two new shots on Jones and Johnny.
    2 Sec.

    When the priest is bursting between electric cables in the end, there are shots on Johnny and you normally see shots on Johnny, there is a shot on Jones' fail fin instead.
    No time difference

    Another shot on Johnny has been exchanged by one on Jones.
    No time difference

    1.20.30 New or advanced scene
    After Johnny's giving him the second picture, Jones says: "Sit down!".
    1 Sec.

    When the former director of Pharmacom is talking to Johnny, the closeup of her face on a screen is shown later.
    All in all, the scene with Johnny talking to the woman who is then deleted by Pharmacom has been changed slightly and little alternative material has been used. - The content has not been changed.
    No time difference

    Johnny hopefully puts his hand into an aquarium and then goes to J-Bone. Both are looking at the huge screen without power. - This scene is shown earlier in the Japanese Edition, but is longer due to having been extended by the part in which Johnny stands next to J-Bone.
    5 Sec.

    Johnny hacks into his brain with the aid of J-Bone.
    1.21.48 New or advanced scene
    J-Bone tells Johnny he should try to save the cure, even if he is killed doing that. - All in all, it can be said that J-Bone says totally different things here. In the Normal Edition, he maunders about secret computer virusses etc, in the Japanese Edition he does not raise Johnny's hope very much...
    7 Sec.

    Johnny is walking. In the Normal Edition, you can only see the end of that shot.
    1,5 Sec.

    1.22.40 New or advanced scene
    When the happenings finally begin and Johnny is sitting on the chair readily, there have been some changes in the Japanese Edition and the scene has been extended.
    In the Normal Edition you see Johnny first, then the dolphin, then Johnny again. All these shots are included in the Japanese Edition in another order. The Japanese Edition begins with the shot in the Dolphin followed by the shot on Johnny and another FX-scene that has not been included in the Normal Edition. Then, you see the last shot on Johnny.
    The Japanese Edition is of course longer due to the FX-scene:
    9 Sec.

    After Johnny's saying : "Begin", both editions are totally different.
    In the Japanese Edition you only see the happenings in the cyberspace whilst in the Normal Edition, there are shots on J-Bone and Jane observing the hacking process on the screen aswell. On that screen, you see the things thar are shown in arge-screen version in the Japanese Edition. When Cyberjohnny hits the camera, both versions are identical again. in die Kamera fliegt sind beide Versionen wieder identisch.
    I will refrain from telling you all the differences now, since the content has not been changed: Johnny hacks his brain.

    You see one shot on the cyberspace longer.
    1 Sec.

    83th minute
    At this point, a description is nearly impossible :The scyberspace showdown and the following download of Pharmacon's data has been cut so differently in both editions that one cannot compare them anymore. You can hardly find a scene at the point where it is in the other edition. Nevertheless, nearly everything is the same.

    There is a difference though when Johnny duplicates himself in order to beguile the defense program. In the Normal Edition, his copy is shot , whilst in the Japanese Edition it is shot too, but it can make it to the whatever-that-is.
    The Normal Edition distinguishes from the Japanese Edition by its continuing shots on Jane- Jones or J-Bone.
    It is also impossible to notice a time difference, let alone the question whether there actually is one.

    A more important difference can be noticed after the procedure: In the Normal Edition, the rescuing of the world from the NAS-plague and the destruction of the corrupt company Phamacom had not been deemed to be happy-end enough, so another sequence has been added to the cyberspace story, showing Johnny recovering his lost memories. - This, just like the flashbacks, has been left out in the Japanese Edition.
    26 Sec. in the Japanese Edition

    Just for the sake of completeness: The end with Johnny, J-Bone and Jane observing the burning Pharmacom building from the bridge and with the priest's corpse being thrown in the water has been cut differently in both editions, in an irrelevant way though.