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  • PG-13
  • Extended Version
Release: Sep 28, 2008 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: jack ass - external link: IMDB
Comparison of the PG-13 version and the extended version.

After "Scary-", "Date-" and "Epic Movie" came in 2008 "Superhero Movie", which made fun in particular on the superhero movies of recent years. The quality of the gags ranges from stupid (the timelessness of fart-gags is pretty astounding) to amusing. Thanks to Leslie Nielsen and guest stars such as Pamela Anderson, the movie is still worth a look.
In the US there were two different versions of the film released: A PG-13 and an Extended Edition.

The PG-13 version misses out some of the dirty jokes as well as slightly more violence in some scenes in order to make the movie more family-friendly. Because of the longer run time and the accordingly higher count of gags, the extended is clearly the version to go for.

Interestingly, the DVD featuring the PG-13 version lacks additionally not only the audio commentary of the extended but some of the deleted scenes as well: Rick Changes in Alley, Wall Situps, Non-Stick Toilet Seat, Can you fix a Prostate?, Elastic Tongues and More "Tom Cruise".

Blue marked are alternate scenes. Green marked are scenes only featured in the extended version.
Run times:

PG-13: 75:25 min.
Extended: 81:45 min.


Lou and Dr. Strom try to remove the canvas cover from the chair, but they fail.
Lou Landers: "Strom."

Carlson touches his head. They keep on struggling with the canvas cover.

Lou Landers: "From the-- lift it ov-- lift it over!"

After they finally succeed, triumphant music is playing.


Alternate scene showing the canvas cover beeing easily removed.

Extended: 14,97 sec.
PG-13: 2,73 sec.


The scene in which Rick watches Jill at the window is a little longer.

Her panty hangs at the top of the bed post. She climbs on the bed to get it but then lets herself slide down at the post. In between cuts to Rick who’s watching her.

Extended: 15,00 sec.


The speech from Stephen Hawking runs a little longer in the extended:

Stephen Hawking: "Can I get a what what? Holla. I've got a stiff pole for your sweet hole."


Die Rednerin am Pult ist zu sehen.

Extended: 6,90 sec.
PG-13: 0,70 sec.


A student steps up to Stephen Hawking.

Student: "Dr. Hawking, I am such a fan. I'd love to show you my project on supernovas.”

She bends down in front of him.
Stephen Hawking: "You have an incredible ass...stromony career ahead of you."

Hawking turns and drives off.

Extended: 15,63 sec.



Rick is seen longer. He bumps into Jill who’s carrying her model of the planetary system with her. The planets fly in the air after the little crash, but Rick manages to catch them all with one hand.

Jill: "Wait, where's Saturn? I hate to lose my father's bowling ball."

The Saturn model crashes down on the student’s head.

Rick: "There it is."
Jill: "Great reflexes. You have very manly hands."
Rick: "So do you."
Jill: "I'm gonna go find a spot for my project."
Rick: "Yeah, okay."

Rick puts the balls on a table. Then he sees Jill who’s standing with some friends.


Jill and her girlfriends are seen , then a cut to Rick.

Extended: 41,50 sec.
PG-13: 2,87 sec.



Alternate shot of the young Rick.


Cut to Rick who sees some homeless men standing around a fire.

Rick’s father: "Son, is something troubling you?"
Rick: "It's so unfair. They have nothing."

Extended: 1,67 sec.
PG-13: 5,40 sec.



More dialog between Rick and his parents.

Rick’s father: "Son, is something troubling you?"
Rick: "It's so unfair. They have nothing. Why do we have $2 billion?"
Rick’s father: "Well, your grandfather left us $3 billion and I made some bad investments. But that's nothing for you to worry about."
Rick: "But I want to change things."
Rick’s mother: "And you will. Five generations of Rikers have worked hard to make this city great."


The dialog was cut a little:

Rick’s mother: "And you will."
Rick’s father: "One day Rick."

Extended: 21,87 sec.
PG-13: 2,40 sec.



Landers pushes the dead employee into the wardrobe a little longer.


Same scene, just a little altered and cut.

Extended: 1,97 sec.
PG-13: 1,17 sec.


The extended features another shot of Landers and the dead employee.

Extended: 3,53 sec.



More dialog after Rick and Jill have hugged.

Jill: "Where's Aunt Lucille?"
Rick: "She's at home under heavy sedation. They made her watch three hours of women's basketball. This is all my fault."
Jill: "Rick, it was an armed robbery."


Alternate scene with Rick and Jill.

Rick: "This is all my fault."
Jill: "Rick, it was an armed robbery."

Extended: 9,20 sec.
PG-13: 3,00 sec.



Jill: "Then there is blood on your hands. But that's not important. All that matters is that you're here for him now."

Dr. Whitby enters the room.

Dr. Whitby: "Rick Riker?"
Rick: "Yes."
Dr. Whitby: "Dr. Whitby. I've run some tests. I'm afraid I have bad news."
Rick: "What is it?"
Dr. Whitby: "I have an impacted colon."

He shows Rick an x-ray showing a bottle inside a butt.

Dr. Whitby: "Whew. What a night."


Alternate scenes.

Dr. Whitby enters the room.

Dr. Whitby: "Rick Riker?"
Rick: "Yes."

Extended: 23,13 sec.
PG-13: 2,80 sec.


Rick is seen a little longer; in the next shot Dr. Whitby appears a little earlier.

Extended: 0,40 sec.


Another scene showing how Dr. Whitby examines Uncle Albert.

Dr. Whitby: "Well, I don't know. We should probably have a look."

Dr. Whitby examines Uncle Albert, but holds the flashlight backwards.

Dr. Whitby: "Hard to say. Yup, pretty deep coma."
Rick: "Is he gonna be okay?"

Extended: 11,47 sec.



Xavier: "I'm sure gonna miss her. She was crazy in the sack. Biting, scrating, panting, tongue all over the place."
Invisible Girl: "Wasn't me, asshole. Come on, Spanky."

Spanky appears.

Xavier: "I didn't even knew she had a dog. Still some of the best sex I ever had."

Mrs. Xavier: "How could you do this to me? To your kids?"


Alternate scene with Rick and Xavier.

Mrs. Xavier: "How could you do this to me? To your kids?"

Extended: 17,57 sec.
PG-13: 1,57 sec.


Dragonfly is seen a little earlier.

Extended: 0,5 sec.


Human Torch is seen a little earlier.

Extended: 0,5 sec.


Dragonfly is seen a little longer.

Extended: 0,37 sec.


Human Torch is seen a little longer.

Extended: 0,20 sec.



Dragonfly’s sentence goes on a little after he said he’d watch over the city.

Dragonfly: " a squatting position.


Human Torch is seen a little earlier.

Extended: 2,77 sec.
PG-13: 0,37 sec.


Dragonfly and Human Torch try to find the right position on the statue.

Human Torch: "I actually usually perch in the front."
Dragonfly: "Oh, all right. Well, here, you've got to go around."
Human Torch: "Okay, wait."
Dragonfly: "Just turn this way. Here we go. Dude!"
Human Torch: "You're right, I'm sorry. Relax."

Extended: 9,73 sec.


Dragonfly and Human Torch are seen a little longer; in the next shot they both appear a little earlier.

Extended: 0,70 sec.



Landers: "World's most powerful man."

Landers holds a dead employee in his hand.

Landers: "I have a feeling you might disagree with that."

He throws him away. Dr. Storm enters the room.

Landers: "Strom, do you have my test results?"
Dr. Strom: "Yes, sir. Whatever you're doing to your...victims, rejuvenates you. But only for 24 hours."
Landers: "Hmmm. What if I killed 28 people in one session? Would that give me a month to live?"
Dr. Strom: "If it were February, yes. But only if your cells could absorb that much energy at once, and they can't. I'm afraid you have to kill each day to live each day."
Landers: "Still a slave to the tyranny of time. There must be some answer."
Dr. Strom: "There isn't. Unless...unless you had some cerillium. Then you could create a device powerful enough to draw the life-force out of thousands of people and enhance your own cellular capacity."
Landers: "Strom, you're a genius."
Dr. Strom: "Wikipedia. But that's not important. What is important is that you don't have any cerillium. Besides, it's immoral. We don't do that sort of thing. We're a pharmaceutical company."
Landers: "Wait a minute."


The scene was heavily cut for the PG-13 version.

Landers: "Strom, do you have my test results?"
Dr. Strom: "I'm afraid you have to kill each day to live each day unless you had some cerillium..”

The first sentence is said in both versions right when the building comes into sight.

Extended: 77,33 sec.
PG-13: 8,50 sec.



Dr. Strom: "You're going to steal cerillium?"
Landers: "No, not me. I'm a law abiding citizen. But perhaps there's someone inside me. Someone unfettered by the rule of law. Someone who will, at any cost..."


The dialog was shortened for the PG-13 version.

Dr. Strom: "You're going to steal cerillium?"
Landers: "No, not me, but perhaps there's someone inside me. Someone who will, at any cost..."

Extended: 15,90 sec.
PG-13: 8,90 sec.


A watchman aims at Hourglass, who’s looking at his declining energy display.

Dragonfly: "It's over, Hourglass."
Hourglass: "No, Dragonfly."

Hourglass kills the watchman and rejuvenates himself this way.
Hourglass: "It's just begun!"

Extended: 21,80 sec.


Dragonfly is seen a little earlier.

Extended: 0,37 sec.



A policeman is seen in the TV. The first sentence is already spoken while the house is coming into focus.

Policeman: "Whoever this Dragonfly is, he's in over his head. We don't need so-called superheroes. What Empire City needs is more cops. And a Hooters."

Rick turns the TV off.

Trey: "Titanium blades. Looks like someone found your weakness."


Here one sees instead Rick and Trey a little earlier.

Extended: 13,53 sec.
PG-13: 1,97 sec.



Aunt Lucille turns once more to Rick to gives him an important hint.

Aunt Lucille: "And shave your pubes. No one wants to go down on a tumbleweed."


Slightly altered scene that was already seen earlier in the extended version.

Rick turns on the TV. A policeman is seen.

Policeman: "Whoever this Dragonfly is, he's in over his head. We don't need so-called superheroes. What Empire City needs is more cops. And a Hooters."

Extended: 9,00 sec.
PG-13: 14,37 sec.


Rick gives Jill an answer to the question which dark secret he’s carrying around with him.

Rick: "It was summer camp. We had to share a shower. You trip and fall with your mouth open on one guy's--"
Jill: "No! I mean, in here."

Extended: 11,80 sec.


The extended version features another shot of Uncle Albert in the coffin.

Extended: 1,03 sec.



When Rick walks along the street, a limousine drives by and splashes him with water from a puddle.


Here one sees Rick a little longer instead.

Extended: 15,33 sec.
PG-13: 1,23 sec.


The two figures are seen a little longer, then they change „positions“.

Extended: 7,40 sec.


The cerillium bin is seen a little longer. Jill is seen a little earlier in the next shot.

Extended: 2,03 sec.


Landers is seen a little longer. Then Jill is seen a bit earlier.

Extended: 0,77 sec.


Landers steps up to Jill.

Landers: "It's a pity you saw that, my dear. Perhaps this will help you forget."

He tries to drug Jill but hits instead another woman.

Jill: "What are you doing?"
Woman: "Take me."

She faints. Jill moves away slowly, then one sees Landers a little earlier how he unbuttons his shirt.

Extended: 28,30 sec.


Hourglass rushes through the participants of the convention and meets two guys that are dressed up like Hourglass.

Man1: "Excuse me, there is a line."

Hourglass punches him down.

Man2: "No, you're killing him all wrong. It's like this."

The man punches down another participant which is dressed up like Dragonfly.

Hourglass then extracts him his life energy.

Man2: "Better."

He goes down.

The man in the Dragonfly dress gets up again and says "Oh Shit."

Hourglass fights his way to the chair and activates it.

Extended: 24,57 sec.


The guy in the Dragonfly suit says to Dragonfly:

Man: "So, are you gonna keep the body, or..."

Dragonfly moves to the front with Jill’s body in his hands and bumps her head against several columns.

Extended: 8,70 sec.



The man in the Dragonfly suit watches indifferently how Hourglass walks away.


The participants of the convention start to flee.

Extended: 1,43 sec.
PG-13: 1,43 sec.



Dragonfly: "I need you to jerk this off."

Jill squeezes some creme into her hand.


Alternate scene with Dragonfly and Jill.

Dragonfly: "I need you to yank this off."

Extended: 4,07 sec.
PG-13: 3,03 sec.