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Laugh it Up Fuzzball: Family Guy Three-Pack (Blue Harvest / Something Something Something Darkside / It's A Trap)



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Family Guy

8.20 Something, Something, Something, Dark Side


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: May 12, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the US Free TV premiere on FOX (05.23.2010, 9 P.M.) and the extended DVD Version

- 37 differences, including
* 12x alternate footage
* 4 audio modifications

- Difference: 635 sec (= 10:35 min)

In December 2009, time had come: the second Star Wars special from Seth MacFarlane's masterpiece Family Guy finally saw the light of day. The second movie is a reference to The Empire Strikes Back and was produced with much passion for detail. The sequel It's A Trap, which is refering to Return Of The Jedi, was released in December 2010 on DVD and Blu-ray as single release and box release first the entire trilogy and is named "Laugh It Up Fuzzball". A comparison of the last one is going to follow as soon as it aired on FOX.

In comparison to "Blue Harvest", "Something Something Something Dark Side" was released on DVD and Blu-ray months before it aired on 05.23.2010 on FOX.
As standard in the regular episodes and the prequel Blue Harvest, the home release contains more footage. Or in that case: a lot of footage was removed before it aired.
The TV Version is more than 10 minutes shorter, most the missing footage are just regular plot scenes which aren't quite relevant for the actual story. But as a fan, one wants to have the entire footage in it of course. Furthermore a few modifications were made for censorship.

time index refers to the following scheme:
US TV Version in NTSC / US DVD Version (the so-called Extended Version) in NTSC

00:05 / 00:05-00:19

In the TV Version, the electricity fails after the first words of the talking head (after he said "We now return to...").
Actually, he also announces the following show, followed by a corresponding clip.

Talking head from the off: " Aaron Sorkin 's new show, The Kitchen."
Cut to two men in the kitchen. They argue while going in circles frantically:
- "Where's the milk?
- "No milk?"
- "We're out. No."
- "Walk with me. I want you to get some milk."
- "Where? Now?"
- "At the store. Right now."
- "Any store? Bloomie's?"
- "Any store. Is that a joke?"
- "What do you think?"
- "I think we need milk."
- "I think you're right."
- "You know, I never get tired of hearing that."
- "Should I go get the milk?"
- "Go get the milk."
One of the guys leaves.

14.5 sec

Please note:

The followong differents have been placed sligthly different in the movie, but that's not going to be mentioned anymore.

Additional footage TV Version
00:06 / 00:20

Barely noticable: the TV Version is a couple of frames longer before Lois starts talking.

+ 0.2 sec

Alternate footage
00:14-00:15 / 00:28-00:34

Earlier beginning of the close-up in the DVD Version. Meg says: "Yeah, Dad. Remember the last time you told us the story of Star Wars? Maybe you could tell us another one."
His followoing reply "Well, all right..." is also in the TV Version. For continuity reasons, Peter is looking forwards in the TV Version while he's turning away from Meg in the DVD Version.

DVD Version 5.4 sec longer

TV VersionDVD Version

Alternate footage
01:50-02:04 / 02:09-02:23

In the introduction text, the word "goddamn" has been replaced by the more hamrless one "damn" for the TV Version.

no difference

TV VersionDVD Version

Alternate footage
04:15-04:16 / 04:34-05:02

After Han defended his Compuserve mail account, the TV Version continues with Leia's whining. That's ehy the animation is different here for approx. 1 sec.

In the DVD Version, Leia says sth. different first. Then they're being interrupted by a wisecracker who wants to sell them ice. They don't think it's funny at all but another soldier considers it pretty hilarious, that's why he's laughing in the off.

Leia: "But you can't leave now. You're a natural leader and we..."
While she was speaking, another guy arrived in the background. He gigglingly says: "Hey. Did you guys order some ice? 'Cause I got a bag of ice here. Thought you might need some ice."
Han is getting pissed and replies: "Yes, there is a lot of ice around here. We get it. We're having a conversation here."
Obviously disappointed, the guy leaves but he doesn't stop. One can hear him asking someone else in the off: "Hey. I thought you guys might need some ice."
A soldier replies (also from the off): "What? Why would I need ice? We're surrounded by..." - he gets the joke and bursts into laughter: "Oh! What a day brightener."

Han and Leia watched him and when she says "Han, we need you!", Peter turns around. Then the versions are in snych again.

DVD Version 26.6 sec longer

Alternate footage
04:58 / 05:44-05:52

Now the Star Wars-esque dissolve in the TV Version.
In the DVD Version, the wisecrack returns before the dissolve.
Guy: "Wait, Han. You'll need this."
Han: "What?
He giggles: "Bag of ice."
This time, Han starts laughing as well: "You knucklehead. Get out of here, but know I love you."
He rides away.

DVD Version 7.4 sec longer

TV VersionDVD Version

Alternate footage
07:30-07:33 / 08:23-09:30

In the TV Version, an additional Star Wars-esque dissolve and an exterior shot of the base follows.

The DVD-Fassung contains a smooth dissolve to some landscape shots. A pilot contacts some guys who got lost. Han insists on being contacted with his nickname. Then an incredibly absurd cutaway gag.

The fat Pilot says: "Captain Solo, do you copy? This is Overweight Pilot Number One. Commander Skywalker, do you copy?"
Han: "Who are you looking for?"
Pilot: "Captain Solo, there you are!"
Han: "I'm sorry, I didn't copy that. Who are you looking for?"
The Pilot gets it and asks: "Carlos Spicy Wiener, do you copy?"
Han: "Carlos Spicy Wiener here, go ahead."
Now Han also reports to Luke: "They found us, kid. We're going back to base. Just as soon as I grab some powder with these skiing young people."
Now some teens in front of him. They're performing the ad for Wrigley's Juicy Fruit and singing their theme song with Peter as a part of the group.

("Get your skis shined up, grab a stick of Juicy Fruit. The taste is gonna move ya! Take a sniff, pull it out. The taste is gonna move ya when you pop it in your mouth. Juicy Fruit is gonna move ya! It chews so soft, it gets right to ya. Juicy Fruit - The taste, the taste, the taste is gonna move ya!")

DVD Version 64.6 sec longer

Alternate footage
09:11-09:12 / 11:08-11:53

The TV-Fassung shows Darth Vader / Stewie longer (approx. 1 sec).

The DVD-Fassung goes on with a dissolve to the rebels instead. They're preparing and after some words from Chewbacca Luke talks to Han about the small pleasures in daily lifes.

Luke arrives and wants to give Chewbacca a handshake: "Hey, take care of yourself, Chewie."
But Chewbacca wants to hug him: "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! What's this handshake business, huh? Come here. Come on. Come on, bring it in. Come on. Come on."
Luke doesn't fell comfy with that: "I'm not really a hug person."
Chewbacca: "Knock it off. Come here. Come on, bring it. Yeah, yeah. Hug it out, bitch. Hug it out, yeah. Spray that hug all over me."
Luke: "What's wrong with you?"
Chewbacca: "What? I just wanna share my throbbing emotions and shoot hot hug all over you. I don't get why that's a problem."
Han diverts: "Hey, Luke. Take care of yourself, okay?"
Luke: "You, too."
Han: "Hey, what'd you end up doing with that dog we kidnapped?"
Luke: "I killed it and ate it!"
With the following battle cry "Yeah!" and "Rebels!", they're trying to put themselves in the right mood.

DVD Version 43.9 sec longer

Alternate footage
09:38 / 12:18-13:01

The TV Version goes on with the next scene right after "Oh, gross...".

In the DVD Version, he shows off withh his force and chokes an incompetent employe who is hooked up on a screen. Then he wonders why someone would need business cards.

Vader: "I'm gonna turn around and take care of this other guy."
Admiral: "Lord Vader, we're out of light speed and..."
He needs to choke and Vader says: "You have failed me for the last time, Admiral. Didn't know I could choke you through the TV, did you? Well, I can. Captain Piett, you're in charge now. Don't fail me, Admiral Piett."
The new Admiral is really glad: "A promotion? Really? Can I get business cards that say 'Admiral'?"
Vader: "That's not in the budget. You know, we're trying to catch Rebels here. I don't even have business cards. None of us do."
He asks one of the stormtroopers: "Do you have business cards?"
He replies: "Yeah."
Vader: "You have business cards? You're a stormtrooper. There's like a million of you. What do you need business cards for?"
Stormtrooper: "Well, they're for my cookie business."
Vader is disgusted at first but then he's really keen on the business cards / business concept: "I don't want... Oh, my God. That chocolate chip cookie looks like the Death Star."

DVD Version 42.9 sec longer

11:23 / 14:46-14:53

One of the uses his binoculars and notices that "giant robot camels" is wearing some trendy footwear.
"Check it out, that one's wearing Crocs."

6.5 sec

11:33 / 15:03-15:10

The respond to Luke's message is missing in the TV Version "Great. We'll see you in..." - the sound of a shot interrupts the comment.
Luke to closest base: "Echo Station 5-8, we are on our way."
The short reply: "Hurry!"

7 sec

11:47 / 15:24-15:25

Two more shots of the shootout.

1.8 sec

12:50 / 16:28-16:39

Luke confirms an "intestinal worm launcher" and he's rubbing his itchy butt on the ground.
Then a missing shot of the snowspeeder.

11.2 sec

13:27 / 17:16-17:18

The end of the scene is longer: a hammered rebel is being carried away by two other rebels while he's mumbling "I love you guys. We had a great summer."

2.2 sec

13:48 / 17:39-18:09

Luke sneaks up to one of the Walkers and places a grendae in the inside.
But before he does, he shockingly notices that the Walker is pregnant and has to persuade himself: "Oh, my God, it's pregnant. We're in a war. We're in a war."

30.2 sec

14:10 / 18:31-18:36

The middle part of Vader's reflection of the last time he was dancing is missing in the TV Version. He comes up with the Alderaan gag immediately: "I think it was Memorial Day, like, two years ago. No, you know what? It was four years ago."

4.6 sec

14:14 / 18:40-18:48

The end of the shot is missing. The stormtrooper scratches his head and wants Vader to concentrate on the essential issues but Vader would rather keep talking.

Stormtrooper: "Are those guys getting away? We should probably get those guys."
Vader: "Those other guys will get them. So, what else?"

7.8 sec

15:51 / 20:25-20:29

Missing shot of the ship of our heroes and the Star Wars-esque dissolve.

4 sec

16:32 / 21:10-21:25

Missing shot when our heroes arrive at the asteroid field.

Leia: "What are you doing? You're not actually going into an asteroid field."
Han: "Well, it's either that or go into the strawberry fields."
Now a shot of the Beatles wafting and arguing in a psychedelic strawberry environment.
- "Hey, you know what I'm getting into? Is one-legged chicks."
- "Yeah, Paul, what's your new wife's name? Peg?"
- "That'll be enough of that, lad."
- "How about Eileen?"
- "Ringo got it."

15.6 sec

17:39 / 22:32-22:42

Another pointless scene before Han comes close to the handicapped parking.

Peter points at sth.: "There, that looks good."
Instead of a hide out, he's found a peace of cake in space: "Doesn't that pie look good? Too bad we can't get at it. It's in space, and we're in here. Otherwise, I'd be eating it right now."

10.3 sec

Alternate footage
18:52-18:55 / 23:55-24:20

Extended shot of the swamp in the TV Version (approx. 1 sec) without any action. Then an alternate shot of Luke removing his helmet.

In the DVD Version, a friendly marketing manager arrives: "Swamp crashes. They can land you knee-deep in trouble. But the 'good hands' people at Allstate will make sure you have a soft landing. Professional service. Non-threatening black spokesperson. That's Allstate's stand."
Now Luke removes his helmet: "Thank God for these airbags. You okay back there?"
Artoo / Cleveland: "I'm okay, but the midget inside me's got a head concussion."
A midget comes out of his inside and starts puking.

DVD Version 21.9 sec longer

19:59 / 25:24-27:12

Here are three missing scenes in the TV Version.
First a further conversation between Yoda / Carl and Luke, then Han and Leia and finally Vader and housekeeper Consuela.

Yoda: "But if you want to become a Jedi, first I gotta ask you something. Did you see Van Wilder?"
Luke: "Yeah, I saw it on Comedy Central."
Yoda: "No! No, no, no, no, no! We got a lot of training to do. I'm asking, did you see the DVD 'frat house edition' with all the uncensored footage and the interview with Ryan Reynolds?"
Luke: "No."
Yoda: "Well, that's all part of mastering the Force, man. It starts with checking out sweet-ass DVD releases, like Iron Man, directed by Jon Favreau. Yeah, he puts himself in his own movies, but you don't mind 'cause he seems like the kind of guy who'd help you move if you asked him."

Leia potters around and says: "I'm glad you're here. Look, I pulled this all apart, and it looks like you're gonna need a new condenser."
Han: "Really? A new condenser?"
Leia: "Yeah, and I would also highly recommend a complete flush of your photon conversion system."
Han: "I swear I just did that."
Leia: "Okay, well, how about this? Do you want me to just go ahead and do that while I'm replacing the new condenser?"
Han is confused: "I think...I think I'd like to call my husband."
Leia has another idea: "Look, how about this? You buy the condenser, and I'll make out with you."
Han can deal with that: "Ah! I'm gonna kiss you so hard, the picture's gonna change into something else."
And that's exactly what happens.

After a space shot, Consuela argues with Vader.
Vader: "Look, this isn't Windex but it's just as good. It's the store brand."
Consuela: "No. No. It leave a film."
Vader: "I'm okay with the film. Just use it."
Consuela: "No. No. I no can clean."
Vader: "Shit."
The phone rings: "Hello?"
Consuela interrupts: "Mr. Darth Vader..."
Vader: "Yes, sir. Quiet, quiet. It's the Emperor. It's the Emperor."
Consuela: "Tell him I no can do Friday."
Vader: "Okay. Okay, okay. Sir... Yeah."
Consuela keeps interrupting: "My apartment need water."
Vader: "No, no. No."
Consuela: "He need to get it fixed."
Vader pretends technical interferences to get rid of the annoying housekeeper: "Hello? I can't hear you. I'm going to the knee pad. I'm gonna call you from the knee pad."

total length 107.5 sec

Alternate footage
20:50-20:53 / 28:02-28:42

In the TV-Fassung, Vader also says (same shot): "OK. Got...confused."

The DVD-Fassung contains a closer shot of Vader instead. He says: "I'll get him over to the dark side. I'll just show him our recruiting video."
Then a promo with corresponding music.

A stormtrooper climbs up a wall: "Thanks to the training I received in the Empire, I have all the skills I need to make it in the real world."
Another one arrives in his high school outfit from a library: "The Empire GI Bill helped me finish school. Hey, wait up!"
Two stormtroopers at a picnic. The guy says: "And I met my wife in the service. We had our honeymoon on Alderaan."
The chick adds: "Good thing we took pictures, huh?"
A narrator summarizes: "The Empire, chasing Rebel scum, killing Luke's aunt and uncle, telling people to move along. The Empire, our ships are big triangles."

DVD Version 36.4 sec longer

24:43 / 32:32-32:53

Yoda comes up with a further question for Luke before he looks sideways. The second reference to Teen Wolf was slightly too explicit for TV.

Yoda: "Best scene in Teen Wolf?"
Luke: "When Michael J. Fox is in the bathroom, turning into a werewolf for the first time and his dad's knocking on the door and he is freaking out and he opens the door and his dad's a werewolf, too!"
Yoda: "Gold star. I would've also accepted the scene at the end, at the basketball game, where the guy in the crowd has his dick out."
Luke: "What?"
Yoda: "Yeah, there's a guy at the end. Go online. Look it up. He's in the stands, way in the background, and he's totally got his dick out."

21.3 sec

25:48 / 33:58-34:26

The TV Version lacks Vader's bounty hunter meeting where Vader dismissing the inappropiate last bounty hunter Raggedy Andy.

First one of the employes says: "I hate these hats."
Then Vader. He's checks all the bounty hunters standing in a row and speaks to them: "Okay, nice bounty hunter turnout today. Let's see, we got Robot Guy, Old Timey Deep Sea Diver Looking Guy, Lizard Guy, who I think I saw get in a fight with Captain Kirk, Boba Fett, of course, thanks for coming, and... What are you supposed to be?"
The colorful clown happily replies: "Raggedy Andy."
Vader: "Get the fuck out of my bounty hunter meeting!"
Andy leaves gloomily.

28.1 sec

27:41 / 36:19-36:35

Only the DVD Version contains the space bums gags after Han released the garbage.

Han: "Look at that. Space bums."
Shot of some space bums picking up the trash. Ha sighs: "Let's be thankful for what we have, everyone. Be thankful for what we have."
The space ship jiggles and Han says paniced: "Oh, my God, I hit a space bum! Chewie, go, go, go, go!"

15.9 sec

27:49 / 36:43

For teh sake of completeness: it was time for the commercials here. That's why the TV Version lacks a Star Wars-esque dissolve. In the TV Version, these two animations are longer and there's no dissolve.

no difference

27:53 / 36:47-36:55

Luke sees sth. different at first.

Luke: "I see a woman draining your bank account and running off with a real estate agent."
Yoda: "That is a bitch you see."

8 sec

Alternate footage
31:54 / 40:56-41:18

In the TV Version, a dissolve to Han being dragged through the hallway by Boba Fett / Giant Chicken follows.

In the DVD Version, Vader tries to use the carbonite compactor once again.

Vader says: "This facility should be adequate to freeze Skywalker for his trip to the Emperor. We'll test it on Captain Solo."
He gets out an ice cube box and passes it to Lando / Mort: "And as long as we're freezing things, why don't you toss this ice cube tray full of orange juice in there? And be careful with the toothpicks. Lando, Lando. Lando! Be careful with the toothpicks."

DVD Version 21.5 sec longer

Audio modification
32:21-32:22 / 41:45-41:46

The following comment has been beeped for TV when Han responds to Leia's "I love you!" with "Fuck off!" Both words have been beeped, not only the F-Word.

screen for orientation

32:42 / 42:06

For the sake of completeness: further missing dissolve in the TV Version due to commercials.

no difference

Alternate footage
35:37-35:38 / 45:01-45:42

The TV Version contains an extended shot of the stormtroopers following the group.

The DVD Version contains an additional scene. The door is closed, that's why Artoo cracks the female lock with his incredible charme.

Lando realizes: "Oh, no. Damn it. They changed the security code."
Artoo moves forward: "Let me see if I can do something about that."
He fills a hole in the lock and says: "Hey, baby. You're gonna let us through, ain't you? Yeah, that's right. You know that feels good."
The reaction (groaning female voice): "Oh, God! Nobody's touched me like that for so long. Oh, no! I think I hear my husband."
Another button comes out of the lock: "Honey, I'm home. What the hell is this? Who's he?"
The female lock has an excuse: "Thank God you're home, honey. He tried to rape me."
Artoo: "Oh, that's bullshit."
Button: "You get out of our home!"
Then a further shootout with the stormtroopers. The group can finally escape through the opened door now.
Artoo, still pretty pissed about his robo boner, says: "Oh, man. How am I supposed to run with this?"

DVD Version 39.8 sec longer

37:50 / 47:54-48:05

Only the DVD Version explains what happened to Luke's chopped off hand.

Shot of a workman in a shaft. Luke stops in front of him.
Luke: "Hey, did you see a hand come down here?"
The workman hastily replies "No". Unfortunately, the contures of the hand are destinctly visible in his crotch. Luke looks at it but then he breaks through the ground.

10.5 sec

Audio modification
38:55-38:56 / 49:10-49:11

Further censored comment of Luke's from the off: "It's me, you fuckers!"

screen for orientation

Alternate footage
40:21 / 50:36-50:57

In the TV Version, the dissolve follows immediately after our heroes could escape.

In the DVD Version, the camera tracks backwards and Vader tries to find someone to take the rap. But it seems as if has the hots for "the chosen one" because the punishment is different as usual.

Vader: "Oh, man. All right, someone's getting choked over this. Who was in charge of the tractor beam?"
A dark-skinned beefcake arrives: "That was me."
Vader a bit surprised: "Oh, yeah? Well... You have failed me for the last time."
He reaches out his hand but the guy just says: "I can still breathe just fine."
Vader: "I know."
Apparently it's not the neck Vader is dealing with. That's why the guy says: "You're choking my..."
Vader: "Yup. 'Cause I'm upset with you. For the tractor beam thing."

DVD Version 20.6 sec longer

audio modification
40:59-41:02 / 51:34-51:37

By using the footage, the robot replies differently to Luke's question if his hand worked again.

TV: "Wow. You are a hard guy to get a compliment from."
DVD: "Yeah, but practice on a hot dog first. Otherwise you might rip your dick off."

screen for orientation

Audio modification
42:55-42:57 / 53:30-53:32

When Peter mocks Chris / voice actor Seth Green by making fun of Robot Chicken and Without A Paddle, his angry reaction has been beeped: "Fuck you, Dad!"

screen for orientation