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  • R-Rated
  • Extended Version
Release: Aug 06, 2009 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated US-Special Edition (MGM) and the German DVD from Best Entertainment.

The German DVD contains an extended cut of the movie that is based on the uncut R-Rated version but features nearly all former deleted scenes of the US-DVD and US-Laserdic that have been reinserted for this release plus even those scenes, that are not featured on the US-DVD like the one with Donna being nude at the "forestal pool".

Again, a short summary:

German DVD: All deleted scenes except for the scene were Fred and Terry say goodbye to each other.
US Special Edition: Two deleted scenes are missing. T.C. scents something and the nude scene of Donna.


R-Rated: 90:16 Min
Best Entertainment (BE): 99:49 Min.

10 scenes with a total runtime of 9:33 min.

Comparison of DVD quality:

BE; ca. 1,65:1

US Special Edition DVD (MGM). US DVD contains two formats:




Karen in front of a mirror, she puts some crème onto her body and recognizes the wound from her encounter with Eddie.

12 Sec.


Bill has a conversation about playing tennis and hunting activities.

Jack tells him to focus his mind on his backhand and not to cramp his shoulder. Jerry responds that Jack teaches him how to play tennis while he shows him how to hunt. Bill explains that he don’t like hunting at all and adds that one friend of him once shot a deer and therefore both have divided.

31 Sec.


Karen says goodbye to Bill.

Karen tells him that she is nervous. Bill explains her that he will be back on Saturdays and that she can phone him at the club. Karen answers him that the old guy scares her but Bill responds that she should relax because everything is going to be fine.

Both are kissing each other, Bill gets into the car.

Bill tells her to come to him.

He pulls over Karen and they are kissing each other. Afterwards he enters the car and drives off.

Karen waves him goodbye.

Karen continues looking at his car which drives off.

Change of scenery: Group therapy

Donna in the middle.

Dr. Waggner: "We know this, Karen, we know this only too well."
Donna explains how she recognized for the first time that she has the gift and that she had difficulties in accepting it. Dr. Waggner tells her she sounds pretty much like his book and Donna excuses and tells him that she has the feeling to loose control over her body. Dr. Waggner explains that feelings of uselessness are a huge burden and that the inner enemy is the true danger. It is all about paranoia. Karen responds he should watch more news because the imminent danger comes from outside as Dr. Waggner tells her that he is pretty much aware of this fact.

2:04 Min.


Karen and Donna are talking to the Sheriff (Sam) a bit longer.

Karen tells him that she might have overreacted but Sam agrees with her.

Karen drops a tennis ball, Sam picks it up.

Sam tells her he will observe the area because he thinks the strange things which occurred have a two-legged background. Karen asks him what if it is a four-legged problem and he responds that, if so, he will erase the pelt bunch.

30 Sec.


Group therapy scene starts earlier.

Karen tells she was looking through all the phone boxes until she found the box with the sticker. Suddenly the telephone began to ring and Eddie was on the other end and asked her if she is alone. He told her to meet at the sex shop and that she has to keep an eye on the special sticker at one of the cabins.

Change of scenery: Bill is talking with Jerry while hunting.

Jerry explains him that Donna is impressed by Karen and is wondering if she receives naughty messages from other guys because she is famous. Bill tells him that they never had any problems with naughty messages.

T.C. scents something.

Jerry says that T.C. found a trace and Bill is excited.

Again a change of scenery: Karen and the group therapy, flashbacks while the conversation.

Dr. Waggner tells her to enter and Karen responds what she recognizes. She tells him that she finds the door with the sticker, but it’s locked.

1:45 Min.


Karen and Donna are in a „forestal pool”.

Both have a conversation. Karen tells Donna that she don’t know why Bill is in rage. They continue talking about the hydro-therapy and finally they divide.

Donna takes her clothes and leaves.

Karen thinks she is being observed and yells for Donna.

She yells that she knows that there is someone and that the person should come out.

Hunters appear and Karen is scared.

Sam asks what has happened and Karen answers that she thought of having heard a howling wolf. Sam tells her that he is pretty sure that no wolf would attack her and apologizes for scaring her.

Both hunters are gazing.

Sam tells them that they should let Karen alone and that they stay near while she can dress herself.

2:50 min.


Karen and Terry are walking along the beach.

Terry tells her that she should know what Bill feels for her and that he is talking about her every day. Karen tells him that she is the last person he should change roles with.

Bill observes both of them.

29 Sec.


Bill enters a room and sits down.

23 sec.


R-Rated: Terry glimpses through a small gap into the wardrobe and moves on to the next room.

BE: Terry opens the wardrobe and sees a stuffed animal and runs into the next room in fear.

15 sec.


Karen goes to the cabin. She is looking for Bill but can’t find him. She continues walking through the wood. Behind her a werewolf appears.

34 sec.