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  • US Version
  • German Version
Release: Sep 22, 2014 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the German Version included on the German VHS tape released by VPS and the American Version included on the German DVD released by NSM Records.

The differences:

1 alternative scene = No difference in time.

Directed by James Glickenhaus (Exterminator) and starring Scott Glenn (Silence of the Lambs), this exciting and sensational action thriller about an insane serial killer that rapes and slaughters young girls was released in two different versions. The difference revolves around only one scene where the FBI surrounds and shoots the wrong killer. While this supposed killer is an older man wearing a nazi uniform, the German Version shows a normal younger man. The reason for this alteration is pretty obvious. Also, the shooting of the men includes different amounts of blood. The shooting of the man in the US Version does not include too much blood, while the German Version shows more detailed bullet wounds and quite a lot of blood. Gorehounds thus might find this version - which was released under the title "In Cold Blood" - more appealing.
65 min
In both versions you see the FBI running towards the cabin in the woods where the alleged killer Robert lives. They produce their weapons and get in position. Broderick - who also positioned himself in front of the cabin - tells Robert that the cabin is surrounded and that he should come out. The movie cuts to the inside of the cabin where you can see Robert burning some papers in his oven. From this point onwards, the two versions are different. While in the German Version Robert is just an ordinary young man who has no noticeable visuals whatsoever, he in the US Version is an older man wearing a nazi uniform. Also, there's a swastika flag on the wall. One of the FBI agents shoots a teargas grenade through the window. This makes Robert picking up a gun which he holds in front of him and then pulls the trigger. The shot makes the agents fire their guns. Robert is hit by several bullets which makes for another interesting difference: While the US Version includes a rather harmless and bloodless death scene, the German Version offers more drastic violence. Once the FBI agents stop shooting, they hesitate for a short while. Suddenly, the cabin collapses.
No difference in time.

German Version

US Version